Sunday, June 30, 2013



Oh the decision to come late to the party!

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*Stripes... in my critter looks very sporty in strips!

*Dots... in I'm pretty sure this is a stretch...but holes are like dots!

*Sweet... in the scent of freshly dried lavender.

*Tools... in my props for my shots.

*Motion... in I hope this uploads cause it's a really cool video of my husband in motion in the helicopter he built!

Happy (stay cool) snapping!

Friday, June 28, 2013



I'm linking up with Kim

I find that I can still shoot even though my thoughts and stomach kinda feel like this...

In fact...I find it odd that the more I feel all discombobulated, the more creative I get. One particular bad day back in April, I was on a roll and photo bombing IG. I think I even apologized for it. I couldn't help it. I can't help it today.
 This started out as shot for #greenfriday on IG...Then the more I started unraveling that thread the more I connected with the tangled mess.
 My trip to Pensacola is on hold as my mother declared in court she needs help. So that means she's not coming home until at least July 10th. It also means that the days I spend on the phone looking into facilities that might be able to help after she is released is on hold. My day to day life is on hold. My entire summer is on hold and most days I feel like this thread...twisted, gnarled and feel burdened with no end in sight.

I find that some days I'm too cynical~a trait that I despise & I beat it back to where it came from because that is not me by any shape of the imagination.
 I find that I still have light in my photos.
 Now I'm no psychologist, but I know that's a good sign. 
So, I go to bed exhausted and wake up hoping for a bit of good news. I know set backs are inevitable. 
I know one day...
"Everything will be all right in the end. If it's not all right, then it's not the end."
John Lennon

Happy (thanks for listening) snapping!
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The greatest weapon against stress... our ability to choose one thought over another
William James

But how does one do that when you feel like your head is being squeezed in a vice?
Ok...maybe the 2 glasses of wine I had last night had a little something to do with my head hurting
BUT...and it's a big but, I'm really, really, racked with emotions at this upcoming trip back to Pensacola. As I sit here, (when I should be making phone calls & information gathering) my brother is in court awaiting a judge to grant him temporary guardianship of my mom. The state of Florida has taken over, deemed her a danger to herself and it looks as if this next trip will be to place my mom in an assisted living facility so she can convalesce, with the notion it very well could end up permanent. That's A LOT of stress. 

I'd love to give my stress wings to fly...
...far, far away

There is still so much to do. My Dad's affairs aren't settled yet. 

My Ms M. calls me a jewel...I really don't feel like that-not when all I really want to do is lash out, scream and cry wishing all this to be done and over with. 
But, I know me.
I will do what's right, forgoing my needs first....grumbling, stumbling, feeling my way through the dark...
waiting for the light at the other end

Happy ( aspirin swallowing) snapping!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


& other things...

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I'm obsessed, intrigued with anything French so I went a little gaga at some French postcards I found while antique shopping. Yesterday, I treated myself to some fresh lavender and it's happily drying upside... 

...I wanted to treat myself to a little pick me up.  My feelings are all over the place as my mom is back in the hospital (it was just a matter of time) & we're pretty sure it's for good this time. As upset as I am, I'm not even going to get into detail about this episode. I still feel my mom has a right to her dignity.  
But yet again...
I'll be flying back to Pensacola in the next week to 10 days. Another trip I dread only this time I have the gross weather to contend with. I can't even be gracious about this.

I'm only human...
can't stop the rain.

Happy (soul searching) snapping

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


...bump update

 Jamie gave her mama permission to give updates on Baby E. I had to get creative & came up with this...My artist dummy is going to be Jamie's stand in! 
Jamie had a good first Dr.s appt and today she's 9 wks along. Baby E is the about the size of grape and  all his/her body parts are accounted for. It's fun listening to Brian and Jamie get so excited and emotional upon hearing their baby's heart beat for the first time. It brings me back to my own pregnancies with my three. The baby is due Jan. 21...and Baby E...if you get this message through osmosis, my birthday is Jan 14th...AND it's #50...just sayin!

Speaking of babies...

Mama Monarch came back yesterday for day 3 of egg laying. I was rearranging the patio plants, aphid killing, leaf marking, egg counting, when she stopped to rest...but only for a split second. There seems to be such a sense of urgency to get out as many eggs as she can. I wonder if they know they're time is almost up?  I stopped counting after 12 eggs because she just kept laying more. I figured, I'd just go ahead and be surprised otherwise I might become obsessive about it all! Frankie and Austin just roll their eyes at me. Whatever! I've got my eye out looking for her but haven't seen her yet....Yet.
Happy (summer) snapping!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's only...

Now granted, you cant hear my voice when you read the title...I'm not saying it with drudgery like..."itsonlytuesday" 
Oh no, I'm saying it like..."IT'S ONLY TUESDAY" as in "I Love Summer Vacation & I don't have to go back to work until August 12~ It's Only Tuesday!" that!
I've been visiting lots of blogs and found one that looks fun and informative-

For those of you visiting for the first time...Welcome! & thanks for stopping by.
My name is Kelly & I'm lucky enough to raise Monarch Butterflies.
You can read about that

Just this past weekend

Which will explain the little lady above. Did you know Mama Monarchs can lay up to, but not limited to 300 eggs? I think I'd have a heart attack! I was having a hard enough time keeping milkweed around with the first 33 critters I had! I haven't done an egg count from the previous two days  Mama Monarch was here. I'm curious if she'll be back today...
Sadly her days are numbered- but I hope she'll lay to rest in my butterfly garden...
Happy (Monarch) Snapping!

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tattered &...


As we were preparing for a Father's Day pool party with family, Frankie yelled for me to come..."AND BRING YOUR CAMERA!" I think he was as excited as I was to see this tattered and broken winged Monarch float and flutter and lay eggs before her time is up. It was amazing to watch as she was still able to fly with such broken wings. 

 She landed long enough... lay several eggs and move on. 

She came back today.

Maybe she knew she was welcomed!

I've been so fortunate to see and be such a big part of these creatures life cycle. I'm so curious where she came from, is she one of mine, does DNA GPS get encoded and the butterflies know where to come back for the milkweed? 
I guess I'll be busy this summer...raising butterflies!
Happy (Monarch) shooting!

Friday, June 14, 2013



Dear Summer Vacation,

Dear Mother Nature,
Thank you for entrusting me with these critters! I'm sorry you have to put assassin bugs to harm all the others-but I managed to save this one and it has successfully turned into a chrysalis...

...thank you too for painting our world such glorious and delicious colors-

Dear People at Costco,
You drive me nuts. Most of you wander around as if comatose  catatonic. Not all of us want to spend our day waiting for food samples to be laid out-sheesh

Dear Me,
Only you have the power to make the knot in your stomach go away...well actually, Jennifer does...

Dear Jennifer at the Medicaid office in Florida,
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE approve my dad for medicaid...
I said please...
It will make the knot in the pit of my stomach go away.

Dear Husband,
I love you...

Happy (summer) snapping!


Monday, June 10, 2013

A paradigm...


I've had this idea for a blog entry swirling around in my head for a few days now but didn't know quite how to write about it without rambling. Tonight, it hit me~hence the title. 
We're entering a new phase in our house with Austin landing his first 1st job at Sport Chalet and starting college in the fall. He's got his own truck, comes and goes as he pleases and I don't need to schlep him around anymore.
Meanwhile, I've been having these feelings going on inside me that I haven't known what to do with. Mainly because it's not everyday that your youngest child finishes school & is on his way to becoming more independent. I kept thinking, ok, Austin's not at the Naval Academy so he gets another year at home to test out semi adulthood in the comforts of a loving home, he has a safe place to fall, and a mom & dad that will still guide him through any rough patches. 
And that's where I was getting confused about what else was going on in me. 
At the same time all that's going on with Austin, it's me that's getting a chance to see what life is going to be like once Austin does leave the nest. I'm getting to test the waters at semi retirement. I have opportunities to go off on travel adventures with Frankie, I have more freedom at not doing all the "mom" things I've been doing for the last umpteen years, I'm learning to let go. I get to do all this in a safe place, slowly, bit by bit & at the end of the day, I can get my kid "fix".  So Austin and I are essentially on an equal playing fields, finding our way and navigating through our new paths before us...with safety nets!
I love light bulb moments-(and hope I didn't ramble!)

Welcome to the workforce Austin!

I downloaded some memory cards I came across and found photos of Austin back in 2009. 

It was his first encampment (military basic training simulation.)
 The first thing I noticed besides his chapped lips, was that his cap was too big for his head! This was only 4 years ago...4 years ago people! I think I've been in a fog and when I woke up, Austin was a man. (sigh)
At any rate, now that I've identified what's going on, I can start to enjoy both our independence.

Happy (adventure) snapping!

Friday, June 7, 2013



Dear Austin,
YOU DID IT! You are officially a graduate with high honors and now a college freshman! It blows my mind how fast the last 12 years seemed to fly by... now that it's over. We are all so proud of you and what you have accomplished in your 17 years of life. We are very excited at what lies ahead for you. I know you'll just continue to grow, learn, and become more independent...

...I'm not gonna lie, I'm already enjoying your independence! I kinda like not doing the schlepping anymore. 
Love ya kiddo!

Dear Jamie,

You my dear, are a breath of fresh of air. How in the world did I get so lucky to be your mom? Who ever made THAT happen, I'm eternally grateful. You are so full of life and people, old and young alike, are immediately drawn to you. You are funnier than all heck and the laughter you brought into the house this past week just fills me with happiness. If our new bundle of joy is 1/2 as funny, kind hearted, and loving as you, than another angel will have been born.
I love you heart and soul Mama Bear.

Dear Goo Be Gone,
Thank you for getting the gum out of my dryer...
that's all I'm gonna say about that!

Dear Helicopter G-ds,
Please keep My Love safe under your wings when he flies his new baby. 

Dear Summer Vacation,
You don't officially start until Tuesday...
Can it be Tuesday already?!

Happy (summer) snapping!