Sunday, July 28, 2013

Take your wife... work day

I'm not going to lie...

...I rather love going to work with Frankie! When he told me he had a 32 hr. in Honolulu & asked if I wanted to go, I jumped at the chance. I mean, this is what I've waited 17 1/2 years for.  Raising kids to be independent from us and having nothing tying me down for a chance to jet set off on mini vacays. It's not without risk, I mean flying stand by, to Hawaii, in the summer is a little nutty. But no risk, no gain right? 
I'm fully prepared to be bumped...which I did and had to try and get home the next day, but in the end, I got home and Frankie and I  really enjoyed our time together. 
But my nerdy mother conscience got the best of me and I got the worst case of "leaving the son behind guilt!" Never mind that I DID ask if Austin wanted to go but he had work and he'd never give up his weekly Civil Air Patrol responsibilities. As soon as I got to the hotel room I called him and apologized. But Austin, being who his is, just validated everything I was thinking about-how this is finally what I deserved & waited for and I was to have a good time. So I thanked him for being awesome and decided I was just taking one more step towards my independence from Austin. 
It's not so easy for me. I mean, I've been raising kids for a long time and letting go doesn't happen over night.  But I'm learning!
Can I just say, I admire pilots. Not JUST because Frankie is one, but look at all those knobs, dials & gauges!! It's amazing what they have to do.

Remember Gilligan's Island and the "3 hr. tour?" It started here!

My favorite landmark of all the islands is Diamond Head. 

Even though the flight attendants tell you that everything with an on/off switch must be powered down, I wanted to live on the "wild side" and shoot a couple shots on take off. Actually, cameras don't emit anything to interfere with what's going on in the I'm not really living THAT dangerously...
not dangerously at all!
It just sounds good!
 Happy (aloha) snapping!


  1. Oh, Kelly, lucky you to be able to go to work with that husband of yours! I love all those knobs and gauges and the fact that with the right person behind them the plane can take off and fly (and land, of course). I only flew single-engine planes back in the day, so getting to even look inside a cockpit is pretty thrilling to me. (So thanks for taking a picture!)

    Hannah and Austin are the same age. She'll be 18 in December and leaving for college next year. I know what you mean about leaving them at home. And while they may be ready to spread their wings, we're not quite ready to let them go.

    Oh, and those pictures of Hawaii... so beautiful! That's one place I definitely want to get to one day.

  2. Oh how fun to be able to do a sweet little get-away and to!! Your pics are fabulous, love them all but somehow that first one really took my breath away. Hope you get to do many more of these!!

  3. I am in remedial parent-learning to let kid be independent class, so your hopping on the plane for an amazing get-away is inspiring. I always knew the whole 'power-down' didn't make sense with cameras - I mean, really!!!

    Love the photos.

  4. Lucky you!
    Awesome pics of Hawaii ..... what an opportunity and experience.
    And what an awesome son you raised ♥

  5. How exciting. I would be at the door with my suitcase in hand for every trip...

  6. Love this, you lucky duck!!

    By the way, my husband is a consultant and just finishing up a job writing lots of software for a company that is making a product that will allow people to use internet safely on airplanes. New technology happening all the time. In the mean time, keep taking photos out of those windows and sharing them. xox


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