Thursday, February 11, 2016

Little Things...


Thanks to Group-on, I discovered The Wildlife Learning Center. A sweet little place that rescues wildlife and provides outreach and onsite education.

 I've lived here for umpteen years and never knew about it. The facility sits in a zoned neighborhood for animals and has a jungle like atmosphere. On my first visit, I was told of small private animal experiences, one of which allows a small group of people to get up close and personal with the animals to photograph them as well as learn a little animal biology.

Every animal has a story. Some were illegal pets, confiscated and deemed non-releasable so the WLC becomes their home.

Dr. Peepers was just an infant when his mother rejected him in all the chaos of Hurricane Katrina.
 He came to the WLC and was taken care of by one handler that took care of him like any new mother would.
The great thing about the WLC is they never take in an animal unless they can stay forever.

Sweet Cheeks, a Red Tagu was my favorite. I had a hard time choosing a photo of him as I was sifting through all the shots I took of him. 
I think this is an amazing little find that does such a fantastic job of animal rescue.

Happy (animal) snapping!

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Little things...


I know it's only February 4th, 
but Mother Nature is teasing us with some beautiful spring-like weather this week.

The mornings are chilly and certainly sweater worthy~
While the afternoon sun kisses your skin for a bit before
Night falls; bringing forth its bite. 

It won't be long before Mother Nature starts revealing what she has in store for us.

I for one, wait impatiently for her splendor.

Happy (spring) snapping

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Spilling truths...

...on horoscopes

You either love 'em or can totally live without them. I personally read mine for fun. It's right there...  printed in between my daily Sudoku and crossword puzzle. 
So tell me, you've just read your forecast. 
Do you...
A. Scoff and dismiss it if it's doom and gloom & secretly hope nothing comes of it?
B.  File it away if its positive, go about your day, and get excited at that AHA moment when you realize that an astrologist correctly read your birth chart?
C. Both A and B
D. It's all rubbish-so therefore don't read it.

You see, there was that one day in 8th grade I read my horoscope before catching the school bus.
"Unexpected rewards come your way today."
I won an award that day. Something I was not expecting. As I was walking to receive my plaque, all I could think about was my horoscope that day. What were the odds? 
I've been amused ever since.
I'm easily amused!

Happy (fortune) snapping!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Goodbye January...

...hello February

I have to say January was full of inspiration-
-sweet baby faces, new word, birthday flowers, monarch beauties, family togetherness, and beautiful light that made for really pretty photos.

Enter February....
...already with it's challenges and curveballs thrown bombshells dropped. Tears have been shed (mine). There's gonna be more tears, (mine again) and parental decisions I absolutely am not ready to make. 
I know I can & will get through this
 as past experiences in VERY unfamiliar territory has proven that. 

But, like the photo above, February is dark around the edges but there is ALWAYS light.

Thank goodness for the light.
I plan on being VERY present for all this month has to bring.
Happy (finding the light) snapping.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Little Things...


*The friend that gave me these birthday tulips was sad when she saw how droopy they were in some photos I had shared with her. 

 I had to reassure her that droopy tulips make for very expressive photos. I don't think she believed me but she saw how happy I was and that was good enough for her.

*It makes me more than a little giddy that it's slowly starting to stay lighter longer.

Is it too early to think about spring?

Spring is Whispering.

I think not.

Happy (tulip) snapping!

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Spilling truths and...

...saying yes

When I chose "Mindful" as my word this year it was with full intention to help boost my creative side by changing how I think...along with improving self awareness in the here and now. The world is changing & I feel like I'm being sucked in and jaded by the ugly side~quick to judge and even quicker tempered. That's not me and certainly not how I want to live. So now, everyday, I practice the art of slowing down and really surveying what's around me, reminding myself that I can only control myself and how I react. 
You and I know there's beauty out there for the taking. We see it everyday in the photography and art from the people we follow on social media.

The "in-betweens"
I tend to be a homebody, safe from the pitfalls of what's going on outside my walls. All the while, swooning over abandoned buildings, barns and the little nooks and crannies of other people's world, wishing I was the one taking those photos. Funny thing about that, Can't Shoot It Sitting At Home!
So, last Sunday when The Mr. asked if I'd be interested in driving up to Vandenberg AFB to watch Space X launch a rocket, he barely had to finish his sentence when I blurted out "YES". Even though it was a 2 Hr. drive and me...not a fan of road trips. Gimme an airplane to get from point A to point B anytime. Problem is, you miss a whole lotta in-betweens!

I was a happy mama when our youngest, Austin, wanted to go with us. College, a girl friend and social activities keep him pretty busy so it's rarely just the 3 of us. We found a great place to eat breakfast in Lompoc. It was buzzing with chatter & full of locals and visitors alike.
Bellies full, we drove down the street, parked our car and started walking to find the best vantage point. I was thrilled to see hundreds upon hundreds of cars and other space enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the fog never lifted to see the launch...but it put on a sound show for us.

The Mr didn't understand my fascination with this old out building.

It's something only a person that loves old, dilapidated ruins could understand.

It was the perfect day trip.
 I loved it SO much I googled the half way point between my daughter and I. Her coming from the North~me coming from the South. We get to meet in one of my favorite places, San Luis Obispo. I've been waiting for an opportunity to try Groupon getaways and after a quick search, found a great hotel for a great price by Morro Bay. 
The end of February can't come fast enough!

Happy (traveling) snapping!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Little Things...


I tried everything within my power to try and get the last Monarch to emerge on my birthday-but he wasn't having any of it...
...As a firm believer of "things happen for a reason"~ what could have been a dismal ending for this little guy ended up being "go out with a bang" kind of story. 
The kind of ending I'd rather witness & be present for than a self proclaimed birthday present and miss it kind of ending.

I got home from work Friday literally just in time to grab my phone & big girl camera after I took the silk plant I attached the chrysalis to out in the sun. ( that story here )
There is a specific way the chrysalis splits for a butterfly to emerge. It started out ok from the photo above. The butterfly pushes that front part out with its legs, grabs hold of something for dear life then the abdomen and wings follow.
 This all should happen in a blink of an eye. 

So, his front part came out and as the back of the chrysalis was splitting, his wings were stuck to the shell & his abdomen wasn't pushing through. It was a frantic moment for him trying to grab a hold of something and me crying out for my husband to grab a pair of tweezers. As I was waiting for those tweezers, I nervously but purposefully gently peeled the shell off his wings with my thumb nails. And just like that, it was over, he was out and I moved him to a sunny spot on a real tree so he could finish filling out.

As the sun set and the warmth of sun fading, I decided to bring him in for the night. I placed him on an orchid and set them both in a quiet part of the house until the sun came out the next afternoon. 
We hung out for a long time...

... I had a hard time letting this one go.

He seemed to comfortable and trusting of me handling him.
But the time had come. I placed him on a branch to finish drying out his wings...

...and I simply walked away.
Ok-I peeked through my kitchen window once or twice...ok...3 times. The forth time he wasn't there.

Happy (Monarch) snapping!

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