Monday, August 5, 2013


I'm sharing over at Stasha's    
It's all about Impractical Things:
It was surprisingly easy!

1. Cell phone laws~I mean seriously. If you want people to really not talk on their phones while driving,$76. for the first offense is chicken needs to be like $500.
2. High heels while at theme parks. Really?
3. Aphids..the bad kind
4. Squirrels...all of them!(they ruin everything I own)
5. Appointments...NOW HEAR THIS you late people... I pride myself on getting to any appt. that YOU gave me...the least you can do is see me on time.
6.'s bad for you...don't eat it!
7. AS SEEN ON T.V. items...tsk tsk! (I still like ya if you're guilty of this! hee hee)
8. Figurines...that's just me...I hate to dust
9.Styrofoam...Hate it, hate it hate it
10. Mr Potato Head...What are you suppose to do with him? Dress him...then what...somebody...please...enlighten me. I'm off to Stasha's for some a-ha moments!

Happy (listicles) snapping!


  1. I can barely wear high heels to work, much less to an amusement park!!

    Great List!


  2. Ahhhhhh...too funny about Mr. Potato Head...I never thought of that before, and I had one as a child. LOL @ the high heels at an amusement park because I have worn heels (not extremely high, but still a heel) to the zoo...and on more than one occasion. This was before I discovered flip flops.

    Great list.

    Happy Listicle Monday!

  3. High heels at the theme park! I've seen those! Why didn't I remember that one? I totally wanna go up to those people and just do a facepalm for them. I mean really? Why???

  4. such a funny list...cracking up...especially about the high heels and mr. potato head ;)

  5. Aphids...haha....ARE there "good" ones? I don't socialize with bugs much :). And Kelly, thank you sooo much for your kind comment on my most recent post. I am also finding that I am perfectly content staying at home more these days than I use to be. Altho I'm not a recluse, yet (lol), the trend is certainly morphing that way.

  6. I can't talk and drive at the same time. I have a condition called "old". I agree though that $76 is hardly a deterrent. I thought you were going to say $5000! ;P

  7. Stupid Styrofoam. The worst is when the kids get to it and shred it. It takes years to get that stuff out of the carpet! Great list!

  8. Your list had me laughing out loud! So agree with 1,2 & 5 :)

  9. Had to google Mr Potato Head...oh enlightenment from me here! Otherwise I agree wit them all, apart from 4, I like my squirrels.

  10. Your list is too funny! I couldn't agree more with most of those. Our squirrels leave us alone, except while driving.. then they go on suicide missions trying to cross the street. I never really thought of what you were supposed to do with Mr. Potato head.. huh.


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