Monday, August 12, 2013


can't trust that day

By the time you read this, I'll be back to work. Staff day today, first day of instruction~
tomorrow. I get so weird the day before school starts. I go into this sort of nesting mode! It's not like I haven't had time to get things done...but for some reason, what I didn't do all of a sudden has this mad urgency to get done. I'm pretty sure this school year won't be as personally volatile as last years. I'm hearing through the rumor mill that our seams are bursting with kids & no place to put them...that's a little off putting. I'll get the ins on that tomorrow.
 I'll be happy to get a paycheck again~ 
I'll live for the weekends...and holidays~ 
Going from normal talking to most likely will lose my voice from talking non-stop 5 hours straight.
Will fall in love with my kiddos all over again
Will get satisfaction knowing I make a difference
Will fall asleep on the couch for the first week from HAVING to wake up to the alarm
Will be sure not to forget my blog...and you all!
Happy (dog days of summer) snapping!


  1. Love Love Love this postcard you created Kelly! Did you use that new Stamp app? I forgot what it's called???

    1. Thank you Geri!! I actually made that postcard with ink stamps-shot it-and used it as a texture!! I have to say-I like the end result !!


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