Sunday, October 30, 2011's SHS!

I feel like a little kid posting my interpretations for Scavenger Hunt Sunday
This week's prompts led me into the world of macro which I don't do often enough, and I don't know why because its a beautiful and curious world. It seemed obvious to me to blend 2 prompts together, macro & texture...well, you'll see below I had no self control!  So, with out further blabber from me, here are this weeks photos.
                       *MACRO, *FOUND TEXTURE, *HOME, *COVER, *THE TREE






The Tree
If you missed yesterday's post... Forever Red...
Until Next week!
Happy Snapping!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Forever Red...

My 1st Halloween eDition!
Guilty pleasure #1...
I will buy wine JUST because of the cool label! Found this at TJ's & couldn't resist with Halloween coming up! Haven't popped the cork yet-Frankie & I will do that Monday night.
I'll let you know how it is! (the wine in the photo is a different wine.)

               Meanwhile...My little man, Danbo has decided what he wants to be Halloween!


Remember this?

Danbo decided to help me fill the candy bowl...

It kept him busy...
REAL busy!

Admiring his work,
Danbo remembered he needed a bath...

But not necessarily in the bathtub...If you catch my drift!

Happy Snapping!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun with...

If you haven't already seen or heard of Florabella, you've come the right place. These actions will enhance your shots and give your photos as much or as little "oomph" as you want. I love to create a mood & feelings with textures & photo actions. You can find Shana's site here Florabella Collection Photoshop Actions - Florabella Photoshop ...
She's on FB as well. Editing is like doodling to me. I'm not a good doodler, but I think I'm getting better at my editing skills & I wanted to share a few edits I did last night while I was waiting for Survivor. This is not a paid advertisement-just a happy Florabella user who hopes the photos speak for themselves!

Original photo
It's an ok photo...but it needs something.

Original with Kim Klassen's Magic 2 texture added @ screen mode 100%

The above recipe only I reduced the opacity of the texture to 50% and added SHISHI at 24%.

I wanted to start going for a winter-ish feel to my photo.

Brrrr...Are you getting the idea that winter is on my mind?
I added HIGH KEY B&W and the VINTAGE WASH-normal at 25% opacity. I also added a Center Fill Light-overylay @ 15% opacity. For fun I added a layer of ORTONISH  from Picnic & faded it 30%.

 I added HIGH KEY B&W & IVORY BOOST on overlay at 40%. Over in Picnic I wanted a more winter so added the Ortonish & faded it 50%.

 I converted the original photo with the HIGH KEY B&W and added DEEP AZURE to 55% opacity for a bit more drama.

I processed this with B/W RAIN 100% Pass Thru.
But the texture I used Linear Dodge & lowered the opacity to 40%. I also added a bit of BRIGHT XP @ 35%.

So there you have it...FUN with FLORABELLA..."Doodling" with photos!
Happy Snapping!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


...what makes you happy, chances are it will rub off on others. Magic happens when you share your enthusiasm. That's what I feel today...
Can you tell?
Happy Snapping

P.S. The words are an action from Kim Klassen.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy TT-Free & Easy x2 eDition!

Even though Kim is with the other Shutter Sisters in Northern CA, I chose to keep on the TT track-
While what I wrote above is true, this weekend with swim meets both days threw me for a loop & I didn't get to play & edit another photo for this week, So i'm cheating (just a little!) and reposting this...I think it's worth it!
 I love this wheat I bought at the farm a few weeks ago. The little corner where I have it sitting in a vase smells a little like the country-I like that-especially living in urban L.A.
                                                           Happy Snapping-xo Kelly
Florabella Modern color-normal @ 30%
Florabella soft warmth-normal@ 10%
Scripted Autumn-soft light @63%
Serious Magic-screen @ 90%
Flattened image
added Florabella Richer/Deeper-pass thru @ 30%

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday-10/23/11

Over at Ashley's, the Scavenger Hunt Sunday 
is fast becoming one of my favorite places to go & hang out. I saw things this week I would have never seen  otherwise!  So with out further ado, my interpretations for this week:

For my one true love~

UNDER... wind chime!

Also UNDER...

...Never noticed the fish UNDER the ring!



I adore this big baby raven-


...The sun always comes up, surround yourself with good people, know you have choices, value yourself and other will value you...
Happy Snapping

Saturday, October 22, 2011



Austin swam in his first USAA meet today. We were up at 5 a.m., drove the 50 miles to Oxnard & this is what greeted us!
Austin won his 50 freestyle, got home at 2:30~get to do it all over again tomorrow.
I'm pooped
Good night!
Happy Snapping

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunshine for D-

When you have a dear friend who's hurting aug's blog
And all you want to do is wrap your arms around them to try & take some of their hurt away-but there are 1000's of miles in between you-You do what you can & try to bring a bit of hope that
sunshine-y days will return...
                                                               SUNSHINE FOR D-


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scavenger Hunt-Oct 16th eDition

I really look forward to Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday
It really gets you to think-
So here are my interpretations for the week:





(Picasso would be proud!)


Until Next week!
Happy Snapping!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


...back at the farm-
Had the day off from work yesterday so after I dropped Austin off at school, I headed back to the Underwood Family Farms
This time to pick raspberries, blackberries & green tomatoes.  I got there good & early before the bus loads of school kids started arriving. Sadly-I ran into the farmer who JUST tilled the last of the tomatoes under & said I might still find some berries-I didn't let that deter me-I had camera in hand & I was happy as a clam to just be out in the fresh air.

I got lost in a corn maze-
I'm directionally challenged-
I sent out an SOS text to my hubby & my friend Amber-
-both were 1000's of miles away!
I found my way back to the entrance!

oh-and bird pooped on me-
That's suppose to mean good luck-
Haven't test THAT theory yet!

Yup...that farmer was berries left-But I ended up getting something worth more than my admission ticket into the farm-More experience shooting in Full Sun-one of those things I like least about photography. And I got this...
What's NOT to love about this?
Happy Snapping

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Epitome...

...of fall?
That makes me laugh! The conversations that candy corn can generate is both iconic & total Americana! You either love 'em or hate 'em! I "love" to include them as part of my fall decorations but I "hate" to eat them. I "accidentally" ate one as I was taking photos-just to see if I actually still don't like them...Yup...still can't eat them! Now Austin? He begs me to buy them...all year round. He'll take a handful, pop them in his mouth right in front of me and make happy chewing noises just to gross me out-I say candy corn and cockroaches will outlast the hands of time...them and Twinkies!
Happy Snapping!

Comfort Level...

Today, over at the Shutter Sisters - home
The question is- Being in front of the camera-love it or hate it-I have to say, there was a time when I LOVED it. I did a 365 & started a 52 week but I put so much pressure on myself to come up with bigger and better photos-it consumed me. So I switched gears. The 365 helped me learn what I know now about photography & I learned SO much about myself.  I found a creative side I didn't know I had & really got excited coming up with new ideas & creating different personas-I fell head over heels in love with wigs & the day after Halloween-I'd go & buy costumes and props for 50% off. Here is a sampling-I'm proud of my work & will sprinkle them in here and there from time to time!

                         Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart~Victor-Hugo

Happy Snapping

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TT-Red eDition...

Have you seen all the amazing RED photos over at Kim Klassen cafe - kim klassen cafĂ©
Wow....go have a look see!

Ruby Red Indian Corn

Grey day slate-soft light@ 85%
Canvasback magic-screen @100%
Florabella's Modern Color-normal@20%
Florabella's Soft Warmth-normal@10%

Happy Snapping

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall is where my heart is...

Happiest of Mondays to you! I had the most beautiful day at the Underwood Family Farms 
Sat. I went with some very specific ideas in mind.
1-To shoot in full sun-something i've never really been very good at. (i was secretly hoping for an overcast day!)
2-To find interesting, atypical & unique perspectives of the farm.
Here are 2 of my favorites:
click photo to enlarge

Please click to'll be happy you did:-)

Happy Snapping!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

~Sunday Scavenger Hunt-Oct 9~

Hail Hail October's here! Sadly here in So Cal...we'll be having triple digits-again-by the end of the week. I'm ready to fill our house with those yummy fall aromas-pumpkin bread is 1st on my list!
I'm linking up with Ashley for our weekly Scavenger Hunt
Here are my interpretations for the week-(which flew by!)


Took this yesterday at the
Underwood Family Farms

I'm going back next week to pick green tomatoes to fry 'em up..Southern Style!

Complimentary Triadic Color

I LOVE buttons-
you'll be seeing more!

I think of blank space as Negative space-which I adore.

ok~I combined two prompts-again! I couldn't help myself-this was too good NOT to!

I bought wheat at the farm yesterday.


Only the most perfect food in the world-Acai (a-sa-ee) berry's covered in dark chocolate-(I'm gonna live to 100!)

Happy Snapping!