Friday, March 28, 2014

Random 5...

Friday Finds...

I'm two timing today and linking up with Nancy & Kim for random fun-facts and great finds.

Saturday, Frankie and I went hiking up on Oat Mountain-found and explored an old Nike missile site back among the rolling hills of Chatsworth. I learned that this was one of 16 sites from the Cold War Era that protected the valley from a possible enemy attack. We climbed up a small hill and slipped through a hole that was cut out of the chain link fence.

 I searched for photos of the original buildings of the once bustling base, but Frankie reminded me that the sites were top secret so I wouldn't find any.



Today, it looks a bit post apocalyptic with several burnt out busses...

...and hollowed out buildings.

I find that I'm becoming increasingly interested in "Urban Art".

Some say the old base is used as a training ground for the LAPD and SWAT teams.

Bullet holes riddle everything.

The above photo is an underground bunker that would have housed a nuclear war head missile like the ones below. 

I was creeped out and didn't want to find anything...I dunno...dead? I was surprised at how many other hikers we ran into. They must like trespassing, snooping, exploring too!

My random facts this week couldn't be more random if I tried!

Strange but true-I have a 4 inch burn mark on my upper outer  thigh from my i-phone. Yup-came home from the grocery store, stuck my phone in my pocket while I grabbed my 3 shopping bags. Went to set the groceries down-felt a shock then a burning sensation. I couldn't believe what appeared when I went to see what was so painful. The phone wasn't in use, it wasn't hot & I can't think of one reason why that happened. I'm scared it will happen again.

We have a 3 day weekend! (happy dance)

Dusting and putting laundry away are my least favorite chores. Grocery shopping is my favorite.

My shoe size is 7

I'm a HUGE Survivor fan. I love everything about the game and have only missed 1 of 28 seasons. The kids and I have always told Frankie he should be on the show. He'd be so awesome to watch.

Ok my friends-I'm off to go see other great finds and Friday facts!
Happy (enjoy your weekend) snapping!


  1. Oh that is so strange about your phone, maybe a trip to the phone store to see if they can figure out why! I love all the graffiti, and I am so drawn to train car graffiti...but am always afraid I will get caught trespassing (don't have an extra 10K). As interesting as this place is, there is something a little eerie about it too.

  2. I'm a two timer too :-D I think lots of us are.

    iPhone are having issues with getting too hot... you can googel it. Mine would get so hot I couldn't touch it. I did find adjusting my setting helped a ton. Kind of scary though.

    I love graffiti... that is one thing I miss since moving back from Germany, there was some awesome graffiti in Europe. Great pictures. Visiting from R5F... and Kim's ;-)

  3. Kelly, the iPhone issue is a battery issue. When it happened to mine, they replaced my phone with no issues.

    I love these photographs, especially the buses. What a fun find!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Could have had myself a field day on that old missile site - great images from your tromp!
    [Flew in via Kim's Friday group & got a virtual "hike" out of it ... thank you ;>]

  5. You are the second person I have heard about with the cell phone burn. It was a big story around here when it happened to a high school girl. I don't mind laundry chores but have recently developed an aversion to grocery shopping.

  6. That base is so awesome. But yes I always worry about finding dead too. Still I keep exploring anyway, and will deal with it when the time comes, if it comes. Weird about the burn mark.

  7. What an awesome place to hike around. You found some fantastic stuff. Loved the gutted out buses and that Graffiti was very interesting.
    I enjoyed your random thoughts too. That is awful about getting the burn from your phone. I've never heard of such a thing. You should (Google) it to see what may have caused the burn. Well I see others have already mentioned that. Guess I should have read the comments first huh?
    I don't mind dusting because it always smells so great when using a Lemon Scented spray to dust with.
    I've never gotten into Survivor but have caught several of the Amazing Race shows.

  8. Yikes on the iphone burn -- I wonder why that happened? I must google that.
    You were courageous in my eyes to venture into the missile site. I'd be looking over my shoulder the whole time.
    Happy weekend to you Kelly! xo

  9. What a fun site to explore! And how scary about the burn. What in the world!

  10. oh my gosh, i love that place and your is very apocalyptic looking! weird about the phone burn. i think i've read where that's happened before, but maybe should google it...i don't mind grocery shopping but i hate getting my menu and list together before i go! i'm with you on the laundry putting away though. i don't mind folding it because i catch up on some shows that way, but it's the putting away part that sucks!

  11. Wow...what a cool find! Glad you didn't find any dead things either! Wonderful photos

  12. I didn't know a phone would do that. I'll be on the watch-out for that with mine. I loved seeing the pictures of that skelton of a site. Creepy.

  13. I love the find this week Kelly, so neat and yet so creepy. I lived in that era and it was a scary time although I was at an age where things like that really didn't hit home to me. Lived in CA for 38 years and never knew this. The phone omg, mine has gotten hot but not that hot. Hope you will let us know what the results are if you go to the Apple store. I would love to hear.

  14. What a great find! I would have had a field day there! :-) And I just love "urban decay" .... anything old and abandoned .... the worse the condition the better! LOL
    Ouch about the iphone burn!!! What the heck is up with that????
    My phone does get hot after a while but it has never burned me!!! Yikes!
    Mwah! xoxoxo ♥

  15. How did I miss this last Friday? Awesome area to trespass, err, I mean explore - and graffiti knows no bounds - almost makes it look like an art exhibit of post-apocalyptic proportion. You might want to google that whole iPhone burn thing - I've never heard of this happening (do you keep it in a case?) I darn near sleep with mine since it is the choice of communication for Allyson in Japan (please do not expect me to have a clue what I would do in WV if she had an urgent call from Japan - but I keep it by me in any event). Survivor fan to the max here as well. I've missed one show in its entire run and that was the evening my father passed away. CBS gave me a pass.

    now I'm off to catch up on everything else I've missed over the past few days. beginning to believe that it's not only my data that is in the cloud - but my brain as well. oof!

  16. Hi Kelly! I'm "catching up" on blogs and stuff..! Love this post! Cool place to explore and "snap away"!! Kinda eery though...! I love your random facts! Sorry about the burn, but like someone said, might be a battery issue...go get it checked out so you won't get hurt again!


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