Friday, December 20, 2013

Yippee!! Random 5... back!

Yup...all the useless things (at least 5 a week) you ever wanted to know about me right here!

I turn 50 next month! Uh Huh...the big 5-0! But can I tell you I'm kinda excited about it! I decided over the summer my motto was "50 & fabulous" & I've taken small steps to see that I at least get to 50! 
The fabulous part? Well, that's just my big head talking! (snort)
Anyhoo...I decided against Lasik for one reason, the money. I simply can not justify spending 1000's of dollars on myself. I get a guilt complex for days after I buy a new pair of shoes!
I did however get contacts, some nifty cheaters (cause well, I'm over 40) AND my very first ever, pretty spectacular Non-perscription sunglasses! 
I have a hair cut appt. 12-24 and I'm going for a reverse bob. I'm thinking about coloring too.

 I've been a really good girl not eating all the ridiculous amounts of cookies that were brought into work this week so I don't have to worry about an extra 5 pounds to work off before my birthday. 

I'm EXTREMELY giddy that today was the last day of work and there are 3 glorious lying ahead of me!

I already went out to shoot today.

I got some really nice gifts from co-workers and grateful moms today and I fell in love with one of the gift embellishments:

My Principal knows what a nature lover I am...she didn't know I adore owls!

Of course, I'm not sure if this is patriotic Danbo or greedy "I smell cookies so let me help you unwrap the box" Danbo.
I'm pretty sure it's the latter! 

I have almost 100 followers-You know I've hit a hundred because I'll have a contest to celebrate!

Ok, it's not original, but I call the stray cat Miss Kitty.

She still hisses at me but she's getting better. She LOVES The Mister (my hubby) Oh..she is so sweet on him. She's dying to come in the house and I'm sure she'd be nicer to me if I could sit & love on her but she doesn't understand allergies and asthma. (Sad sigh)

Ok my friends, I better get dinner going- Beef and Pepper Goulash in the pressure cooker and some roasted cauliflower is on the menu. 

Have a great rest of your day 
Happy (get out and play) snapping!

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  1. so many thoughts from your post. your cat talks on the iphone? that is too fun! love it!! where did you find that amazon guy? that is too great! i want one too!! i love, love, love that owl. owls make me happy. ( :

    happy weekend!

  2. What a beautiful cat. She looks exactly like our old cat.

  3. I love that little owl too, how cute. Miss Kitty is adorable. I have allergies/asthma and have 6 cats, 5 of which sleep with us. Lots of allergy meds and shots every month because I love my fur babies. - Oh your dinner sounded so yummy.

  4. Enjoy your time off my friend -- and thanks so much for your kind words. Much appreciated. xo

  5. Beautiful photos, and the owl is just adorable!

  6. Enjoy your time off and I can't wait to see your Christmas Eve hair-cut. Love the owl (picked up a couple for my own stocking stuffer the other day).

  7. Great post, Kelly !
    Such a cute owl ... and of course Miss Kitty is cute too :-)
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time,

  8. Fantastic pics! I love that owl and what a beautiful cat!!!

  9. Big Smile.

    You are fabulous. FABULOUS. And 50? Whoa! You look 40. Not that 50 is old. I will be it on my next b-day too. Remember? We are fellow dragons. We should meet one day with cameras in hand and go shoot something. I would love that, Miss Fabulous Kelly.

    Beautiful photographs and I especially like the one of your little shy kitty. She's sweet. And how lucky to have you and your Mister to take care of her. That is love. I love the story behind it.

    Happy Holidays, sweet Kelly.


  10. You definitely are going to be a fabulous 50! You've already got the fabulous part going for you. Oh, Hannah has allergies to cats, too. She gets pretty miserable around them and has had trouble breathing before. Not fun. I'm sure you and Miss Kitty will find a way to get along. I love that she's looking into the phone. That's a great shot as are the others.

    Enjoy the holiday! Every single second of it.

  11. Miss Kitty is so pretty! Just keep giving her love and she'll turn around soon :) It's so sweet that she adores your husband. Most of our animals are leery of my husband at first! I think it's because he has a big beard haha. I love your outlook on turning 50 and hope you like your new haircut! I really need to get mine cut again soon.

  12. I'm paving the way for you into the 50's...I just turned 54 (did I REALLY just admit publicly to that??!!??). I have no doubt AT ALL that 50 is gonna look good on you my friend. You totally rock :)

    1. omg, Kath, that made me laugh...I have just admitted my own age for the first time this year, too! Ha, my 3 kids used to give me a hard time because people would always ask them, and they would just say, 1...we don't really know her real age...and 2...that's against the rules to tell anyway! Aloha

  13. Oh to be 50 again! It won't hurt a bit - I promise! Merry Christmas you sweet young thing :-)

  14. fun post, kelly!
    love how your embracing your upcoming birthday...awesome!!!

  15. Lovely post and I can tell you there is life after 50… enjoy!

  16. Great, fun post...and great photos, too! And yes, I, too can attest that 50 is awesome! So, when your day comes...let's all party online together to celebrate! Merry, Merry, Fa la la, and all that jazz! Aloha

  17. I loved reading your random five...and I bet you look spectacular in those new specs AND a new haircut. And btw, you are just a pup compared to me....enjoy these next years, they can be awesome. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!!

  18. These are so great, the black and white, the berries, and OH the reflection in the phone (so good)!! Even if I ever had enough money, I don't think I could do the lasik, just freaks me out!


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