Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I've been properly inducted...

...into grandmother-hood!


It took Erik all of 10 minutes, once I got my hands on that little munchkin, to inaugurate me into the blissful world of being a grandmother! I purposefully wore clothes that I didn't mind being pooped on or spit on. I was warmly reminded & taken back to a time when my own babies could do little more than eat, puke, sleep, poop, repeat.
 But in between those repeat moments, there are tender, attentive moments where
  innocent eyes search your face, and tiny ears listen to the sound of your voice that eventually evoke smiles and coos of acceptance.  To be so small & have no life experiences to trust or distrust is too big for me to even fathom. 
In those moments, bonding had begun.

I was gently reminded too, that sleeping angels have their own agendas and the best laid plans just have to wait.

I let it go.

Jamie and I think Erik is our "Gangsta of Love." 

Even though my photo plans were on hold, I was bound & determined to get at least one shot of Erik in the Fedora that my girl D knitted for him. I got a lucky left handed i-phone shot. Lucky because right after I snapped this, I was puked on and that was that!
Oh, and if by chance you need a fedora knitted in any size or color, just hop on over to Diane's and she'll hook you up...hee hee, no pun intended! 
I think I'm going to enjoy this new role of Grandmother.

Happy (it's ok if things work out differently) snapping!


  1. Oh what a little love you have there....so so sweet and mighty sportin' in that fedora!!

  2. He is a major cutie! Very sweet pictures …especially the tiny little feet!

  3. Oh, Kelly, he's lovely... and yes, a baby boy can be lovely! Happy times, Grammy. xo

  4. Oh, Kelly, he is just precious!!
    I just love that little hat too.
    Enjoy every moment.

  5. Kelly...you have the BEST photo prop here :) :) :) Love that shot of those cute little feet!

  6. Oh my goodness, what a little sweetheart! I know you are having a blast bonding with him. And that last photo is too cute. Enjoy your time with little Erik!

  7. He is so dang ADORABLE! That little face is edible!!!!
    What great shots .... :-D
    You are going to be the BEST grandmother!!!! I envy you!
    Mwah! xoxoxo
    P.S. Thanks for the fedora shout-out! :-)

  8. Maybe we can make a match and little Erik can marry Jocelyn! They're the same age =) So adorable.

  9. Yea - just like the pain of deliver quickly forgotten with that first look, gone are the memories of the puke, diapers, more puke no sooner than when they ask for the keys to the car.

    He is beautiful.

  10. Precious! Grandmother-hood is Awesome! Our newest is two-months old...Pure bliss! Enjoy your new role.

  11. He is so adorable, and that hat is just too cute!


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