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I don't know what it is, but I love my birthday. No gifts or even an acknowledgement is necessary...Ok, yes it is nice to be remembered but it's not required. I just always feel good that I wake up to live another day, month, and year. This is a pretty big one too.  I am welcoming 50 with open arms. Ok...the AARP card was obviously a mistake, but I had a good laugh anyhow! I'm grateful YOU all come and share in my life here in my little corner of the web. I have so much to celebrate this year that I'm just going to pay it forward. I thought what better way to celebrate a half of century, than with 
50 Acts of Random Kindness
I've watched fun u-tube videos and have written my own random acts to celebrate:

Give 5 lottery tickets to strangers, 10-post it notes with positive messages taped to public bathroom mirrors, 5 volunteer days, leave 5-$1.00 bills on vending machines with "Snack on me" note, tape quarters on gumball/candy machines, 5-YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL-YES YOU cards, leave in women's dressing room, 1-donate towels and blankets to pet organization, 1-buy elderly couple dessert, 1-place chalk on sidewalk, 1-buy coloring book and crayons & leave for person behind me, 1-donate blood
 (I'm O-)
1-bake cookies and take to local fire dept., 2-"TAKE WHAT YOU NEED" tabs, 1-leave flowers in the unhappy neighbor lady's mailbox, 1-leave book in public place, 1-let someone go ahead of me in line, 1-tape change to pay phone (if I can find one) 1- pay for coffee for person behind me. 
1 CONTEST..3 little gifts to 3 followers!

I found all kinds of fun printables to cut out & attach to the goodies I'll giving away throughout the rest of the month. By the way RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS is the week of Feb. 10-16th. Can you imagine our world if one person did just 1 random act of kindness? Are you IN?

I've put together 3 little tokens of my appreciation for 3 random readers. All you need to do is leave me comment and tell me your thoughts on celebrating YOU and your birthday. I'll pick a winner Sat. and announce the winner Sun. Jan. 19th.

Gift 1:
A sweet 5x5 photo with one of my favorite Kim Klassen texture's...
...suitable for framing.

Gift 2:
A set of 5 postcards with a sneak peek at a few I'll be sending in as part of LIBERATE YOUR ART over at Kat's. 
Interested? Go check it out. It's amazing how this project has grown in the past few years.
  MOO  does AMAZING cards. 

Gift 3:
A set of one a kind homemade gift tags that I'll be selling in my ETSY store. 

Phew....Let's get the party started!
Happy (birthday to me) snapping!


  1. Happy Birthday! Your ideas are fabulous. I have intentions of doing things like this but then I chicken out. Since my word is courageous this year, I guess I should step up to the plate and do some random acts of kindness. My birthday isn't until June so I have some time to plan.

  2. A very Happy Birthday to you, Kelly, and I love your random acts of kindness. Surely the recipients will too.
    I actually like growing older.
    Each year is just one more year of experiences and knowledge.
    Enjoy your day!!!

  3. Happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday to you my sweet dear friend! Yes random acts of kindness are quite fun and I love your printables to hand out with them. I love when the person in front of me pays for my coffee - first time that happened to me I was so surprised! When I turned 50 I had these thoughts...like being thirty with twenty extra years of wisdom, understanding, spirituality and an ever growing comprehension of how big this life really is. I find myself wanting to move in the world with a greater sense of urgency as time whispers louder, that age doesn't own or define me, it only marks how long I've been here.

    Cheers to a beautiful you and a wonderful birthday day!! love ya, Kim

  4. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear fellow-cyber-space-internet-photographylovin-gal pal, Happy Birthday to you. Your generosity knows no boundaries. I love the RAK idea and hope that in some small way I have encouraged that in both my children (granted, I've not always been the best example - but the older I get the harder I try). My birthday falls later this summer, one week from my anniversary (didn't exactly think that one through when picking a wedding day). It is the month I send my baby off to start his college life and my daughter off to complete hers, so my head and heart will be elsewhere. I was raised by someone who acknowledged birthdays, she just didn't get worked-up about them; whereas my husband's mom believes it should be celebrated loud and proud each and every year. I fall somewhere in between - except when it involves my children (loud and proud each and every year) --- I probably owe that to myself as well.

    Anyhoo - Have a SPECTACULAR DAY and celebrate the heck out of it.

  5. oh, happiest of birthdays to you, kelly!!! i love your dear heart and your plan for 50 random acts of kindness. so very awesome.

  6. What an awesome giveaway! I have to say, I absolutely LOOOOVE my birthday. I feel like it's the one day out of the year that is all mine and everyone has to be nice to me and do whatever I want! Haha. I'm not one for attention, but I do enjoy the extra attention and love I get on my birthday. I have a big one coming up next month - 30! The closer I get to it the better I feel. I was freaking out about leaving my twenties, but now I am good with it and feel like I have grown so much in the last decade and I am ready to leave it behind. I am enjoying getting older because I feel like you gain so much wisdom with life experience. I can only imagine how wise I'll be in the future haha :)

  7. ♫ Happy Birthday ♪ to the sweetest Sister ever!!!!
    I'm just lovin' your RAK idea .... wish I had thought of that. Gives me food for thought for my birthday ... in December! LOL
    You are a very special person in my life .... ♥

  8. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Kelly. Love all your random act ideas. I too will be celebrating a milestone birthday this June...I'll be turning 60. Can hardly believe it. The time moves so quickly and this lifetime continues to be an intriguing journey. Such a precious gift.

  9. A very Happy Birthday to you ! I celebrated my half a century in Paris as well…with all my children and lots of laughter, red wine ,cheese and we even had sunshine!
    I love your random act of kindness, I try to pay compliments to elderly women on a daily base ( ok almost daily) and the reactions are very often humbling. Just some kind words can make another persons day. Wishing you wonderful and unforgettable day!

  10. Happy Birthday my dear!!! Love all the random acts…so wonderful and heartfelt. We need more of this in our world…so thank you! xoxo

  11. Happy Birthday Kelly! I adore your random acts of kindness project...very inspiring! I love my birthdays too...even though gifts are a bounty on my birthdays anymore, I still feel like a little kid.....all "giddy" inside from the moment I wake up...!

  12. Kelly, I adore your idea and will try and come up with something equally as nice when I turn 60 in November. I love those things you've chosen to do and certainly something we could all do. I think we need to be more like you - I know last year was a very trying year and the fact that you can still wake up and celebrate a new day is a great example. Big hugs to a super nice lady!

  13. I celebrate you. And your big ol generous heart.

  14. My birthday is next Wednesday ! I am hosting a workshop to celebrate my own creativity and ability to teach and share with other women. Xoxo


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