Thursday, March 26, 2015



What a week!
 I don't even know where to begin. 
I guess I'll start with how amazing and freeing having no hair is. Bringing awareness to pediatric cancer  research and how little has been discovered let alone treatments that have been FDA approved in the last 20 years has been an eye opening experience. Getting kids to talk about outward looks vs doing something bigger than yourself and what's on the inside has filled me with such a sense of achievement. Empowering children takes a village. Then to raise money ($2,000+) for St. Baldrick's and going the extra step to shave my hair and "walk in a child's shoe's" who doesn't get the choice to keep their hair has been a humbling and treasured experience.'s been a full but powerful week.

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Happy (hairless) snapping!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Brave the Shave...

...Chronicles #3

It occurred to me this morning as I was shampooing my hair that this time next week I won't have any hair to shampoo. That though led me to another thought...

...this time next week I'll be saving about 20 minutes every day not having to blow dry OR

 have any need for hair products OR

vacuum up the ridiculous amount of hair I'm losing anyway. (I blame that on hormones!)

This time next week I won't have any need to use hair bobbles of any kinds.

This time next week I'll be using sunscreen in stead of mousse because my scalp will be at the sun's mercy for the first time...EVER! 

This time next week I won't have to ask friends for donations. That part was way out of my comfort zone and was a bit awkward.  I hope I've asked with dignity and didn't seem too pushy. 

This time next week I'll be wearing a "ASK ME WHY I'M BALD" button to further shed light and awareness of childhood cancers and the St. Baldricks foundation.

Jamie and Erik are driving down on Friday for the shave-I am so excited to have them both here for the event. 
I've raised $1200 to amount I'm very proud of...with 4 days yet to go-
(shameless plug :-) )

The kids at school are still working on something big and the only thing I know for sure is it involves  bags of toys and pizza! 

I have a sneaking suspicion that this week is just gonna buzz fly by! LOL

I've been asked a lot questions lately...

...I hope this answers some of them.

Happy Snapping!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Random 5...


Hello Friday...I love you so (big puffy heart)
I'm linking up with Nancy over at A Rural Journal today.

I've been suffering w/allergies for several weeks now and darn it all if I didn't get a sinus infection from it. I took Mon. & Tues. off from work, popped some aspirin and dragged myself to work on Wed. until my Drs. appt at noon. Can I just say how happy I am that we have antibiotics? 
And why is it we women (or maybe it's just me) can't be sick without all the guilt? HMPH!

The critters are big and a few have already transformed into chrysalis'.

I got home from work today and dog on it...this critter was two days into the metamorphosis and some other creature took a bite out of the chrysalis. Grrrr. I buried it...sad the world is short one less butterfly.

This one is ok...

My daughter, Jamie, gave me the cutest Eiffel Tower cookie cutter a while back. I'm scouring Pinterest for ideas on icing and decorating them. I envision pink icing with black and/or white girder piping. 

This is my last week with hair before I shave it for the big St. Baldricks event. I've been touching, twirling,  and stroking my hair WAY more than ever.

I ordered new glasses. I get them on the 23rd...2 days after my head shave. As I was trying frames on for size, I was pulling my hair back off my face to simulate no hair. Frankie helped me pick out the perfect pair. I love getting new glasses...these especially!

Happy (cookie eating) Snapping!

 Thank you
(Emoji smile)

Friday, March 6, 2015


mixed with
Random 5 Friday with Nancy
(Welcome back've been missed)
and a pinch of
Brave the Shave chronicles #3 

If you know anything about me, you'll know I'm a sucker for anything French. I literally just swoon at the very idea of a white shabby chic room that has hints of a French countryside. So imagine my excitement when I struck up a conversation with Angela, a vender I visit monthly at the Vintage Faire, when she told me about Little French Flea Market! Basically it's a smallish warehouse full of French themed items that the owner, Ann, opens to the public once a month. It's jammed packed from floor to ceiling with stuff. I found these two adorable spoons digging through a basket full of silverware. 
The wooden pinch bowl is from Cost Plus World Market. I'd rather not shoot glass items so when I found it, I snagged it like it was the last wooden pinch bowl on earth!

The vintage towels were found at a French flea market last month.
Now let's talk Chocolate! Found gluten free cupcakes at Trader Joe's and they are so indescribably delicious with a moist chocolate cake and all that pink butter cream frosting! {THUD}

Frankie & Austin have ganged up on, convinced me that if I'm going to do something crazy,  brave, I might as well go all the way...soooo before I go bald for St. Baldrick's , I'm getting a mohawk. Maybe even a green one!
I've raised $1,115.00. so far and I am just filled to the brim with all the love, support and donations ya'll have given me so freely. I have an IG/ blogging friend, Chelsea Chamness, who is a childhood cancer survivor and I've asked if I can shave in her honor...she said YES! Not only that, she only lives about an 1.2 hrs. away and I've invited her up for the event. THAT would be amazing. 

I'm baking Chicken for dinner tonight and I've made Bisquick Granola Bars for the kids' dessert!

Happy (cupcake eating) snapping!

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Sunday, March 1, 2015



Hello March!
You certainly know how to make an entrance. We're being treated to rain...lots of rain and a bit of thunder too-which might not be a big thing in your neck of the woods, but here? Thunder is a stranger and I'm always happy to welcome it's familiar rumble. With February's departure it left a path of all good things for me. I entered a "Mardi Gras" themed photo challenge over at twenty/20 not expecting anything. Just the experience of entering challenges. Other users vote on photos on any given theme, which are announced on IG.
 Well, wouldn't you know...I made top twenty with my interpretation of Mardi Gras! Believe me, I was just as shocked as anyone... I entered another one. This theme is "Vintage." That's my photo of the LP under VOTE. Again, I don't expect anything but as you can see by the screen capture, there are 1,147 entries. I came in at 1,021 and as of right now, I'm 186th with 2 days left in the voting. I'm not sure where all this new found competitiveness is coming from, but I seem to be making up for lost 40+ years of hating competing for anything.  

You can download the app for your i-phone and upload photos to sell, buy and have fun entering challenges. can order canvases from them. I think the company changed from Instacanvas. I cried the first time I saw a photo up on a 12x12 canvas.(I know, I'm a nerd... but I've been telling you that for years now!) It's all good and fun.

I've got critters again. It's awfully cold and wet for them but it is what it is for now. I have about 10 little ones. I've moved them from direct weather elements to potted milkweed under our front porch.

Cutie bug! I love my critters. 

I love this...I'm a Shavee.

As of today, I'm 50 bucks shy of $1000...and in exactly 21 days I will be bald, smooth shaven, chrome domed, hairless. However you wanna call...all in the name of pediatric cancer research. Have I mentioned that I'm beyond excited? The wait is killer. 
 As I went to copy the donor link...another $15 has been donated...if my math is correct...that's $965.
Yes...March is going to be exceptional. My heart is full.

Happy (almost spring?) snapping!

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