Monday, August 19, 2013

A quick hello...

...and howdy do

Hello friends.
I woke up super early Sat. morning to enjoy the Queen Mary before the other guests woke up. It was pretty much just me and the birds and the morning fog. It gave me time to quietly roam the decks and imagine what life was like aboard this ship 60+ years ago. I loved running my hands over the original woods and wished they could tell me a story or two. 
It was a whirlwind but fun weekend away with Frankie. I didn't realize until I downloaded my photos that I really don't have a lot to show for our trip. I sat back in my chair and I got to thinking.
I had every intention of taking a boatload (no pun intended) of photos. 
But the more I thought about our weekend, the more it came down to just wanting to be totally absorbed in the moment-just Frankie & I. Enjoying the man I fell in love with 20 years ago, experiencing something new with him, and be totally ok that I didn't take 100's of photos to record this moment in time.  
So tell me blogging peeps,
 Are there places you go & quiet moments you just want to keep private and are ok with not sharing? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
Happy (it's ok not to shoot) snapping!


  1. I find that I rarely take photos at any family gathering...I just want to enjoy those moments. When I'm taking photographs, I often find I'm not as engaged in the moment with everyone else...and that is kinda sad to me to miss that opportunity.

  2. I used to be the "official family get-together photographer" until one Thanksgiving I left the camera at home. I realized that I participated more and became more a part of the occasion rather than a spectator. Because we have so few family gatherings, I have gone back to taking the camera (cause these kids are growing up and flying the coop at lightening speed), but I make sure to only use it some of the time and not the entire gathering.

    1. It's a catch 22 with me. Thanks for chiming in Nicki

  3. I agree with Kathy and Nicki .... although I still do (90% of the time) bring my camera to family gatherings, I don't spend most of my time behind it. I found that I was missing out on connecting.
    So glad you enjoyed your stay on the Queen. xo

  4. I was just thinking about that tonight at Hannah's volleyball game. When you're looking through a lens, you sometimes miss out on the extraordinary moments that are all around you. I think it's perfectly fine to leave the camera behind every now and then.

    1. Thanks for chiming in Roban. It means a lot to me. Xo

  5. Many times I have full intention of taking pictures of the event only finding that I get so absorbed in what is happening around me I forget to pick up the camera. It must have been such a wonderful weekend, spent in a delightful place.

  6. Most definitely. You blog and share some of life's experiences, not your entire life. Linda and I struck a big one off our bucket list with a 10 day Mediterranean cruise, plus 2 additional days in Rome. I took a boat load of photos. That said, some pics may be deeply personal for one reason or another. Then there are other moments that just happen and are captured and kept in the heart.


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