Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's time to weigh in...

...on the "D" word
Diet that is...
pt. 1 of 2

There's been so much talk & buzz lately about Gluten Free & Paleo Diets that I felt a strong need to put my two cents in on the matter. I won't do it in one post as quite frankly, I am sometimes guilty of not having the patience to read long posts and this is a subject that is very important to me. I wanted to talk about it & friends to read it.
Before I start, let me give you a little background information as to how food, diets and what I really think of the food industry began.
 I have a very different relationship with food than I did 25+ years ago...not in a bad way-just different. Childhood issues that came to surface and a divorce threw me for a loop, out of control and into an eating disorder-(the only thing I could "control" in my life). For a long time & with a lot of guidance, I had to consciously think about my food habits until eating became a natural, normal and most importantly- an enjoyable experience.
 Fast forward to today. I live a completely different & happy life & I don't worry about what, how much or how little I eat except for wanting to be healthy.

With that out of the way, 
hope you come back for pt. 2!

Happy (healthy) snapping


  1. Oh I will be back for part 2. You have me on the edge of my seat to read more!

  2. I look forward to 'the rest of the story'. Truth be told - I am guessing the the majority of people, one way or another, has had or still has some form of eating disorder. Sadly, "healthy" is a label being too liberally applied to foods.

  3. "I don't worry about what, how much or how little I eat except for wanting to be healthy."
    Way to go, Kelly!!!
    I so agree.

  4. I'm with you ... eating "healthy" has become important as I get older ... although at times I still crave something absolutely naughty!!!!
    Can't wait for Part 2.
    Mwah! xoxoxo ♥

  5. Oh yeah, I've been on a food journey as well! I think it's just at the forefront of our minds lately since there's a lot of media coverage about diet. When I was younger, I tried to just eat fat free or low fat foods so I wouldn't gain weight. Now I try to eat to be healthy and not stress over the calories. I can't wait to hear the rest of your story!

  6. I have found that exercise is key. Happily awaiting part 2. xo


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