Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8...


*Pretty simple today. I couldn't connect with my inner muse-she MUST be taking the day off! I know we all have dreams-staying healthy as we grow older, our children being successful, winning the know, Those kinds of dreams.
But then I got to thinking...HOW do you dream? Do you dream in color, b&w, whimsy or nonsensical. Have your dreams come true? Do you look for meanings in your dreams? Do you believe your dreams are trying to tell you something? Do you dream & then you HAVE to tell someone just in case it comes true?
I'll tell you, I dream in full color. Yes, I've dreamt things and have actually seen what I've dreamt in the newspaper the next morning, in clear detail~(thank goodness it hasn't happened very often) I don't have nightmares often(thank goodness for that too) And to save you from reading-YES to everything else!
I'd love to hear how YOU dream.

*It's a two-fer Thursday. This is an assignment for beyondlayers. I've layered Kim's Veil texture to this. I can't tell you what all I did cause I did and re-did it several times till I got it right. I'm telling...My muse was NO help today!
Happy Snapping!


  1. dreamt something and read in the paper the next day??? Holy cow, I would have freaked out! I am much more of a day dreamer than an actual dreamer. Is that weird? I don't have many dreams that I remember either...but I had a recurring nightmare for awhile...that was not at all fun!!!

    Gorgeous photos...any just so you know, my inner muse does not want to follow the rules and paly along this month...I am falling behind and it's only day 8! Ay yi yi!

  2. I dream about Johnny Depp :). Seriously.

    1. Not such a terrible thing. Is he dressed as a pirate!?

  3. Awesome Kelly! Absolutely awesome!
    And OMG!!!! I, too, have had a dream and within days it's been on the news. Seriously! OMG! I've never told anyone for fear they would think I was crazy!!!
    Anyway.....awesome Dream and Whisper shots!

    1. I did. More than once and they involved airplanes.... No

  4. I love the composition and the cracked texture in this shot. Beautiful work.

  5. Oh, both are stunning, but I am particularly partial to nests and eggs right now, and I love the "..shhhhh" part of the words...

  6. Oh, and I do dream...of course I have learned some about them in my role as counselor, but personally I too have had dreams that later come forth in reality...I dream in color, in black and white - anything and everything seems to go when that frontal lobe is resting!

  7. OMG . . . That nest shot is brilliant!


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