Monday, April 9, 2012

If not now...

...then when?

*Oh boy this is big...REALLY big~(sigh)
I've decided to jump on the band wagon with the 
project with Kristin and Meredith at the helm.
For some reason, e-blogger does not like the badges from their site so the link is the best I can do.
Now, I do not have a problem in front of the camera...usually...
if I'm playing dress up & photoshop!
Well now, the whole photoshop thing was not sitting well with me.  I had self image problems all my life due to what I saw on magazine covers starting around age 13 & never measuring up. Fast forward to my 365 & as self portrait project progressed, discovering the airbrush tools on Photoshop changed the rules of the game. I looked exactly the way I always wanted to look and the way I felt inside. But then I started to feel like a hypocrite. How was I any better to anyone else...most importantly to me, by giving off such a false identity. 
So I pretty much stopped doing selfies. A couple of quirky things...
I like doing selfies, I don't really have a problem looking in the mirror, but when I see my images on the computer, something just does not compute in my head. 
I have the lines, wrinkles, freckles & age spots of a 48 year old who should have taken
better care of herself...but didn't...
Oh well...
But those little signs of life are exactly that...
I am taking this course...scared to death at what I'm about to embark on.
  I'm ready to take part and
 document a part of my life...
every line, every wrinkle, every freckle and every age spot 
  If not now...
then when?
Happy Snapping
*this photo was NOT airbrushed or color enhanced...just cleverly lit!


  1. Oh Kelly, I know EXACTLY what you mean on ALL accounts. It was the reason I changed my header on my blog recently to put a photo that more accurately reflected the true me. at a DISTANCE...but still me without any real editing. Ah, that I could walk around all day with Photoshop in my purse ready to apply whenever I felt the need to my face. Altho I have to tell you, I was laughing with my mom the other day...complaining about my HANDS (of all things, lol). I HATE my hands, and I told her that if I was going to use photoshop of any part of my body, I'm probably the only person on Earth who would use it on her hands :). Kudos to you for your new approach, I look forward to seeing what your new path leads you.

    1. well you are not alone Kathy when it comes to hands...I don't like mine either...I've never had slender fingers with beautiful hands prove that I've worked them pretty darn good over my life time...but they are NOT afraid to get dirty!

  2. And you will discover a whole new world... Enjoy the journey my dear!

  3. This is really gorgeous....and I still can't seem to get myself in front of the camera. And when I have tried, it seems I stink at it!

  4. I really love this - it is so beautifully done and of course the subject matter is pretty good too.
    As Christina would sing. YOU are beautiful in every single way.......

  5. Good for you Kelly! I too hate looking in the mirror these days. Mid-forties is really doing a number on me. I look forward to seeing the real you in all your glory. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. You are beautiful inside and out.

  6. Kelly this is such a fantastic image! So clever and the color is so interesting. Its so nice to meet you and all the Beyonders, like our own red hat society!

  7. Kelly, when you're gorgeous, you're gorgeous and that you are, my friend!
    Ladies....LOL......wait until you get to be my age ... 60!!!!!
    Anyway, Kelly you must give me some lighting tips!!!!

  8. Such a good shot! And I love that you used the "In not now, when..." brush...why didn't I think of how well the two assignments went together!


  9. Still beautiful...without any touch-ups. Can't wait to see what this new workshop prompts you to do!

  10. Wonderful 'selfie'! Good for you for taking that course - I just don't have the time at the moment :)

  11. BRAVE girl! And KUDOS to you! You are super gorgeous my friend. I look forward to seeing more of YOU! xo

  12. You are lovely!! you have eyes to die for and pretty skin and a gorgeous smile that shows in your eyes! you do not have crows feet like i do...and laugh lines to beat the band! but inside i do not feel my age....and so i just ignore the number....but i really do have self confidence and self image issues...i was more at ease doing this when i had a friend on flickr challenging me....but alas he is no longer on there and i back slid! i need the thank you Kim! i did it and it’s over!

  13. You are very pretty. I love everything about this photo...good for you for doing it!

  14. hello beautiful you......... i am in LOVE with this... SOOOO much.... xo

  15. I love this image - it saws so much with just a little slice of you. Lovely!

  16. Oh Miss Kelly Ann! You are gorgeous not only from the inside out, but the outside in and I for one love every bit of you. I am so excited for this journey of yours and can't wait to see how much you grow from it.. xoxo


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