Friday, July 5, 2013



Dear Austin,

Stalking you while you're at work with my i-phone was a lot of fun. I can't help myself sometimes. Somedays I feel like a kid & want to play, only I know I'm your mom..but...well, stalking you is fun! Actually stalking you and being caught was so dang least to me it was....
Hey...are you giving me the stink eye!?

I promise to not make a habit of it. You know I'm good on my word.

Dear America,
We sure had fun celebrating your birthday yesterday with a family B-B-Q.

Candy Bars are fun to make.

It's really too bad we were so stuffed we didn't even eat the strawberry shortcake I made.

I'm sorry our elected officials do dumb things to make us look bad...but I'm sure proud to have the freedom I have. 
Thank you.

Dear Mother Nature,
You gave me an awesome batch of critters to look after.
I've got some beautiful chrysalis' and this little one is in the perfect viewing spot. My IG peeps got to see it enclose today and with any luck, they'll get to see him/her emerge. 

Dear Mom,
I'm coming...Let's get this thing done.

Happy (recovering) Snapping!



  1. this is an adorably loving post xxx

  2. Ahh sweet post with those flags, yummy fruit, your about to be butterfly...Autin, all so good!! Happy 5th of July....I missed you on the 4th. PS...I bought an artist's model....I couldn't help it, you made them look so inspired me.

  3. Love your photography and this post. Your son looks like mine did whenever I would try to catch them without being noticed. I know you're proud of him. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank u for stopping by. It's his first job and I'm tickled pink he's making his way...

  4. I loved to stalk my daughter at work this summer too. I think they secretly like it.

    1. I'm totally with you on this one Sarah!!!

  5. Happy belated 4th Sis......
    hee-hee on "stalking" Austin.
    Good luck with your Mom .... I'll be thinking about ya.

  6. I didn't see this post until now and am in love with some of these photos. The one of your hand holding the stars is so fun! Plus the stalking photos.... My daughter babysits, so I might get into trouble if I stalk them too much.

  7. Those last four pictures are stunning! I love the berries, the garland and the caterpillar is cool! My boys would love to get to watch them crawl around and become butterflies!

    1. It's quite an amazing journey. If you are on IG, I was actually able to shoot a couple if videos on the enclosure. In about 10-14 days I'll hopefully be able to shoot a video of a butterfly emerging. Thank you for visiting.


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