Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st!

Even though it's going to be in the 90's today, in my mind I'm in a wooly sweater, a cute knit hat and wandering through a pumpkin in hand!  I couldn't let the 1st day of October go without some fanfare & wanted to welcome the date on the calendar....(NOT the weather)
      Fall is my favorite time of year-that's when I feel most alive.
Now, there is NO shortage of candy in this house! So what's to stop me from adding more? I bought a cute little jar-filled it with orange and black Jelly Belly's & am just going to keep it filled with coordinating season/holiday colored yumminess!
      Of course-"You-Know-Who" can smell sweet stuff a mile away!
Happy Snapping! xo


  1. Hi kelly!
    so good to hear from you too! In fact you are my only reader at the moment...out of 200 readers,you are the only one that comes around to say hello every time I post!...Thank you honey!
    I delet"ed a couple of blogs and did cut the link to the bigger" blog from my photoblog...needed to do it real bad as somehow it's confusing to have too many blogs hanging around...even for me it was becoming a bit confusing! :)
    Any way,your post today is your work too...lots!

  2. Oh I long for those cool breezes while snuggling in a cozy sweater. I know we won't be feeling any of that for a long time. :-)

    Love your jelly bean jar! Makes me want to open it up and grab one or maybe two...


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