Friday, March 28, 2014

Random 5...

Friday Finds...

I'm two timing today and linking up with Nancy & Kim for random fun-facts and great finds.

Saturday, Frankie and I went hiking up on Oat Mountain-found and explored an old Nike missile site back among the rolling hills of Chatsworth. I learned that this was one of 16 sites from the Cold War Era that protected the valley from a possible enemy attack. We climbed up a small hill and slipped through a hole that was cut out of the chain link fence.

 I searched for photos of the original buildings of the once bustling base, but Frankie reminded me that the sites were top secret so I wouldn't find any.



Today, it looks a bit post apocalyptic with several burnt out busses...

...and hollowed out buildings.

I find that I'm becoming increasingly interested in "Urban Art".

Some say the old base is used as a training ground for the LAPD and SWAT teams.

Bullet holes riddle everything.

The above photo is an underground bunker that would have housed a nuclear war head missile like the ones below. 

I was creeped out and didn't want to find anything...I dunno...dead? I was surprised at how many other hikers we ran into. They must like trespassing, snooping, exploring too!

My random facts this week couldn't be more random if I tried!

Strange but true-I have a 4 inch burn mark on my upper outer  thigh from my i-phone. Yup-came home from the grocery store, stuck my phone in my pocket while I grabbed my 3 shopping bags. Went to set the groceries down-felt a shock then a burning sensation. I couldn't believe what appeared when I went to see what was so painful. The phone wasn't in use, it wasn't hot & I can't think of one reason why that happened. I'm scared it will happen again.

We have a 3 day weekend! (happy dance)

Dusting and putting laundry away are my least favorite chores. Grocery shopping is my favorite.

My shoe size is 7

I'm a HUGE Survivor fan. I love everything about the game and have only missed 1 of 28 seasons. The kids and I have always told Frankie he should be on the show. He'd be so awesome to watch.

Ok my friends-I'm off to go see other great finds and Friday facts!
Happy (enjoy your weekend) snapping!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


...One is the Loneliest Number

not really lonely
but did have some fun with this one this morning!

I'm playing over at Kathy's this morning and did a complete 180 of what I originally had planned...yes...I actually planned to play today! I know the song from Three Dong Night, but not all the words(which really weren't a lot!) As I was reading them, I knew I had to shift gears. 
So the short story goes...
...Frankie left for a trip this morning after being home only one day & I miss him right now more than I am lonely. We spent yesterday hiking, exploring, dinner and a movie on the couch.
 It was pretty much a perfect day. 

Here's a sneak peak at what we found!

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder in my world.
Why not follow me over to Kath's to see other interpretations of the song!

Happy(got a song in my heart) snapping!

Find that perfect little card on my

Friday, March 21, 2014

Random 5...

is here! As always, I'm playing over at Nancy's 
Can I say...
...if the weeks come & go as fast as this week flew by, then summer vacation will be here before I blink!
Speaking of summer vacation-
I really did go back to my pixie cut. I couldn't be happier. As much winter as some of you have had and it wore thin on your nerves? Well, believe me, I'll be doing my fair share of bitchin' and moanin' from the heat soon enough~blah least I don't have a lot of hair to deal with!

I did NOT want to love this French series on Netflix. No I did not. It intrigued me from the get go. I had NO idea what it was about. But OMG-if you like subtitles, and creepy stuff, this just might be up your alley. It surprised me how much I liked this as I don't do scary or creepy!
 Sadly season 2 doesn't start till later this year.

Oh...and if you want to fall MADLY & DEEPLY in love with a series from Britain...

Call the Midwife
Also available on Netflix. 
It is an amazing & brilliant story about midwifery in the late 1950's. Conditions where the midwives worked to deliver babies & help the decrepit were deplorable. You will cry, you will laugh you will be glued to your seat. Each episode is better than the last.

One thing I LOVE about this blogging world, is the vast amounts of fun, interesting, inspirational and useful tidbits of information you read about. This week I tried something new that my girl D mentioned on her blog a few days ago.

Chia seeds!

I seriously LOVE them. 
These little seeds pack a wallop of health benefits including healthy omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, a host of antioxidants plus so much more to your diet. I add them to anything and everything. I even dip cheese sticks in them!

Go crazy!

Earthquakes are scary...
I was home alone.

that's 5! I could go on...but I release you! (snort)

Happy (try something new) snapping!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014



It feels so good to be in a pixie cut.
It's SO much easier to manage and oh so soft and healthy again.

I feel like "me" again.

*note to self...get batteries for remote

Happy (new Spring cut) snapping!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I've been properly inducted...

...into grandmother-hood!


It took Erik all of 10 minutes, once I got my hands on that little munchkin, to inaugurate me into the blissful world of being a grandmother! I purposefully wore clothes that I didn't mind being pooped on or spit on. I was warmly reminded & taken back to a time when my own babies could do little more than eat, puke, sleep, poop, repeat.
 But in between those repeat moments, there are tender, attentive moments where
  innocent eyes search your face, and tiny ears listen to the sound of your voice that eventually evoke smiles and coos of acceptance.  To be so small & have no life experiences to trust or distrust is too big for me to even fathom. 
In those moments, bonding had begun.

I was gently reminded too, that sleeping angels have their own agendas and the best laid plans just have to wait.

I let it go.

Jamie and I think Erik is our "Gangsta of Love." 

Even though my photo plans were on hold, I was bound & determined to get at least one shot of Erik in the Fedora that my girl D knitted for him. I got a lucky left handed i-phone shot. Lucky because right after I snapped this, I was puked on and that was that!
Oh, and if by chance you need a fedora knitted in any size or color, just hop on over to Diane's and she'll hook you up...hee hee, no pun intended! 
I think I'm going to enjoy this new role of Grandmother.

Happy (it's ok if things work out differently) snapping!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Random 5...


I adore the WATERLOGUE app

Good morning! It's 5:36 and I didn't think I was even going to post today. But I really do love playing over at Nancy's and I can't sleep anyhow so I'm throwing total randomness at you. 

My big girl camera needs a good dusting off. I didn't take any new photos week-& only 2 photos for IG-that's just how my week rolled-so busy. 

...I'm leaving at 1:35 to go see Jamie and Erik today! By 2:30 I'll be breathing in that fountain of youth! I am BEYOND excited to wrap my arms around my babies!

I got a haircut...I mean a PIXIE short! I took the issue to my peeps on IG, they spoke, I listened! I liked the "IDEA" of having longer hair but it had become so unhealthy. I'm guessing a combo of my ever changing hormones, blowdrying with a brush, then being out in the hot dry winds was just too much. I don't even have a picture to share. 
The gross hair did get me thinking that maybe I wasn't getting enough out of my vitamins so I bought HAIR, SKIN & NAILS vitamins w/loads of Biotin. I'm curious if it'll help.
P.S. I'm happy to have short hair again!

I'm slowly getting used to the time change. Mornings are a bit rough around the edges, powering through wanting to take a little doze in the afternoons (no time anyhow) & then finally loving that extra time in the evening. I just feel so much more productive.

 Last Friday I posted a photo that never made it my blog for one reason or another. I like that idea so much that I just might make it a regular thing.
So this week:

Palace Versailles

Taken in France on my surprise 50th birthday back in Jan. 
I can't imagine being a young Marie Antoinette living in such opulence while the rest of her countrymen were starving and living in such bleak conditions. Wandering through this fairy tale palace, you couldn't help wonder about the secrets held within all the nooks and crannies.
 THAT'S when I wished walls could talk!

Alrighty then, I need to go start my day. 
I WILL be by to visit and get caught up with you all.
Happy (longer days) snapping!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Signs, signs...

...everywhere there's signs

Frankie and I spent the day in the city with family so I didn't sit down to go through the blogs I follow until 27 minutes ago! When I navigated over to Kathy's SONG-OGRAPHY I knew exactly what signs I wanted to pun intended!

One of my all time favorite signs is in NY...

Honestly, they're everywhere and they totally crack me up.

My 2nd all time favorite signs were from our trip to Israel. 
(best family vacation ever)

Yup, when we driving through the mountains in Northern Israel there are beautiful fields...but you can't play in these fields...nope. I found the signs amusing but at the same time having no real concept of living with possible live mines.

I don't know about you, but when I go to any hotel, I always look for the nearest fire escape route. In Israel, you also need to look for the closest in bomb shelter. YUP. Every building in the country is required to have one. I was a little nervous at first seeing this but then I calmed down and I felt 99% sure we wouldn't  have to actually go in one. Then I felt better knowing that if anything would actually happen-we'd be safe. 
It's just a normal way of life for the citizens. 

Driving through the Negev Desert, I made Frankie pull over so I cold snap this.
 It's just something you don't see everyday!

Now, I'm off to see other cool signs!
Happy (no trespassing) snapping!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Random 5...

Playing over at
 Nancy's today
I'm gonna just jump right in!

I suppose when you feed a wild, stray cat that there will be times when they just won't show up. Which is strange to me because I'm pretty sure we're Ms Kitty's only food source-unless she's honed her hunting skills. A few weeks ago she didn't show up for breakfast & we thought the worst. (coyotes & all) Well today, Ms Kitty showed up after being AWOL for 3 days. Frankie and I were sick and quite sad & thought she was done for.
We contacted a local, non profit/no kill shelter and a sweet couple came out with a trap for our girl so we can get her to the vet and hopefully into a good home.

Welcome home Ms. Kitty 
(insert happy heart)

Eight more sleeps till I fly up to see Jamie, Brian and Erik.
I hope next week flies by as fast as this week.

Speaking of Erik...
Look what my gal Diane over HERE knitted for that little man!

How ridiculously adorable is this Fedora?

Her husband, Tom, suggested the feather...Good man! I can not wait to see that little one in this hat. Oh...and maybe go visit D and encourage her to make these and sell them!
Momma's LOVE adornments for baby photo shoots!

THIS never gets old!
Woke up Thursday morning to another sale from Karen, an IG friend.
Thank you Karen!

You can find more goodies

I decided to post a random photo that never made it to my blog for one reason or another. I took this on my little field trip to Leonis Adobe and it's for

 Nancy and Tammy

Now, I don't know too much about roosters, but I'm thinking he's pretty handsome. He must have thought so too because he saw me with my camera and he strutted over to me like nobody's business! Not only was he strutting, he didn't want me to have anything to do with the hens in his coop! It was really quite comical.

That's it for me today-why not hop on over to a rural journal and see what other fun and randomness there is!

Happy (good for your soul) snapping!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weighing in on...

...the "D" word
Diet that is.
Pt. 2 of 2

Most of you know that I live a Gluten Free lifestyle...I'm not on a GF diet, but a lifestyle. It kills me when friends say they're on a diet because the minute you say "diet" you set yourself up for failure. The minute you restrict and deprive yourself of certain foods, the desire for it kicks in10 fold-I know you know what I'm talking about! We've all been there.
 I didn't know much about the Paleo diet until I read up on it after a friend of mine got vertigo, fell, hit her head & ended up in the E.R. (She's better now, thank you) Now, no one can be sure how she ended up with this condition but she started the Paleo diet and lost 7 pounds in a week. (eek)
 It was a pretty radical way for her to eat because she cut everything out she's use to from her normal eating habits. From what I read there's no dairy when you go Paleo-none, nunca, nada. Personally as woman, we need the calcium or possibly risking Osteoporosis. There are a few things I am just not willing to compromise on, coffee with my hazelnut creamer and chocolate! 
There's also nothing made from flour. THAT I totally get. I stopped eating flour products because I had headaches from the time I got up till the time I went to bed. I had bad acne breakouts, low blood sugar, I CRAVED carbs, was bloated 24/7 (ugh),  and I hit a brick wall in the afternoon that stopped me in my tracks & I'd have to take a nap. I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't eat flour products. I gave myself a week & within 3 days the headaches were gone, and slowly thereafter, everything else went away so the decision to live a GF lifestyle was a no brainer. People tell me that they could never give up bread & cookies. Well, why would you eat something if it makes you miserable? 
I'm even willing to bet in a few years, there will be reports that food manufactures are as guilty as the tobacco industry for getting Americans hooked and addicted to the processed foods that are eaten. ~MARK MY WORDS~
Now, I don't eat horrible but I decided that I could eat better. I had replaced my gluten snacks for GF snacks and therefore guilty of not eating more of what Mother Nature has given us. Does that mean I'm giving up those GF snacks? Absolutely not. It does mean that a few days a week I will replace those GF snacks with fruits, cut up veges & cheese. 
I didn't grow up with healthy snacks as a first choice to grab so I'm retraining my brain. 
I feel better already cutting out a lot of sugar. 
I believe everything in moderation is the key to keeping a healthier you inside and out.
Life is just too short to not enjoy a little of everything.

Happy ( healthy you) snapping!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's time to weigh in...

...on the "D" word
Diet that is...
pt. 1 of 2

There's been so much talk & buzz lately about Gluten Free & Paleo Diets that I felt a strong need to put my two cents in on the matter. I won't do it in one post as quite frankly, I am sometimes guilty of not having the patience to read long posts and this is a subject that is very important to me. I wanted to talk about it & friends to read it.
Before I start, let me give you a little background information as to how food, diets and what I really think of the food industry began.
 I have a very different relationship with food than I did 25+ years ago...not in a bad way-just different. Childhood issues that came to surface and a divorce threw me for a loop, out of control and into an eating disorder-(the only thing I could "control" in my life). For a long time & with a lot of guidance, I had to consciously think about my food habits until eating became a natural, normal and most importantly- an enjoyable experience.
 Fast forward to today. I live a completely different & happy life & I don't worry about what, how much or how little I eat except for wanting to be healthy.

With that out of the way, 
hope you come back for pt. 2!

Happy (healthy) snapping