Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From seed... butterfly

"Whisper a wish to a butterfly and it will fly up to heaven and make it come true"

I have to share this amazing birthday gift I received from my blogging buddy & sister of the heart 

I thought I lucked out just with the box with that beautiful quote above attached to the lid! The word 
w i s h
in a great typewriter font has been placed carefully on the inside of the lid.
Then I caught sight of my newest prized possession nestled and tucked inside.

A single milkweed seed with it's "fluff" attached inside this adorable butterfly charmed, corked bottle.

I sent Diane a batch of milkweed seeds about a year ago & I'm touched beyond words that she understands how important raising monarchs was in my life. Now I can wear and hold palpable proof everyday, not only for the love I have of monarchs
but also the
love from a sister of the heart.
I have a grateful heart Diane.
Thank you

Happy (find your treasure) snapping!


  1. Pretty darn cool! Today, I sawed out two butterflies out of copper...not exactly sure what or how I will use them, but I see a story forming!

  2. Lovely blog, I always like your butterflies!

  3. You're welcome! ♥
    Awesome shot. I am so very happy that you are enjoying it.
    Mwah! **hugs**

  4. That is a beautiful gift! What a thoughtful friend :) I love how you shot this - nice photo!

  5. What a wonderful gift. Something to treasure forever.

  6. That is so sweet - and super neat. Very pretty and extra special.

  7. What a wonderful gift, and a very thoughtful friend!

  8. This is why I love the blogging world...such a thoughtful gift!


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