Friday, April 27, 2012



*Taken for NOW YOU
I have to tell you...
I stepped up and out with a lot more confidence in myself this week!
Me...straight up.

I enjoyed unplugging last weekend so much...I'm going to do it again!

Happy Snapping!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting real...

...or pretty darn close!

* Can I just tell you that 6 months ago I wouldn't dream of putting something so untouched for the  blogging world to see. This is speaking volumes to my commitment and freeing myself of bondage and holding myself hostage. I had a light bulb moment today. I'm like big dingbat-People I come in contact with in my everyday life don't see me all photoshopped and touched up...Uh....they see   a woman who is doesn't cover any part of her, who isn't afraid to put herself out there, laugh, joke, goof off or be anything or anybody other then just herself.
I took this for NOW YOU
The prompt is to find the light and go against something that doesn't come naturally to me. Believe it or not, I avoid this side of my face. But today, as comfortably as I can, I'm revealing a "side" of me and I'm really ok with it.
Talk about freeing yourself!

Black and white can be scary!

Do NOT adjust your screens...

I'm cutting loose!
Happy Snapping!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I AM...


*Here is PROOF.
Have you seen Kristen's post over at the Shutter Sisters - home ?
Holy Crap does her article speak to VOLUMES! I bet it speaks to you too if you are a woman and of any certain age!
 Monday starts the 6wk NOW YOU self portrait journey and this is my version of my big toe dipping into the cold depths of facing fear, erasing the negative, and focusing in on the positives. 
Is this you...
You look in the mirror & right away zero in on negatives. And we reinforce that every single dang time we look in the mirror....or worse...when someone ELSE wants to take our picture. You are always behind the camera. I know your kids are here. I see there photos. You have chronicled their lives in rich detail. But what about your life? Where's your proof?
 How about this....The next time you look in the mirror, find something good. Fight it if you have to. Tell that face staring back at have really pretty eyes. Make them pop, highlight them, dress them up. I bet at least one person will notice!  Do it the next day and the next, find something GOOD. Accentuate it and maybe, just maybe those old zingers can be replaced with much deserved self respect from the one person that it should matter the most to...
Attitude is everything.
Are you here...really here?
Happy Snapping!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


...Texture Tuesday
There is a thief amongst me. But he's not after my money. No, it's something far more valuable than that...
That bugger steals my time! I swear, I no sooner turn around and another day has slipped by me. It completely slipped my mind that I wanted to play over at Kim Klassen cafe - for the free & easy e-dition.

I know why Kim called this texture "Oh My".
Because it makes you say just that when you are editing...."Oh My!"
I can already tell this is going to be a favorite go to texture.
How are things in your neck of the woods?
Happy Snapping!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I'll be hooking up with Ashley for the Scavenger Hunt tomorrow but am posting today cause I can't wait  that long!
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
I'm stoked about the prompts this week. 


A simple message right? 
Oh my, I am so lovin' Kim's new brush set and "I AM" texture. 
Are you a "Beyonder" yet?


I am in total LOVE w/this image. Frankie recently bought a super 8 projector at a garage sale to transfer 8mm film from our family's archives. When he got it home & cleaned it up, he realized it was missing the big feeder reel. Well, he ordered one and it came in the mail today. He could see the wheels turning in my head...either that or the absolute squealing that was going on at the photo op this provided! It came with film on it too. *swoon*


Easy enough. 
 A Southwest jet...on final going into Burbank Airport.


I painted my nails this a.m. & as dumb luck would have it, I rolled the bottom of my jeans up and there was the stitching. I love "happy accidents!" Used the I AM texture here as well :-)


Aye aye aye...this is like plan G for the bubbles. The short version.. I hyperventilated & I think I sprang my tongue trying to blow bubbles with bubble gum...yuck. (I'm not really a gum chewer)
Anyway, I'm super excited to pop over and see your interpretations of this weeks prompts.
Happy Snapping!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I can't believe it's Wednesday already. Where IS the time going? I'd sure like to know!
I've been wanting to share a few things with you. Today is perfect for sharing... 
This is THE letter that Austin (mom & dad too) have been waiting for.

*It's a congratulations letter letting Austin know he's been selected to participate in the summer session at the Naval Academy. Realizing he couldn't bank solely on the A.F. Academy, Austin applied to Annapolis too....and well, got in! So he'll fly to Maryland in June & for 5 days "be"a navy cadet & get a taste of what academy life will be like. He was thrilled beyond thrilled~so were mom & dad!

And now...

...This is Amber and I after our lunch. I think we were on a sugar high! Frankie was just snapping away, and this is my favorite of the bunch. Amber is a breath of fresh air and witty!! The girl has a natural funny side that keeps you laughing. She's back home in NC now. I get to go visit her next! I'm a comin' Amber...
Happy Snapping!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Little Things...


*Hey friends!
I've been waiting for the perfect moment to showcase these fabulous keys my daughter, Jamie, found for me. I don't know how much MORE perfect Kim's titled "Little Things" texture could be for this week's theme, coupled with two of my favorite little things-keys. 
Love 'em, want 'em have to have 'em!

I've also used Kim's reverse TTV texture. I love these particular textures because they give that perfect finished old photo look I like to achieve.
Thank you "Missy" for these little are certainly one of mine!
Happy Snapping!

Monday, April 9, 2012

If not now...

...then when?

*Oh boy this is big...REALLY big~(sigh)
I've decided to jump on the band wagon with the 
project with Kristin and Meredith at the helm.
For some reason, e-blogger does not like the badges from their site so the link is the best I can do.
Now, I do not have a problem in front of the camera...usually...
if I'm playing dress up & photoshop!
Well now, the whole photoshop thing was not sitting well with me.  I had self image problems all my life due to what I saw on magazine covers starting around age 13 & never measuring up. Fast forward to my 365 & as self portrait project progressed, discovering the airbrush tools on Photoshop changed the rules of the game. I looked exactly the way I always wanted to look and the way I felt inside. But then I started to feel like a hypocrite. How was I any better to anyone else...most importantly to me, by giving off such a false identity. 
So I pretty much stopped doing selfies. A couple of quirky things...
I like doing selfies, I don't really have a problem looking in the mirror, but when I see my images on the computer, something just does not compute in my head. 
I have the lines, wrinkles, freckles & age spots of a 48 year old who should have taken
better care of herself...but didn't...
Oh well...
But those little signs of life are exactly that...
I am taking this course...scared to death at what I'm about to embark on.
  I'm ready to take part and
 document a part of my life...
every line, every wrinkle, every freckle and every age spot 
  If not now...
then when?
Happy Snapping
*this photo was NOT airbrushed or color enhanced...just cleverly lit!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


...Jelly Beans and Chocolate Bunny Day!

*Hope you all are having a beautiful day with your loved ones.
Happy Snapping!

Friday, April 6, 2012

The drunken...


* I have a couple of happy things to write about but I'm not going to post them all at once. 
(I'm a tease huh?)
You know as well as I do, the internet has it's pitfalls and ugly side, but sometimes you get lucky...REALLY lucky & some really fun & amazing people come into your life through all the deception. (ex. all of you!) I text and chat with a few gals I've met through another photog. website and I've had the pleasure of actually meeting one helluv a girl...Amber   Live. Laugh. Love.
I actually flew to NC for 33 hours just to meet her! She is exactly who she seemed to be on-line...only better cause I get to hear her voice & wit in person. 
Well, she's in So Cal. visiting her folks. Amber & her Mom drove up to have lunch at my house yesterday...Good times! I made a pear crisp with bourbon soaked raisins & was trying to take pictures in between cooking, baking and cleaning!
 I haven't downloaded the pics yet, but I'll be posting them soon!

Happy Snapping!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012



*Oh boy...
I had something else completely different planned to post today but Meredith over at Shutter Sisters - home  struck a chord & changed all that. In short, she talks about self portraiture & how you see your self. It's a very personal journey of self exploration. She asks what do you portray most in your images. For me? I find myself playing dress up...for no other reason than to create a character in time. It's a form of self expression, pure fantasy and artistry that's fun to explore. But it's only a small fraction of me. It doesn't show my everyday morning hair, the me before what little make up I wear, me at work, driving here & there...etc etc. Lately, self portraiture has been gnawing at me & is starting to have a deeper meaning that I'm hoping the NOW YOU Project will help me BECOME a better me, which btw, happens to be my word for the year. But even that has a different meaning since I first chose it. I've come to realize & more importantly ACCEPT that my photo journey is constantly changing & evolving and taking paths chosen by me or directionally changed by other forces. I'm finding it necessary to dig a little deeper in order for me to BECOME who & what I think I can achieve. I know it's in me...
growing group of like-minded friends ready to begin the journey of self
I'm going to bravely and publicly face my personal demons!
Happy Snapping!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies...

...and being Gluten Free

*For those of you that don't know, I become gluten free by choice just about a year ago. Personally, it was a defining moment & I have never looked back. The one thing I miss is a GOOD sandwich on rye or sourdough but then I remember how rotten I feel when I eat bread & the craving quickly disappears.

So it was interesting when I baked these Toll House cookies for Austin (and who DOESN'T love 'em?) and one broke in half as I was taking them off the cookie sheet. I instinctively popped the smaller piece into my mouth, and after 2 or 3 chews, I spit it out! Whoa! The old me would've said..."get a glass of milk & eat the 2nd half of that cookie!" The GF me said..."that sure does taste funny!" I have gotten so use to the new textures and tastes of what I eat these days, there is no room for Toll House cookies!

I have absolutely no desire for the cakes, cookies & brownies I ate without batting an eye.
 Talk about an AHA moment! 

...Taking pictures of them is calorie free and it only makes me feel good inside!
Happy Snapping!