Friday, January 24, 2014

Random 5 (or more)...


I know I keep saying this but I ALWAYS look forward to playing over at
 It's the one meme that I can actually stick to & I thoroughly enjoy visiting other bloggers to read their beautiful randomness. I just get it! 
You know...
 I was still on my Paris cloud 9 when my 1st grandson, Erik, was born. My feet have not hit the floor since Dec. 30th. I shared a photo like this over on IG stating:
"For everything last year wasn't, this year is."

(happy sigh)

I promised to share Paris a little bit at a time so let me take you to the Louvre.

I googled how long would it take to see everything in the Louvre. This was Wiki's answer:
"It is estimated that if you looked at every piece of art in the Louvre for 30 seconds without ANY breaks, it would take you 100 days to see it all."

There you have it.
...we made a B-line straight for the Mona Lisa!

The angle is off because half of France was making the same B-line as us and you're being squeezed & kinda pushed trying to be on the honor system at 1st come 1st serve and please wait your turn! (Ok I went off on some woman next to me who didn't understand this!)
Hey, I paid for my museum ticket just like everybody else!

Mona Lisa sits behind glass and I decided to keep the little green laser light on the frame. 

I snapped this with my i-phone just after I made my way to the front of the line & safely back out again. This is maybe 30 minutes after the Louvre opened.
I do not do well in crowds.

I took this under the glass pyramid.
Just the detail on the building itself is art.

I like how Frankie snuck in more "proof" I was in Paris!

Don't I look "professional?" (snort)

So, Frankie's all time favorite food is crab legs & his birthday is Sunday. I joked with him that I'd take HIM to Paris but Paris on the in Las Vegas Paris cheap to go eat crab legs. No joke, we're going to Vegas Saturday! Sadly, the Paris hotel didn't have any rooms so I'll just have to go visit on our way to the seafood buffet!

Currently my favorite salad dressing is Chipotle Ranch by Marie's. 

My son, Justin, is 29 today.
 I miss him terribly.
 He's currently stationed at Kunsan in S. Korea.
 I snapped this a few summers ago when he returned from Kuwait.

Last but certainly not least, here's one more photo of our new little man, Erik,

That'll do it for me this week my friends. I'm slowly making my way to your blogs.

Happy(on the road again) snapping!


  1. I am totally surprised that cameras are allowed in the Louvre. A few years ago my cousin and her sister did a European jaunt. She told me that the Mona Lisa is a small painting. But it has a BIG reputation, right?
    I enjoyed the Paris photos; please continue posting them.

  2. You're new year is kicking off with a bang! You deserve all the happiness and joy that comes your way my friend. Have a great weekend.

  3. Love your shots of the Louvre! It is a very fascinating place isn't it. Paris is a place that I totally love. So much to see and do. The first time I went there, I was just there overnight and knew as soon as I arrived I would be coming back. Will pray for your son's safety, and hope that he is going to be home soon. Love that new baby!

  4. I love your quote - it truly sums it up for you so well. Happy Birthday to your handsome son, Happy Birthday to Frankie, and wishing your joyful hugs and kisses on that adorable little bundle of joy, Erik. I remember going to see the Mona Lisa when I was in high school, don't remember it being that hectic (but I was a kid and oblivious to stuff like that). Fantastic shots of the exterior through the glass structure.

  5. Great shots, love paris and the Louvre. Was quite surprised too the small size of the Mona Lisa painting when I visited the Louvre. Bless your two handsome young men.

  6. Oh gosh where to start....this year IS turning out so much better than last for you (XO), I love the glass pyramid pics, and you and I have yet another thing in common...I DON'T do well in crowds either. I had to tell one photographer (with his three cameras), well tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to get out of my way. I had been standing in the same place waiting for an hour and he just walked up and stood in front of me...not gonna happen! ;) His excuse...he was getting paid for it...and I care because?

    What a handsome son you have Kelly, and Erik...ahhh I can smell the baby smell from here.

  7. Just ... wow! Great start to your new year. xo

  8. Love all of these! Crazy about the Mona Lisa right? I vaguely remember seeing it…but do remember the crazy crowds! I don't like crowds either. Also…not sure you are a member of Costco…but their crab legs!!!! Holy cow you cannot find better unless you get them straight off the fishing boat in Alaska…just saying! If you're not a member…it might be worth joining just for that and the cheap gas! Have a great weekend in Vegas…don't do anything I would do…LOL!

  9. Paris is so beautiful! I love seeing bits of it through your photos. I'm so glad your new year is turning out to be great. You definitely deserve it after last year. I wish I could give that sweet little Erik a squeeze. He is so cute!

  10. Oh, my! Look at that grandbaby!! Beautiful! And I'm loving your photos of Paris, since we're planning a trip for 2015. I may get some pointers from you.

  11. not really a fan of the mona lisa but I can guess why people fuss over it to take a photo. love the paris photos.

    have a great day.

  12. What a start to a new your shots of your Paris trip....So much to see there, I think I could go once a year and not get tired of it....Your grandson is beautiful and Happy Birthday to your handsome son....

  13. wow, what a great post. i think seeing the Mona Lisa would be a wonderful experience. can't wait to check it off my must do list. i can't wait to travel overseas. ( :

  14. Awesome post, Sis!
    Happy Birthday to Justin and Frankie!
    Such a handsome man your son!
    Have a great time in Vegas .... pig out! LOL
    That Paris shot is awesome and of course Mr. Erik is just a swoon machine!!!! :-)
    **hugs** mwah!

  15. Isn't Mona Lisa so much smaller than you expect? Or maybe it is all the people that are constantly there. We went there first too when we went. Have a great time in Vegas. Be sure to snap some photos of Frankie to have proof that he was there :)

  16. Visiting via Nancy and, please, tell your son, "Thank you for serving." My nephew went from Air Force to Reserves and seems like we've always had a man in the military. They deserve better than what they're getting but don't we all?
    Thoroughly enjoyed your Paris photos; Dave and I were headed to Paris...less than 2 weeks when he dropped dead of a heart attack. I'm still going, eventually.

  17. Adorable grandson and very handsome son..may he be safe where he is at. How much longer will he be there? I am so thankful there are guys like him.

  18. Oh Happy Birthday to your son he is very handsome, I am sure you miss him terribly.. Your grandson is adorable. Paris is well Paris beautiful and Mona Lisa is my first choice too. B

  19. Congrats on the new grandson! He is a cutie. Your travels look amazing and I would love to see the Louvre...however only if there was room to move. Paris looks amazing!

  20. Wow! Paris..hopefully I get to go one day. Thanks for sharing photos of your family.


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