Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday's finds...

...and letters

Good Morning and happy Friday my friends.
 I'm playing over at Kim's cafe  today-care to join me to see other fun finds?
Before school let out I started making a list of day trips I wanted to do sprinkled throughout the summer. I crossed Descanso Gardens off that list yesterday! 
Just a short 20 minute drive out to Pasadena & you are in another world.

There were pops of color and contrast everywhere.

Then I ran across these sunny side up "fried egg" flowers! 

I showed up late in the season for all the pretty blooms...
But there's a lilac garden...A LILAC GARDEN-400 plants & 250 types of lilacs!
 I'll have to be sure and mark my calendar for next March.

 I found amazing places all over the garden to just sit, reflect, breath and take in the views.

My next field trip is Monday...
...a little cruise out to Catalina & then on down to Mexico. I'll be posting pics on IG (@kellykardos) if you want to ride along!

Dear Dad,
This Alzheimer's stinks. Getting sucked into your world is scary for me I can't imagine what it's like for you. Now, I'll admit, our conversation last night started out amusing...but when you told me you were worried I was going to be kidnapped when I come to visit you & that you'll be in the trees working to protect me with your M-14, well...things sort of went down hill from there. I learned a new phrase last night-Sundowners syndrome. I don't think I'm going to call you in the evenings anymore.

Dear summer vacation,
I love you.

Dear Mom,

I decided it was time to pick up the book we started to read together. It's been over a year-actually it's been that long since I've picked up any book to read. I had to start it again so I traded the bookmark for one that you made me. I sat in the same cozy couch corner so you'll know where to find me if you care to look over my shoulder while I read. The late afternoon sun blazes through the window and bathes me in warmth and it feels good. 

Dear Fibroid,
You suck. 

Dear Teresa,
I could not have asked for a better sister-in-law. 
You are a hoot and are down right hilarious.

Dear peeps,
Thanks for visiting today!

Happy (summer) snapping

Kim Klassen dot Com

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

App Happy...


Oh My! 
This day got so busy and is quickly running away. I had the best intentions to be here early to play over at Barb's. 
The thing about summer vacation is that at first, I have to force myself to slow down and take things as they come and be totally ok with how my day goes. (that would be today!) I got it in my head last night that since Wednesday is app day I wanted to share 2 with you, one photo related and one not. 
So let's talk game apps!
 My husband and I LOVE to play Scrabble and  WORDS BY POST has an awesome, free, and easy game that we play sometimes sitting across from each other and other times we play when Frankie's away on trips. We always have a game going. Did I mention it's free? The ads are at the bottom and quite honestly, I never even notice them. 
Sometimes Frankie will play a word that I have NO idea what it is. See the word DOGE? Yeah, I had no idea what it was. You can click on a word, a ? will appear, click again and the word is defined for you. The game will not let you submit a word if it isn't recognized-not sure under who's authority tho! You can recall your tiles at any point within your turn.
BTW-doge is the chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa. 

You can swap tiles. (hmmmmm, like what was I going to do with 3 A's?)

Your points and your opponent's points appear where the word was placed.
 ( 22 points! I got lucky on this word.)
The banner up top lets you know whos turn it is.

You can chat too!

You can "Shuffle Tiles" while they're on your letter rack. This feature helps me "see" words! You can see I'm losing! (What's new!?) You can resign on your turn...but that would mean you're a sore loser!


It let's you know when your opponent has 3 tiles left!
 And if you've won or lost!

That's always fun! (I see this a lot!)
Right away one of us hits REMATCH. It's a great way to keep your brain synapsis firing. But really, it's just fun and even though it's another sign of the times and keeps us engaged in electronics, the key word is "engaged" and it's mutual and that's what is important.

Are you still with me?!

If you follow me on IG (@kellykardos) you'll know this was my #dailyclick. 
I used PicFrame. 
Five pages of different frames styles, use of an adjustment tool within your chosen frame, FX Effects, rotate/mirror, frame shape and frame pattern options. To add text, tap on the photo for TONS of font options. There's a rotate text option, and finally, save to camera roll or other apps, and/or share to IG, Flickr, Twitter, FB and Tumblr are other options. It's VERY intuitive, fun and easy to use.

Ok, I think I'm going to head over to Barb's now. Care to see what "app-ening" with me?

"appy" snapping!!

Keeping With The Times

Friday, June 6, 2014



Dear Me,
 Let the decompression, early morning house cleaning, room by room purging, plan dinner before 
2 p.m., afternoon playtime, pool dipping, play tourist in your own state, begin! 

Dear Ms Kitty,

Us humans have a saying, it goes like this,
"Don't bite the hand that feeds you." You pissed The Mr. off last night & there is absolutely no reason that you need to hiss and swat at us anymore. Especially when you're the one that lays down to be loved on...What's up with that? You DO NOT want to go toe to toe paw to paw toe to paw with The Mr. He WILL break you of that habit. Consider yourself warned.

Dear Baby Raven,
Could you be any cuter?

Dear D,
I can't imagine what you are going through. I feel so helpless wondering how you are surviving your day, getting through simple tasks and hoping that you are not forgetting to take care of yourself. The one thing that I had a hard time getting past sitting with my mom was that my world seemed to have stopped, like I stepped off a bus and everything around me kept spinning. I was upset and more than a little jealous that everyone else got to go on with their lives. Everything in their world was normal while everything in mine was everything but normal. I'm pretty sure this is normal. I will continue to check in on you everyday. I won't forget about you and the burden you are carrying on your shoulders. 
I'm sending hugs through the universe sis.

Dear Kim Klassen,
Thanks to you I dry all my flowers now :-)
Thank you for your imagination and constant inspiration!

Dear California Chrome,
I'm not into horse racing-But I am hoping you win the Triple Crown tomorrow! There is such excitement in the air for you and your humble beginnings. 
Good Luck

Happy (summer lovin') snapping!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The fledglings...

...and Texture Tuesday Nature e-dition

It has happened every year for the past 4 years.
Frankie and I look forward to it every spring wondering if the fledgelings from the previous year will return and continue the tradition of bringing their own "babies" to our backyard oasis where there's an endless supply of stale bread and leftover meats and fats. 
The signs were there that Mama Raven had her little ones as we see her & her mate so sparingly.
I got the text yesterday.
Mama Raven had come to introduce not 1, not 2, not even 3...but 4 fledglings! Like any new and proud parent (or total nature nerd) shared the news with co-workers and any one else that would listen! 

So, the early a.m. feedings begin! 
Seriously, these babies have very unique and unmistakable squeaks and squawks and announced themselves at 5 a.m. And just like a new mommy that runs to her baby because of hunger, I ran downstairs to gather the leftovers-all the while the babies sit form their perch and wait for me to put food in their feeder. I slip back into the house, return to my seat at the kitchen table and watch with wonder and humility that I get to witness another year of one of Mother Nature's most glorious gift. 

Sharing over at Kim's Cafe


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"App" Happy...


What's app-ening friends? 
Ohhhh...c'mon, you know I couldn't be the only one thinking that!

I'm playing over at Barb's today and have a unique app to share with you. I'm not even sure what made me want it, but I paid the $2.99 and I am really having a lot of fun with it.  
It's called PERCOLATOR and you can read about it HERE.

photo taken with Hipstamatic camera with Jane lens attached & Ina's 82 film.

It works on algorithms...
I can pretend I know how that works on your photos, but who am I kidding!?

One cool fact about this app is that all the tuning details speak my language...COFFEE!
You have control over the "grind" Big & coarse to extra fine and tiny circles. You can choose the "brew" to include rings, overprint, treble, & stars just to name a few. You can then "serve" it up black, light and sweet or with soy. Tones and textures include Cross-Perc, Saccharin, Aspartame & Steepia-to name a few. 
Then you can choose a texture like a paper cup, napkin, or coffee filter or any one of the 8 textures I didn't mention. 

 The applications don't work for every photo. I've been spending a lot of time working the different filters w/different photos. There is a bit of a learning curve (or maybe it's just me) at what enhances the photo so it's not a forced look. That's because you don't have control where the circles "percolate"and
I'm pretty sure that's where the algorithms come in!

Bright colors & the right amount of negative space work best. Although, 
I'm playing with black & white photos with interesting results.

You can google IMAGES for the Percolator app & it can help you decide if you need one more editing app in your arsenal! 
Why not follow me over to Keeping with the Times to see what's "brewing" over there!
ok...that was bad!

Happy (app) snapping!

Keeping With The Times

Monday, May 19, 2014

Life as a Motherless...


Mother's Day has come and gone.
 It was the one day I'd been dreading since my Mother's passing-Oct. 29, 2013. First, the commercials started-torture to listen to. The ads for gifts and flowers weren't any better. The week prior, I was a mess. I really just wanted to quietly slip into bed & sleep the day away. Frankie had a much better idea. He hosted a family BBQ complete with Mimosa's & plenty of chocolate to eat. He worked so hard that  I begged him to let me help clean up because I was starting to feel guilty...just like a mom huh? 
I survived my 1st "Motherless Day". 
I know personally since losing my mom, I have a sense of wanting to isolate myself more. I also have a sharp awareness of my own mortality. I'm sure this is all very normal & I fight back those feelings by living in the present as I learn to live comfortably without my mom. 

A week later, the lanterns that adorned the ceiling are still up...
They make me happy.

 He doesn't always show it, but Austin knows the affinity I have for butterflies and was so excited about the gift he found for me.
Chinese proverb on the cup reads: "Ethereal butterflies thrive in a world that flourishes".

He also picked out a delicious Acai blueberry white tea that's delicious iced.

Today seems only perfect that Stasha over at The Good Life 

10 Things You Want To Say To Your Mom:

1. I'm sorry your last year of life was hell.
2. I'm sorry you felt you had to go through it all alone.
3. We are our mother's daughter, but sometimes that's not good enough & things should be done differently. 
4. I know you loved us-
5. I'm slowly accepting the mom you were and not the mom I wished you were.
6. I miss our book club. I cherish the books we read together.
7. I found out how strong I am being in the presence of your death.
8. I was glad I was holding your hand.
9. I don't regret hearing your last breath.
10. I love and miss you every day.

Today my very talented friends,
Roban over at Moments in Time
are continuing with the virtual blog tour. Please stop by and visit a new blog today!

You can read about me HERE

Happy (blog hopping) snapping

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"App" happy...


I'm late for the party but I'm here! 
 Barb over at Keeping With the Times is hosting a play date if you care to join in on the fun. Show a photo or two...(or more) using your favorite app- maybe do a mini tutorial-& share it with others by linking up & see what other phone photographers are up to.

I'm short on time this week so I kept it simple today by using the Hipstamatic camera app. 
The great thing about this real time camera is all the lenses and film can be interchangeable to achieve your desired effect. 

I happen to be crazy about overblown, noisy and light leak-y photos.

I used Hipstamatic with Ina's 1935 film and the Bettie XL lens. With this film/lens set up you can take multiple shots of the same set up and you'll get different blown out sections, light leaks, and noise levels  in each shot. If you don't have Hipstamatic, and have been thinking about purchasing it, please let me know in the comment section and next week I'll post shots taken with different film and lens options to help you decide if this app is right for you and something you're interested in purchasing.
I do not get paid in way, shape or form from Hipstamatic! I just happen to think they put out a pretty fun product.
Ina's 1935 film/Bettie XL lens
Light conditions make a difference too.  The daisy is the only shot taken out side and there is a very noticeable difference in the level of light leaks and even the tones. 

Ok, I'm gonna swing by Barb's now and see what "app"ining over there!
hee hee

Happy (app) snapping!

Keeping With The Times