Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today's color is...

Blue skies smiling at me...

Here's a useless fact-1 out of 6 people have blue eyes...or 10% of the population.
Austin didn't think I was really taking picture...BOO-YA buddy boy!
This is the epitome of California...
Cloudless, blue skies...
A perfect day for flying.

Did you miss Pink yesterday?
Today's color is...
Happy Snapping!


  1. Ya done good with "blue" ....
    I love the expression on Austin's face!!!! :-D
    Nothin' but blue skies for you, Sista!

  2. Sneaky mom photography 101. I've taken the course, passed with flying colors. Seems you did as well. ;)

    LOVELY blue images Kelly!! L o v e l y ! How the hell did you get that plane in the sky? That is just brilliant work! You're good. Oh yea... :) xo

  3. Lovely photos. Your son's expression is priceless. I can almost hear him saying "your not taking a photo are you Mom?" Hugs!


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