Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun with...

If you haven't already seen or heard of Florabella, you've come the right place. These actions will enhance your shots and give your photos as much or as little "oomph" as you want. I love to create a mood & feelings with textures & photo actions. You can find Shana's site here Florabella Collection Photoshop Actions - Florabella Photoshop ...
She's on FB as well. Editing is like doodling to me. I'm not a good doodler, but I think I'm getting better at my editing skills & I wanted to share a few edits I did last night while I was waiting for Survivor. This is not a paid advertisement-just a happy Florabella user who hopes the photos speak for themselves!

Original photo
It's an ok photo...but it needs something.

Original with Kim Klassen's Magic 2 texture added @ screen mode 100%

The above recipe only I reduced the opacity of the texture to 50% and added SHISHI at 24%.

I wanted to start going for a winter-ish feel to my photo.

Brrrr...Are you getting the idea that winter is on my mind?
I added HIGH KEY B&W and the VINTAGE WASH-normal at 25% opacity. I also added a Center Fill Light-overylay @ 15% opacity. For fun I added a layer of ORTONISH  from Picnic & faded it 30%.

 I added HIGH KEY B&W & IVORY BOOST on overlay at 40%. Over in Picnic I wanted a more winter so added the Ortonish & faded it 50%.

 I converted the original photo with the HIGH KEY B&W and added DEEP AZURE to 55% opacity for a bit more drama.

I processed this with B/W RAIN 100% Pass Thru.
But the texture I used Linear Dodge & lowered the opacity to 40%. I also added a bit of BRIGHT XP @ 35%.

So there you have it...FUN with FLORABELLA..."Doodling" with photos!
Happy Snapping!


  1. OH SISTA!!!!! Love them all! Hey, are those new Florabella actions that you have???? Where does the B&W HighKey come from????
    Miss ya ... mwah

  2. Gorgeous Kelly, I love the pop in the colours and the wintery effect in the third shot, and the second last B&W. Love Florabella, I just have some of her textures though.

  3. The third one is my favorite, Kelly, ohhh I just love it! Is shishi a florabella action or texture?

  4. Wow Kelly your are on fire !!! I love what you did and the explanations. I really need t get to textures, sometime. Thanks for that, very inspiring.


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