Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friends are like...


*My Sis over at aug's blog had my back today. I got a frantic text from D asking me if I deleted my blog.  She came to visit and it had vanished. In a frenzy I clicked on my blog...Yup, deleted by gremlins I suppose. I stayed calm...(Besides the few choice, colorful words I shared) took the steps BLOGGER had written down, and poof...just like that I'm back in business. Thanks D...You are an angel to me!
Today was taxing! But I have my first furlough day tomorrow, Monday I have off so I decided I'm letting everything go!
Fed Ex came today. Frankie was thinking it was a special order part for his helicopter. 

* I got my 1st photo order of IG prints from
I am giddy to the bone!

Seriously giddy! :-) 
These are 4x4 square prints which I love. I can't wait to order more.
Now...I LOVE to be crafty. Of course making time to be crafty takes...well...time. And we all know, I suck at time management...MOST of the time.  I found a few things on Pinterest that I knew I HAD to make the time for and I actually found what I needed for two projects.

One includes these glass marbles I found at the antique faire...

The other will include these knobs...I need to find more tho.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably know exactly what I'm going to attempt!
Hope I have as much crafty success as my friend C over at Constantly Evolving
She's like an inspiration to me.
It's been grossly hot here so I'm waiting patiently for Fall. She can come early and I'm A-ok with that!
Happy Snapping!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No time to say hello...

...good bye.
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late

In all honesty, Alice In Wonderland is not my favorite Disney movie, but for some reason I feel the pain of The White Rabbit! I've been neglectful of my blog and you. I feel like I'm behind in all the fun things over at Kim Klassens, and Ashley's. IG just makes everything SO easy and SO fun. And since I'm being  honest here, lately I just haven't been doing a very good job of balancing the two. It's not even the two, it's everything else, family, blah blah blah, you get the idea.
So I'm going to try really hard to not be such a stranger ok? Ok...
I get excited over the silliest things. 
Cone Flowers!

We don't have them here in CA so while up in Canada...I went a little off the deep end shooting them!
Can you blame me?

I also got excited because every 4th Sunday down at the other end of the Valley, 150 venders make up an Antique Faire. Oh be still my beating heart. You won't believe what I picked up for $15 dollars...
Wait for it...

*AHHHHH! Isn't she beautiful? I'm still giddy! Frankie remembers his dad having this exact type of camera when he was little boy. Frankie even remembered how it worked! I've ordered a battery for it and looking for the best 120 film (not an easy task!)The lenses are a bit scratched but My Love is going to help take care of that. And if the lenses are a bit scratched, I think it will add beauty and mystery to the shots.

I don't think the guy who sold it to me knew exactly what he had. Thanks Mister!

Ok my friends...Until next time...but not long from now!
Happy Snapping!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mr Blue...


* That's the song that came to mind as I was editing this little guy.  He looks like he's belting out a tune to anyone who was listening.  This just makes me happy!
Happy Snapping!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Wedding was many years ago...

...The celebration continues to this day
Gene Perret

Nineteen years ago, I married the man of my dreams, my soul mate. Fate brought us together, forever we live as one.

I have such joy in my heart looking back at this wonderful life Frankie & I have created. Besides the love I feel stronger and more alive than ever before, I love that we just sync. We think alike, but have our own thoughts.  We're almost to that point in our lives where the 2nd half begins... the "after raising a family" point. Wow right? I'm ready for the adventure to continue love bug. 
Happy Anniversary Babe.
I love you heart and soul

I saw this saying on Pinterest and I decided to make it my own as a gift to honey.

Happy Snapping

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sisters of the...


*Oh my...when Frankie suggested a cruise to Canada, I didn't bat an eye. He was telling me about the great deal he found & that the ship stopped in St. John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was So excited just to be going away. Then I literally stopped in mid sentence & said "hey...wait a minute...I think Nicola lives in NB." I met Nik here:
well over a year ago. We meshed immediately. I sent her a text right away asking her how far away did she live from the cruise line's port. She said, "an hour why are you coming up?" Well, screaming ensued and plans were set and we just couldn't wait to meet.

You know how you meet people for the 1st time and you just know you were meant to be friends?
That would be us! 
Nik's a jumper. Me? Not so much. But after Hugs...LOTS OF hugs, introductions and tears...LOT OF tears, I grabbed Nik's hand & said, "we gotta go jump!"
      So we did!

We walked to this amazing, quaint little restaurant, and ate and drank! The food, the wine, the company the chocolate cheesecake we shared was just so memorable. 

*Gift giving was fun! Beach glass...oh my, I get so many compliments on this necklace. I adore it. You know...I have to get back to Canada to scour the beaches for my own beach glass. I want jars and jars of it!

*One can NEVER have too many guardian angels around!

* Lmao...this makes me laugh. During the course of our lunch, we were talking about the "self proclaimed redneck jacuzzi." I swear that's how these guys introduced themselves to anyone who stepped in the water. Nik gave each of us a dare...Frankie's dare was to sit in the jacuzzi, w/his newly acquired Canadian hat & the funny guy from Kentucky in the background....check

*Dare #2...I had to jump with the jumbotron in the background....check
Austin didn't do his "Titanic" imitation...So we'll have to do a raincheck dare. Frankie and I have it all planned out! (insert evil laugh!)
Yup...Nik and I are truly... 

Sisters of the heart.

Happy Snapping!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Love...

...New York

*This city is amazing, the people, the vibe, the art, the skyscrapers...There's never a dull moment & always something to look at. Although, summer isn't necessarily the ideal weather to visit...unless of course you like sweating profusely! But sweating aside, it's a city to marvel at with so much going on all the time. I'm glad I had Frankie to get through it all...cause I'd pretty much be wondering aimlessly! This was our view on the deck of the cruise ship as we started our sail up to Canada. 

*This may have been our last family vacation if Austin is fortunate enough to be selected to go to the Naval Academy, so I really went a little nutty shooting him when ever I got the chance. He's easy on the eyes!
 We got home early evening Sat., school/work started on Monday for Austin and I. You know how you need that down time AFTER a vacation? Yeah, well, I didn't get it! Today is the 1st day that I actually feel like I'm catching my breath. It's good to be back at work, getting through the anxious moments of finding time to do everything I want to do and that needs to be done. Finding that balance telling myself, it all works out in the end...somehow!
Happy Snapping!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Ah the good ole days! 
We bought an 8mm Bell & Howell projector... transfer these...

...but we didn't get very far. The magic of time and technology didn't make this projector work any better than it probably was back in the day! Frankie thinks he fixed the problem. 
In the meantime...
...she's a dream to shoot!
Thank you for your sweet comments on yesterday's post. I knew through this sisterhood more than one of you could relate! 
Happy (summer) Snapping!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nostalgia... bittersweet

It started with me being alone last night. I dropped Austin off at a meeting & Frankie was out doing "guy" stuff and I was roaming the house...Yes...I roam my house and I wound up in Austin's room.  Wandering...

...amongst the mountain of books and model planes. 
...all my memories and trying to keep as much of that little boy as I can without sounding freakish!
Somedays are a little harder than others. Some days I feel guilty pleasure thinking about all the fun Frankie and I will have once the last of our flock flies off. I mean, this IS what you work towards as a parent. You just never really think when you bring that baby bundle home how fast that day gets here. I know it's nearing for's around the corner.
 I know with only 2 weeks before school starts the days will be hurried...I'll be trying to grind them to a halt...knowing full well it's a lost cause. So, I will roam...remember...and preserve
each and every moment.
Happy Snapping