Tuesday, July 30, 2013


& other goodies

I'm linking up with Kim Klassen
today as I have a goodie to share...

I've been looking patiently for a Brownie.
In fact...every 4th Sunday for almost a year, patiently at the Topanga Vintage Fair. This past Sunday paid off...in more ways than just my new beauty. I've been sharing over at IG...but I think Friday's Finds will be a fine time to share my other treasure. 
This week I hit the mother lode...I actually got brave and shot the sights that I swoon over...

I want one of these...

Ok...how many of you cut your baby doll's hair thinking it would grow back...say aye
(hee hee)

160 vendors with more rusty, crusty, olde, new, gotta have it, want it, what the heck, I remember those,  
really? decaying, why didn't I think of that goodies...
 ...stall after stall after stall. 
It's total eye candy that leaves you feeling nostalgic. 
And I'll tell ya something else I love about the 4th Sunday of every month...
People talk to each other...I mean like face to face. They'll tell you their stories and there's laughter from friends new and old getting together, bartering, and shaking hands and walking away with one mans trash that is now another's treasure.
I've walked away some weeks totally empty handed...but my heart is full.
 Happy (vintage shopping) snapping

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Take your wife...

...to work day

I'm not going to lie...

...I rather love going to work with Frankie! When he told me he had a 32 hr. in Honolulu & asked if I wanted to go, I jumped at the chance. I mean, this is what I've waited 17 1/2 years for.  Raising kids to be independent from us and having nothing tying me down for a chance to jet set off on mini vacays. It's not without risk, I mean flying stand by, to Hawaii, in the summer is a little nutty. But no risk, no gain right? 
I'm fully prepared to be bumped...which I did and had to try and get home the next day, but in the end, I got home and Frankie and I  really enjoyed our time together. 
But my nerdy mother conscience got the best of me and I got the worst case of "leaving the son behind guilt!" Never mind that I DID ask if Austin wanted to go but he had work and he'd never give up his weekly Civil Air Patrol responsibilities. As soon as I got to the hotel room I called him and apologized. But Austin, being who his is, just validated everything I was thinking about-how this is finally what I deserved & waited for and I was to have a good time. So I thanked him for being awesome and decided I was just taking one more step towards my independence from Austin. 
It's not so easy for me. I mean, I've been raising kids for a long time and letting go doesn't happen over night.  But I'm learning!
Can I just say, I admire pilots. Not JUST because Frankie is one, but look at all those knobs, dials & gauges!! It's amazing what they have to do.

Remember Gilligan's Island and the "3 hr. tour?" It started here!

My favorite landmark of all the islands is Diamond Head. 

Even though the flight attendants tell you that everything with an on/off switch must be powered down, I wanted to live on the "wild side" and shoot a couple shots on take off. Actually, cameras don't emit anything to interfere with what's going on in the cockpit...so I'm not really living THAT dangerously...
not dangerously at all!
It just sounds good!
 Happy (aloha) snapping!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Up on...

...the roof
by James Taylor

I already love linking up with with 
because I get to reminisce some great tunes and sing them for the rest of the day...

swing by her blog and check out all the great interpretations.
Happy (be safe on the roof) snapping!

Friday, July 19, 2013



Dear week,
Thank you.
For once, in a very long time, I was able to fully embrace,  soak everything in and sigh...
a HUGE sigh of relief...dumping burdens.

Dear University Pines,
YOU are the reason I was able to fly home and NOT have to worry about my mom. Your community is the answer to our prayers. When my mom told me she didn't want to be alone and never wanted to leave, I couldn't help but open the flood gates & let our burdens drown with every tear drop (even now I get teary eyed). You opened your arms and embraced our hardships. I feel like I've left family when I said goodbye. From the moment I walked through your doors, it felt like home & knew my mom would thrive for the rest of her years. My heart is full.
Thank you

Dear Mom,
What I witnessed in you this past week was nothing short of a miracle. I know it's been such a long time since you've enjoyed the simplest things but your new home is going to allow you to wake up and LOVE every single minute of your day. Little by little, you'll grow stronger & more confident that we've got your back & the hardest decision you'll have to make is what to have for lunch...or dinner... or what to wear!

Dear Florida thunderstorms,
You scare the hell out of me when I drive. I mean seriously, pull over and want to cry scary.

Dear Mother Nature,
I've released another batch of beauties for you.

Dear i-phone,
You help me tell my stories in the coolest ways...

Thank you for choosing THIS i-photo among 1500 to be in your book! I'm giddy with excitement!

Dear Dad,
It was very hard leaving & saying good by to you. Your tears didn't help. 
Sometimes you are so far out in la-la land...

...and then you say something like..."What you do for mom, you do for me." (heavy sigh)
Well, THAT is the dad who gave me my moral compass. I'm glad that dad comes out every now and again cause I know he's in there but will be lost forever in the not so distant future.
This is last photo taken of you. It is one I'll always remember.

Happy ( no tears) snapping!


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Better late...

...than never

Yeah, yeah...I'm late to the party but I'm here. My blogger buddy, Kathy
had her very first "Song-ography" link up this past Sunday. This is what I would have linked up if only I had access to a computer while in Pensacola. 
Kathy picks a song, and we're free to interpret it anyway we see fit.
The song is "Homeward Bound" by Simon & Garfunkel 
 I took this with my i-phone in the ATL airport as I was Homeward Bound myself. 

And yes...I'm finally home!
 Congrats on the successful link up my friend!

Happy (sing a song) snapping!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The art of...


I FINALLY scored the one magazine that always seemed elusive. 
With all the local bookstores closed around us (so sad) I've never held one to even look at it. I was in Joanne's last week, poking around all the magazines...and there it was. I scooped that puppy up without a second thought.
I read it cover to cover and actually went to visit a few of the bloggers who were featured, congratulated them and perused they're sites. I have a few more to visit-but I'll save that for another day.
Oh...my....it's such eye candy-the magazine and the blogs I visited.

The featured bloggers certainly deserve their place in the magazine~I just drooled~And not in a bad way that made me feel like my blog is any less special-oh, just the opposite. I'm already looking into ways to making my little part of the world wide web more my style that makes a statement about me & who I am as a person, as a photographer and as a blogger. I'm excited about the process.
 Hope you'll be along for the ride!

I also hope that  as you read this, I'll be jet-setting home to my boys and will be back "live" in a day or so. 

My critters will be emerging soon...
...Can't miss that.
Happy (find your bliss) snapping!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


w/ Kim

Happy Tuesday my friends! Thanks to the awesome schedule setting on eblogger, I'm able to post this while away for the week. Big hugs to my "go to guy," Austin, for linking me up. You may have heard, I had a pity party HERE

Normally I would NEVER edit when I'm feeling all pooh poohy inside~but this time-I think it worked!

Is it ok to like your own pictures? I mean like "OMG I did that" kind of like? These grow in our front yard & although I'm a nature lover, I'm not good at all at naming flowers.
No texture on this one, just an awesome clone stamp that Kim designed. It felt right as I put out my fair share of tears these days.

This however...

... reminds me of a vintage postcard (swoon) and I couldn't move past the colors as I was playing with the hue. So I went with it. It's crazy "outta my box" fun.
 I will be having fun and getting a lot of use from it. (I'm thinking postcard swap)

Oh...here's the original...

Crazy I tell ya!

I'll be glad to get back home-the one place I never tire of laying my head down at the end of the day. 
Happy (flower naming) snapping!

Saturday, July 6, 2013



Earlier, I was having a bit of a pity party.  Partly because I was running around town & not finding what I needed & partly because I'm leaving for Fla.(again) on Sunday. There's still much to do to get my parents affairs in order & quite frankly, this is our last ditch effort to get my mom stable & placed where she can be looked after. It's just easier to do it there. 
Anyhow, I made a cup of coffee and went to town cleaning out photo folders and editing pics to schedule blog posts while I'm away. 
It was like therapy.
Several weeks ago, we went to visit my sis-in-law for a little Austin graduation cookout.

This is my 6 year old niece. She plays the drums like nobodies business. I'm talking keeping time with the music, pedal to the base and playing the toms on top. I was completely blown away.

I was also blown away when Austin sat down & could play as well.
When did THAT happen?!

Austin would get together with a few of his buddies for jam sessions (before one left for the Army) Austin & and another friend on guitar, & one on the drums. 
Apparently, this is how Austin learned how to play.

I'm actually surprised I ended up editing when I was a in a mood. I tend to stay away from editing when I'm in a snit. But this time it brought me to a neutral place and I ended up with some really fun photos.
This made me curious. What do you do when you need to calm & soothe your inner spirit and bring yourself to a better place? I'd love it if you'd share with me.
Happy (rat-a-tat) snapping!

Friday, July 5, 2013



Dear Austin,

Stalking you while you're at work with my i-phone was a lot of fun. I can't help myself sometimes. Somedays I feel like a kid & want to play, only I know I'm your mom..but...well, stalking you is fun! Actually stalking you and being caught was so dang funny...at least to me it was....
Hey...are you giving me the stink eye!?

I promise to not make a habit of it. You know I'm good on my word.

Dear America,
We sure had fun celebrating your birthday yesterday with a family B-B-Q.

Candy Bars are fun to make.

It's really too bad we were so stuffed we didn't even eat the strawberry shortcake I made.

I'm sorry our elected officials do dumb things to make us look bad...but I'm sure proud to have the freedom I have. 
Thank you.

Dear Mother Nature,
You gave me an awesome batch of critters to look after.
I've got some beautiful chrysalis' and this little one is in the perfect viewing spot. My IG peeps got to see it enclose today and with any luck, they'll get to see him/her emerge. 

Dear Mom,
I'm coming...Let's get this thing done.

Happy (recovering) Snapping!


Monday, July 1, 2013

LIfe is NOT...

...a 30 minute t.v. show
Well we are over 1/2 way through 2013 and I for one will be very glad to say Adios, ta-ta, and get lost! I find something curious, ironic actually. The word I chose this year was LIVE...ok...is that a kick in the pants, or, better yet, a sign of the times that were/are yet to come? 
You see, MY idea was to do and try new things this year-but I think the universe had its OWN idea for me & my word... 
...to actually LIVE through this year. Yup, the very fact that I am living through this year of total chaos & life altering events is by sheer grit & determination(& a whole lotta love from all over the planet.)
 Yesterday, we were hit with another blow, but before I sat down to write this I wanted to make sure there was an outcome and not just post as a Debbie Downer (and if your name is Debbie, I apologize) 
My brother, David, who just turned 47, suffered a mild heart attack. Oh my gosh. I can't even tell you how my world spun off it's axis & out of control at the very thought of this. For reasons I won't go into now, he & I have only recently come together in light of our mother's life events~Kind of like an EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND episode...only it took 20+ years & and not 30 minutes to conclude.
 Ok, Maybe Raymond was a bad example, but you catch my drift.

I couldn't lose him now.
 He wasn't feeling well on Monday. My SIL & I suggested an aspirin regimen. That was such a smart move. We are so grateful that it was just one clogged artery & a stent was put in and his outlook is good (can you hear my sigh of relief?)
Yup, LIVED through another crises.
 I have 5 more 2013 months to LIVE through...
It's got ME wondering...
Happy (hug your family real tight) snapping!