Friday, October 24, 2014

Seasons of...


I'm not sure what keeps me away from this space for long periods at a time. Maybe it's symbiotic with the transition of life I seem to be going through. I don't know, lately, I'm finding myself "in between" everything...
My brain feels foggy most of the time. I'm pretty sure a lot of it has to do with my mom's one year anniversary coming up. Coupled with the big "M" looming over head and not exactly going as swimmingly as I'd hope. I'm feeling very much like a trail blazer going through my change of life- mostly for my daughter, Jamie so she doesn't have to feel like I do. I'm gathering what little family history has been shared & passed down. Which is very little since my mom and grandmother are both gone and were from a different era that just kept quiet about such things. I've thought about renaming this space to "The Menopause Files" but then I think that's probably too much information! So for now,    with a lot of xo from Frankie, family and friends, my foggy brain will muddle through the big "M" with as much dignity, class, and beauty as I can muster.
Meanwhile, I'm sharing over at Kim's today and my Friday finds. 
I have a love affair with anything old and it seems to be scissors lately.

Found these on Etsy-and they actually work. I'm looking for an old pair of Chinese scissors that look very similar to these. Both photos are from my iphone which I rely on almost on a daily basis.
 I think it's my sanity. I've been using darker tones lately too. Seems to fit the darker mornings and the sun setting earlier...which I don't really mind. Summer is rolling up her carpet to make way for Fall's beauty...You know...
Seasons of change.

Happy (trailblazing) snapping!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Finding joy... the everyday

Yesterday was hard. The calendar rolled over from September to October. I'm keenly aware of the days ahead. Dread? Relief? Gratitude? Yes to all 3.  It's coming up on the 1st anniversary of my mom's passing. It's not going to be an ordinary day~it's on a Wednesday. I've relived that day and the days leading up to my mom's death hundreds of times throughout the year. Will it be any different on THAT day? I'm not sure. I am however relieved the year of "firsts" is over...You know~the 1st time you want to text or call her, her birthday, or wishing her Merry Christmas. I'm hoping those 1sts will be slightly easier to endure in the coming year. I'm so grateful for the love and support I've received over the year to help guide me through the tearful days.
So? How does one go about finding joy in the everyday when some days can be all consuming with other thoughts not so joyous? 
For me it's simple...
...I just do... 
 I wake up everyday & make a very conscious choice to make the day as worth while and as good as I humanly can-no matter what is rattling up in my head. I open my heart for awareness of even the tiniest gifts the day has to offer that can uplift my spirits.
I just do
And so, I thought about doing a daily post in Oct. to share my everyday gift-but that's just asking for an epic fail. ( I know myself TOO well!) 
I decided instead to keep a list and pop them in at the end of a post. 
That's much more doable.

My everyday gifts: 
10/1: helping a struggling student actually enjoy a concept in math he didn't understand.
10/2: being here today and writing through my grief process

Happy (finding YOUR everyday gift) snapping!

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