Friday, August 9, 2013


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 and randomness

Dear Frankie,
I came home to find this... fixed my typewriter and left me love note! (swoon)
I love us
 Sharing over at Kim's

Now that it's over with & you answered my 100 (maybe more) questions...

...I put my fears aside and really had fun sitting in the cockpit with the rotors spinning over 500 miles an hour!
I'm glad I could help you out as your tweaked the parts that needed tweaking!
 It gave me time to think & really get a sense of what you love about building and flying these machines.
Of course my 101st question should have been "Where's the kill switch?"

But I trust you 100% and if say she's not gonna take off...than that's that!

This helmet is beloved!

(just so you know, Frankie started the ship & is finding her "sweet spot" for me)

Dear Universe,
I'm throwing this one up to you because I don't know else to write to.
What is this world coming to? Makes me sad to read the paper anymore...
...that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Dear Austin,
Stop looking at me like I'm crazy when you are home for a blink and I have to tell you I forget what you look like cause you are never home anymore. It's not your fault I miss you.

5 random friday facts:
sharing with Nancy
over at A Rural Journal
1. Me, the person who hates bugs, started squishing them darn aphids with my bare fingers. (shivers)
2. I talk to my critters and hold each of them if I can. I hope they sense how much I adore them when they emerge as butterflies so they trust me enough to hold & release them.
3. I'm nerdy like that!
4. I get nervous going back to work after summer vacation like a kid would be on his 1st day of school.
5. I dream of Paris...and going within the next few years.

Happy (dream filled) snapping!


  1. I talk to my four kitties all the time, and they each have many nicknames, usually followed by honey-pie, sweetie-kins, or some such. They get called these more than their actual names.

    Very cool love letter. And a very cool typewriter.

    1. Hi Mary,
      It took almost a year to find-but well worth the wait. Thanks for popping in. :-)

  2. Let me get this straight you don't like bugs but you're raising that is interesting. - I talk to our animals too, I think they understand me (better then some humans do).
    Oh wow the helicopter looks so cool. Never been in one. Had a chance to take a free flying lesson (in a plane)chickened out.
    I agree about the news...always so negative.

    1. Hi Ida-lol. Sounds crazy but I don't consider caterpillars bugs!!!! Thanks for stopping by

  3. Look at you and your bad self in that cockpit and how stinkin' sweet is that typed note. I don't hug and talk to butterflies (except to give them grief for not sitting still long enough for me to run and get the camera for pictures) - but I have been accused of having 3 children - one being the kitty, Ike. Yea, I kinda spoil him. rotten!

    1. I hope you get that perfect butterfly AND hummer shot Nicki!

  4. You ARE a bad self sitting in that cockpit (Nicki said it first!). I think you need to be flying with Frankie in that thing. Is it a two-seater? Oh, and another question.... Do you birth butterflies year 'round or is it seasonal?

    1. Don't know if u get my responses by email but I'll repeat myself to ya over on IG-it's a one seater and so far the monarch mamas are coming every few months. The ones I'll get over winter will be 4th generation-living the longest and flying down to Mexico.

  5. I like your dream of Paris. Me too! And I talk to my 2 little kitties every day. I think they get the tone of voice, even if they don't know all the English words :).

    1. Hi Sharon-I think we'd agree it's the tone of your voice.

  6. That can't get any more romantic than that note or maybe it could it you flew alongside that sweet husband of yours ;-).You look pretty chic in that big ol helmet! Those darn aphids I just wash away with soapy water, maybe better than squeezing them-yick. I am sure and certain your butterflies know! What a great post...

    1. Hi Lynn,
      I've heard soapy water works but then I constantly have critters and would have rinse off leaves. It's such a battle that I fear I'm losing-my once healthy milkweed is slowly being destroyed by these buggers. Thank u for popping in!

  7. Now, that typewriter note is the sweetest thing ever. *sigh*
    What an awesome shot of you in the cockpit -- Maverick and Top Gun come to mind. :)

    So neat you shared this week at R5F Kelly. You are one interesting lady! xo

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I don't know how interesting I am- but I'm enjoying sharing over at your place. I love Friday blogging! Thanks for popping in!

  8. Oh, such a sweet note from your husband, Kelly !
    Great love letter ... and I hope your 'Paris' dream will come true !
    Nice weekend,

  9. You have a gem in Frankie!!!
    Look at you .... looking like a fine pilot!!! :-D

    I'm sure you will be in Paris before you know it.

  10. That is the sweetest thing ever! I used to have a type writer, I sure miss that thing.
    How fun you got to be a pilot!

  11. What a beautiful post this is, Kelly.
    The typewriter says it all.

  12. I bought an old typewriter last year and I don't even know if it works... LOL Love that he typed you a love letter on it, and I would sooooo have wanted to take off in that pretty blue bird!~! Awesome fun!!


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