Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It is said...

...a picture is worth a 1000 words...Now i've never actually sat & counted-but i do know this photo say's a lot about what I love in a photo & what draws me in to make me *swoon*!
black & white, bokeh, texture, square format, small trinkets, cameras, silver tones, breaking the "rule of thirds", minimalism, negative space, natural lighting, still life, 50mm, monochromatic...
I'm sure i'll add more as i think of them!
Happy Wednesday & thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Eagles Roost

Our Motley Crew...The Edgren Eagles-from high school!
Sorry Jay you weren't here when we took this...
photo by Frankie!

Good news, Bad news...

...What a whirlwind weekend! Some of you know that I was a Navy brat & grew up all over the world. I graduated in '82 w/24 other seniors in Misawa, Japan. Because class sizes were so small, we have to have an all class reunion or a specific decade reunion. Well, those of us who could make it, met in Vegas for a mini reunion. Frankie & I couldn't make it Fri. as Austin was leaving to go to Vandenberg AFB with his Civil Air Patrol Squadron for a sports compition with 8 other area squadrons-so here it is in a nutshell:
GN-Saw Austin off-flew stand by to Vegas
BN-Didn't know there was a RAVE with 100,000 people expected and car races over the weekend.
GN-Had a blast catching up with friends in our private poolside Cabana (thank you David!) Had fun sliding down the tubes through a huge shark tank...inebriated at that!
BN-Flying stand by can be tough & our names weren't called for our 1:50 flt. (could it be all those people from the RAVE flying home?)
GN-Austin hadn't started home yet we still had some time.
BN-Next flight was in 3 hrs-& all around us flts were oversold-would we even make it on the next flt?
GN-It's a 5 hour drive to LA-we could rent a car & drive-We wanted to get home before Austin!
BN-I HATE road trips...especially through the Mojave Desert! I lost count how many cars overheated on the side of the road.
GN-Made it home by 9:30,ON a Sunday no less-30 minutes after Austin!
Oh-& Austin's squadron came in 2nd-Not too shabby for their 1st time competing.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rambling... roam, wander, meander, take an irregular course-(Austin) OR chatter, talk, write without sequence of ideas, blather on & on (Me)~a mother realizing that she & Frankie have 2 short years to get the "baby" of the family ready for adulthood-one word-2meanings! And although shoes have nothing to do with the latter, they DO symbolize that Austin is well on his way to achieve his goal of attending the Air Force Academy. I took several photos of his shoes recently & I was trying to decide which one idealizes my thoughts. This one kept coming back. I didn't know why until I started editing. The shoes are facing the setting sun & away from us-but the sun will come up the tomorrow...guiding Austin to his next adventure in life...xo

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'll have the steak please!

Austin & I recently went on a day trip to Kauai~famous for the Jurassic Park and Fantasy Island water falls and CHICKENS! They are everywhere. Two "fowl" theories are that when Hurricane Iniki came through the island in 1992, many chicken farms were destroyed & they just could never be recovered. The 2nd theory is that they were brought over & raised on Kauai for eating and cockfighting in the late 1800 & early 1900's. At any rate, they are running wild and multiplying because they have no natural predators. Now, aren't you glad you stopped by? Oh the things you learn! Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will the real me Please step down...

...Well, this is a coming out of sorts. I've been on an "anything that has to do with photography" hiatus. I am no stranger to being in front of the camera. But up until about 3 weeks ago I realized I was caught up in a total fantasy world of the internet so I've been getting "sober" and "clean". This is my 1st selfie in a while...a REAL selfie with my 47 year old self in full bloom! I've been fighting the idea of aging and being perfect & today as I was taking this, knowing full well I wasn't going to photoshop the hell out of my face, the most amazing thing happened...all the stress of taking this just left...gone...buh bye! I have accepted myself, but NOT from the camera's pov. But all that has changed. So this is my coming out party....glad you could stop by, virtual drinks all around!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm here!

Better late than never I say!
 Hello to old friends and welcome to new ones. My name is Kelly and I have a passion for my family, friends, and all things in between~I can't give everything away on the 1st day! This is not a daily blog-it will be at least a once a week blog. My love for photography will be focused (no pun intended) here. I'm all over the place as I like to keep things fresh and am always trying new things when I get inspired. Hope you'll stick around for the ride. And as always, thank you for stopping by!