Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weighing in on...

...the "D" word
Diet that is.
Pt. 2 of 2

Most of you know that I live a Gluten Free lifestyle...I'm not on a GF diet, but a lifestyle. It kills me when friends say they're on a diet because the minute you say "diet" you set yourself up for failure. The minute you restrict and deprive yourself of certain foods, the desire for it kicks in10 fold-I know you know what I'm talking about! We've all been there.
 I didn't know much about the Paleo diet until I read up on it after a friend of mine got vertigo, fell, hit her head & ended up in the E.R. (She's better now, thank you) Now, no one can be sure how she ended up with this condition but she started the Paleo diet and lost 7 pounds in a week. (eek)
 It was a pretty radical way for her to eat because she cut everything out she's use to from her normal eating habits. From what I read there's no dairy when you go Paleo-none, nunca, nada. Personally as woman, we need the calcium or possibly risking Osteoporosis. There are a few things I am just not willing to compromise on, coffee with my hazelnut creamer and chocolate! 
There's also nothing made from flour. THAT I totally get. I stopped eating flour products because I had headaches from the time I got up till the time I went to bed. I had bad acne breakouts, low blood sugar, I CRAVED carbs, was bloated 24/7 (ugh),  and I hit a brick wall in the afternoon that stopped me in my tracks & I'd have to take a nap. I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't eat flour products. I gave myself a week & within 3 days the headaches were gone, and slowly thereafter, everything else went away so the decision to live a GF lifestyle was a no brainer. People tell me that they could never give up bread & cookies. Well, why would you eat something if it makes you miserable? 
I'm even willing to bet in a few years, there will be reports that food manufactures are as guilty as the tobacco industry for getting Americans hooked and addicted to the processed foods that are eaten. ~MARK MY WORDS~
Now, I don't eat horrible but I decided that I could eat better. I had replaced my gluten snacks for GF snacks and therefore guilty of not eating more of what Mother Nature has given us. Does that mean I'm giving up those GF snacks? Absolutely not. It does mean that a few days a week I will replace those GF snacks with fruits, cut up veges & cheese. 
I didn't grow up with healthy snacks as a first choice to grab so I'm retraining my brain. 
I feel better already cutting out a lot of sugar. 
I believe everything in moderation is the key to keeping a healthier you inside and out.
Life is just too short to not enjoy a little of everything.

Happy ( healthy you) snapping!


  1. Good for you. My granddaughter is GF because of headaches, etc and she is feeling much better because of it. I am rooting for you on your "lifestyle" choice.

  2. I hate the word diet too. I am trying to change some eating habits...but it's hard! But I am really working on not eating overly processed foods...I always feel better on the days that I eat less carbs. Love what you said here...makes a lot of sense!

  3. Yes moderation is key. I love your choice of word lifestyle vs. diet. I must remember that one. We will see how I do on the cruise going GF. I can't give up dairy or all sugar, but I can make some more changes. I hate the bloated feeling all the time.

  4. "Moderation" is the magic word. I cut way back on my sugar and salt intake and I have noticed a slight difference in how I feel and I have much less bloating. Haven't given up flour though and the few gluten free things I have tried were .... well .... tasteless.
    Everyone has to do what they gotta do ..... I think it's great that this works for you. Mwah! ♥

  5. I couldn't agree with you more. We try and live a somewhat gluten free life. With two kids it's not always easy. Especially when one is an extremely picky eater. It's amazing how much better you feel when you cut all of the "white" foods. I could very easily become vegetarian. My body craves whole grains and clean food. I also try and drink a gallon of water a day. Makes a huge difference. I share that love affair of coffee. One thing I refuse to give up. Luckily it's actually good for you... along with red wine and dark chocolate. ;-)

  6. I sure am glad that bread and cookies don't make me miserable! :-)

    I so agree with you on the whole "diet" thing. It's a lifestyle change, and it is uniquely your own.

    Have a great day, Kelly!

  7. I'm glad you figured out a lifestyle that works best for you! I don't think I'm gluten intolerant, but I do feel lighter and less bloated when I don't eat as much flour. I try to go easy on the flour and sugar, but I do have a sweet tooth so it's work to keep it in check!

  8. I agree, if you put something on the do not eat list...you just want it even more. Thankfully I don't have any issue with gluten, but some fresh fruits and veggies I do and am developing some allergies because I'm so severely environmentally allergic.

  9. All good points Kelly -- I haven't been as good about my paleo regimen of late, but will say that many paleo-friendly foods are rich in calcium, such as almond milk which has 50% more calcium than regular milk. In any event, I think each person needs to determine what works best for them. There is no absolute right or wrong way. Great post and almonds are one of my favorite snacks. :)


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