Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Paris in...

...the winter

Quite frankly, I'd take Paris in any season...well maybe not in the summer...but Spring? 
Oh my yes!
Parisians DO NOT let rain interfere with their daily lives. In fact, I think I counted 22 umbrellas being used in the 4 days we were there! Ok, I didn't  REALLY count the umbrellas, but you get the idea that rain is a non issue. If it's a non-issue for the folks in Paris, well, then...when in Rome... Oh...wait...When in as the Parisans.

I'm still on a Paris cloud. 
We took an early flt. to Seattle Dec. 30th. The flight to Paris didn't leave until 5 that night so we rented a car and drove here:

Seriously cool place...
...and the food?

Ate the best fresh, grilled salmon right here!

I actually can't wait to go back and visit Seattle.

Fast forward to Paris...
New Years Eve...

 Paris is divided into 5 zones for use in pricing public transportation passes-
 Bought a 5 day unlimited pass for all 5 zones.
Euros well spent.
 Metro de Paris

While in Paris, you need two maps:
One for the Metro lines...
(which maps are everywhere)

...and a street map of the city.

DO NOT and I repeat...DO NOT walk around the city without this one! 
If you saw all the side streets that aren't printed on the map~you'll totally get why you need it! 

We stayed in the Latin Quarters on Rue Du R. Jean Colly

When I think of Paris...

...THIS is what I think of.
 Snapped this with my i-phone coming up the Metro stairs & getting my first look at the city.

If I had 1000 pictures of the Eiffel Tower... wouldn't be enough.

I'm not kidding!


Frankie and I always get into this dispute, discussion when we travel that I never like to have my photo taken. When we're dead and gone (in 100 years from now) we'll have these photos of the amazing places we've visited, but no proof that we were actually there.

Proof I was in Paris!

Oh and by the way...Paris water is NOT condusive for good hair days...
Just sayin'

Update on Jamie:
She was sent to L&D yesterday to be monitored. She's 80% effaced & 3.5 cm dilated but was sent home. I'm packed and ready to go in a moments notice!

Happy (Paris dreaming) snapping!


  1. *Swoon* for sure!
    What awesome pics, Sis!!!! I can see why you are in love with Paris. Did you know that about 95% of my ancestors come from France and a good chunk from Paris, France? Yup!
    Anyhoo......lovin' these pics and can't wait to see more and more and more!!!!
    And ... dang! ... you must be on pins and needles about Jamie!!! Erik is on his way!!!!! Eeeeeee!
    mwah .... xoxoxoxo ..... *hugs* ♥

  2. Forgot to say .... 1) You are adorable! and 2) I love your new blog header!

  3. Wonderful photographs, Kelly.
    I especially love the ones of the Eiffel Tower.
    How exciting to have a new little one on his way!

  4. Love seeing Paris through your eyes. Cannot wait to get the opportunity to see it for myself. I agree that you just can't have enough pictures of the Eiffel Tower. :-)

    Good luck to your daughter. You must be so excited to be with her and your new grandchild. Best of luck!!!

  5. I almost feel like I was there, Kelly, after looking at your gorgeous photos. The one of the carousel with the Eiffel Tower behind it is my absolutely most favorite. Love it, adore it! I know you're way beyond excited for that baby to get here. Best wishes to your daughter. I can't wait to hear the news!

  6. hair always looks horrible when I'm in Paris! Never even thought it was the water...DUH! I need to go back and check out the theory :). And honestly, isn't the Eiffel tower just mesmerizing! You just can't appreciate the grandeur until you experience it in person!

  7. Oh sigh...those Eiffel Tower shots are just amazing. Praying that all goes well with your new "grand"!!

  8. Definitely so much better with a picture of you to prove you were there. My daughter and I were there in July of 2007, and the weather was rainy and cold. For the 10 days we were in Europe I think I have my fleece on in almost every picture of me. Loved getting around on the Metro.

  9. Such beautiful photos!! Just started following your blog - looking forward to seeing more :)

  10. The Eiffel tower at night is just amazing! All your photos are fabulous as I knew they'd be :) I bet it was a good idea to have that map while checking out the city. Looks like it could be confusing with all the side streets! So when are you going back? :)

  11. These are wonderful pictures and I think you look just perfect - and lets be honest, the only one you need to impress with a good hair day took you to Paris (I think he's impressed).


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