Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's letters...

...and randomness

Dear Friday & the 4 day weekend,
I'm so excited you're here! I'm gonna enjoy this time off like nobody's business! Mainly because Frankie is off on a 10 day trip and will be home Sunday. He's in Shanghai as we speak. Oh I wish I could make myself small & fit in his pocket and roam those city streets with him!
10 days is a long time to be away from home...

Dear Weather,
You need to cool your heels. It's too dang hot...102* in the shade...

Dear Nicki
 I had to steal borrow your cool words about "photos in limbo." Thank you for your blog post Wednesday. It was just the spark I needed to go take a look at some of the many, many...M-A-N-Y photo's I have in limbo. Like you, there was obviously something I saw through my viewfinder. I hope you see this as the highest form of flattery!
So, here are my no longer in limbo photos:

Falls Creek, Pa

Stink Eye
This little guy was all over the feeder & defending it fiercely. He had some major defects. His proboscis never curled back up into his bill where there was a weird growth. And boy, is he ever giving me a stink eye.

Ok...I am NOT gonna lie. I really did want to hear or see something from "the other" side while staying aboard the Queen Mary. I secretly wanted to down load my photos & see an anomaly...seriously!
Well, what were the odds-
hee hee

 This isn't actually a photo in limbo but a selfie I took several years ago. Now that I have a few years of editing under my belt and Florabella's Classic Workflow, I wanted to dabble in portrait editing. 

Dear Mother Earth,
Was it you that sent a stray cat through my yard everyday to keep the squirrels away so they couldn't eat the budding poms so I'd have them for ripe and ready for Rosh Hashanah?
Thank you!

Dear Me,
You really need to...

You've got the Etsy Store, you've made some cute things...
But they're NOT gonna get sold sitting on your dining room table!
Stay tuned...I'll be giving something small away!

I love sharing over at Nancy's
1. I didn't make my bed 1st thing this morning like I do every single day...
...i know...i'm bad (snort!)
2. When I was 8, I wanted to set the world record for sitting in a bathtub full of warm water.
 I'm sure some psychologist would have a field day with THAT one!
3. Besides the fact that I have no singing or acting talent, I've always hated my signature and THAT'S the real reason I'm not famous...because my autograph stinks! (snort)
4. I*AM*SUCH*A*NERD! (i'm ok w/that)
5. I am fiercely passionate.

Happy (labor day) snapping!


  1. Love the variety of your Random 5...definitely random! Beautiful the "Be Brave"...and the poms are fabulous! I've never seen one on a tree before!

    1. I do random VERY well! thanks for stopping by Evelyn.

  2. Love your letters and your random five! I can't wait to see the results of your portrait editing ventures. Do share! Have a great weekend, Kelly.

  3. My first time here ...
    all photos are great; I especially like the "Be Brave".
    Practice a new signature :)

    1. Well hello and thank you for stopping by and commenting. It's always nice to meet new friends.

  4. I am LOVING that selfie shot. ant that hummingbird photo is fabulous..

    I enjoyed my stop here. It made me smile. THANKS..


    1. Hello Linda and thank you for stopping by. It makes me happy to know I could make you smile.

  5. Your photos are always so good, and I feel like I'm sitting here chatting with you when I read your posts. And the signature thing, I so agree with the theory. Mine is too neat to become famous. I predicted a classmate would be famous though, based on his signature. He actually created and owns his own eyeglass design company and is in business in LA. I'm counting that as proof of the famous signature theory.

    Have a great weekend, too. I have a three-day weekend! (Love, love holidays, I do.)

    1. I believe there is done hidden truth that we've tapped into Roban about the whole signature thing!! Good call on yours!

  6. Lots of fun and beautiful images packed in to this post Kelly -- I feel fortunate you chose to share at R5F this week. Thank you! xo

  7. I really look forward to visiting and posting in this meme Nancy. I always leave with a smile!!

  8. All of your photos are gorgeous! I especially love the one with the "ghost", and the last "Be Brave" photo.

    I am a nerd too. :)

  9. All of your photos are gorgeous! I especially love the one with the "ghost", and the last "Be Brave" photo.

    I am a nerd too. :)

  10. As always ... wonderful shots and words.
    I especially love the "ghost" shot .... :-D

  11. Kelly - man am I glad I prompted you to venture through your library --- wonderful shots. I am so intrigued with your Queen Mary photo and impressed with your selfie. Brave - gurl, you already are (just because you don't wear a cape doesn't mean you can't leap tall buildings - we do it all the time for our families).

    I can not begin to say how thankful I am for your visits to my blog - they so inspire me.

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry to be late commenting. To much time at the Fair yesterday and the parade today.

    Loved your photos. I especially enjoyed the Queen Mary shot and Hummingbird shot. They are all just wonderful.
    Your random thoughts were just great too. Very enjoyable post.

  13. I have enjoyed your random thoughts and photos!

  14. I love your selfie...but my favorite is your message to yourself. Be Brave!

  15. Your photos are gorgeous, Kelly. I hope to take pictures like that someday. Enjoyed this post. Thanks for visiting me. Nice to meet you.


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