Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This, that and...

... the other

I'm mad at AOL right now. I sent a few iphone pics to myself to edit so I can play over at 
but AOL has decided to be all wonky and that darn 404 message keeps popping up. So maybe by the time I finish this post, I'll have gotten to my mail and can go about my evening.


I won a promo code for the soon to be released phone app Painted Camera from a blogger friend,
I am really having a lot of fun with it & there's just something about this app that is making my head spin with possibilities. I've been thinking & thinking about what I could make & sell on my Etsy (slowly making progress) store that's a little different that someone would actually consider buying. Then, it hits me...like a big ole lighting bolt. I thought of something that I am really excited about. But I don't want to spoil the surprise so will you stay tuned?

~the Other~ 
I'm waiting to post about our Vegas trip for Random 5 Friday over at Nancy's.

I LOVE the folks I work with. One of the aides at school is always baking and bringing really delicious but not so gluten free friendly goodies to school. She always feels bad that I can't eat it. (my choice) Today however, was a little different story. She hands me a baggie with M&M cookies and before I can get a word out, she blurts, "They're gluten free!" She proceeded to tell me the ingredients as I quickly chomped into one. OMG! They were amazing! Now, they WERE made with regular oats, which I have a problem with. So I ate half a cookie to see how I felt. No problems, BUT...I have GF oats that would be SO easy to substitute. Now I have those sinful Earl Grey Truffles AND these M&M cookies to make and post for you guys...with the recipes! 

Thanks AOL
i-phone photo cleaned up in Elements & used with Kim's "Paper Script II"
I also wanted to thank everyone who stopped in at the GYB party and left me such enthusiastic comments. The response was way better than I expected...and I really didn't have any expectations so it was all the more fun! Many of you asked about my "follow" button. I'm having a heck of time adding it. E-blogger has decided to do away with the old version and I'm not happy with the new version. So until I get it all sorted & figured out, I hope you'll consider subscribing by email for now. 
No pressure though.

Ok my friends, I need to go and do a few before bed.
Happy (this and that) Snapping!


  1. Lovely images created with Painted Camera and also love the final image - gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for your Etsy shop. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. And as usual, they don't have it for Android! Those are just so darn cool Kelly!

  3. oh…I can't wait for the surprise! And excited for Random Friday to see and hear about Vegas. That last shot is to die for! Excited to see the cookies as well.

  4. I love your lavender image, the typewriter and texture look wonderful. I am going to have to look into the Painted Camera app, looks like fun.

  5. Absolutely love that first piece of art and as always, the lavender - ohhh!

  6. So jealous of you having Painted Camera already! I'm holding my breath waiting for it to come out. Love all of your images! Have you ever used Dropbox? I have the app on my phone and on my computer and every time I open it on my phone, everything I have shot since the last time is uploaded into Dropbox. Then I can open them on my computer as well and the reverse is true. If you haven't tried it, you might want to look into it. No more emailing images!

    1. Oh, I forgot to say that I follow your blog, and all of the other blogs I like to read, on Bloglovin. Every morning I get an email from them with the latest posts on the blogs I follow. Easy peasy!

  7. hi kelly!
    wowza, those first images are so incredible...like impressionistic paintings! that looks like a lot of fun to create.

  8. Woot-woot to you for winning that app .... can I be honest? I'm having a love/hate relationship with it .... but that's just me.
    Can't wait to see your Vegas pics ....
    I've been wanting to try going Gluten Free and making stuff .... the ingredients are hard to find and so dang expensive!
    Good for you for sticking with it.
    See ya at Random 5 Friday ... Mwah! ♥

  9. I love the painted effect on those first few photos! How neat! I hope you are able to do something with them on Etsy. Waiting to see what you do with that :) How nice of your co-worker to make gluten free cookies so you could enjoy as well! I'm glad the oats didn't make you feel bad.

  10. I'm sure that whatever you do in your Etsy shop will be a huge success. These 'painted' photos are so pretty. I'm sure they're fun to create, too.

  11. That's a really lovely painted effect on your photos, Kelly !
    And I so love the photo with the lavender ... wonderful tones !
    Nice week,

  12. Glorious photos I love the last one in particular I love typewriters....

  13. That is a fun iphone app -- I love the results!

  14. love all the images Kelly! I'll most definitely get that app!! I did find, and for free, "Oil Painting Booth". ... LOVE it!! makes my pics look like oil paintings... softens them. So cool! Have a great weekend Kelly! See you around in IG world! Karenmarie63


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