Tuesday, April 7, 2015



I've only ever read about bloggers speaking so highly of Bella-Grace  magazine and given peeks into it's magical pages. I almost squealed like a piglet when I came across the publication looking for something else entirely. I snatched it like it was the last one earth...like it is coveted and I possessed it now! As I was standing in the check-out line flipping through the pages, I knew by Kim's style that she was featured. I could hardly stand it when I discovered 2 more blogger/IG buddies were also featured~
I almost burst!

I LOVE still life photography and just want to play everyday and hone in on it-of course that isn't always possible.(but a girl can dream) At the end of Kim's piece, there is a page for exploring still life photography & to jot items that make "your heart flutter." So I gathered unlike items that I wanted to shoot...It was like opening the flood gates and permission, if you will, to let go, have fun and just shoot!
(KK's Naturally textures used)

As I was shooting, I noticed a little page book marker sticking out...swoon!

It's rare when I shoot that more photos are usable than not...But not this shoot. It was like the stars and moon and the most perfect light was aligned for me yesterday.

The cool thing about not having hair is having time to blog before work!
This is 2 weeks after my big shave. I actually went to Frankie's barber for a clean-up. THAT was a bit nerve wracking! I was getting anxious as I was scrolling at short hair-dos trying to figure out a style I wanted to go with. And then I said to myself...why? Why would you want all that work and fuss if it makes you anxious. So, I decided I'm not ready to grow it back yet! 

Hope you all had a beautiful Easter/Passover with friends and loved ones. 
I'll be over to say hello throughout the week :-)
Until then...
Happy (spring) snapping!

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