Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little Things...


I have a mental prop list for my still life photography.
  I've turned to Etsy a few times only because we just don't have a lot of antique stores in our area for what's on that list...and lets face it, half all the fun is in the hunt.  
Because I never settle, I eventually find my prize.

As was the case this past weekend.
The 4th Sunday of every month, 50-100 venders gather at a local college parking lot to sell their wares at the Topanga Vintage Faire. I go about every other month hoping to check a few things of my list. This past Sunday I decided to go but I needed to get out there when they opened as it was going to be in the triple digits & that happens REALLY quick.
Getting there early paid off and I got to scratch antique coffee grinder from my list!

It's German made from about 1940. I always ask the dealer if they know the story behind the item they sell. This one didn't come with a story but that's ok because it's kinda fun creating one. Judging from the condition, it was well used. 

It's nice having a barista son that can bring home fresh espresso beans.
I love the dovetail joints.

Do you have a mental prop list and/or collect anything? 
Please share, I'd love to hear about it.

Happy (collection) snapping!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Good, Random...


The Good

I've slowly been sifting, deleting, reminiscing and reflecting as I thumb through my USB drives before transferring the photos to an external hard drive. 

There are times I sure miss rearing these beautiful creatures.

The Random

Funny thing about composting...

...seeds will grow... now we shall have red and yellow peppers sometime before summer is over!
I don't really know when, as I've never composted before or  have grown peppers it'll be a surprise.

The Fun

Last week, the museum I wanted to visit was closed the day I chose to go. I wanted to do something- so out of the blue I decided to go to The Getty, but not to shoot what's inside...
...but the architecture of The Getty itself. What do I know about architecture? Absolutely nothing! I went with no pre-conceived ideas except that I wanted to give it a go.

Ohhhh did I ever figure out fast why I loved it.

I had hard start in photography. Being a bit of a perfectionist and all those photography rules I just couldn't relax to shoot the story I wanted to tell. Well, practice, practice, practice till I found my style and then this boom....
All those beautiful straight lines!!!

I spent 3 hours wandering around and I noticed that perception and perspective changed with every foot step. Not to mention that shooting in full sun has always intimidated me but I was killing two birds with one stone that day. I have to say I love when I shoot purposefully and not everything is a "happy accident."

Of all the 1000's of art pieces at The Getty,
 this is my favorite.

Have you been practicing anything that you find challenging?
I hope you'll share.

Happy (trying something new) snapping!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Little Things...


It was a whirlwind weekend with my daughter, Jamie and my grandson, Erik.

Erik is a little bundle of energy and just a kick in the pants to be around. 
Being a grandma is nothing short of pure joy. I never wanted to be the traveling Grandma, but here I the role I didn't want to be in.  I think grandparents are an intricate part of children's upbringing and growing up in the military, I was never around my grandparents until we were state side and on summer breaks. Needless to say, visits were few and far between. 
I cling to every moment spent with these two.

I took them to the Huntington so Erik could explore the children's garden.

Little man could have played here at the blue door all day!

I wish I had Erik's energy. I'd be unstoppable! 

Erik sorta loved my spaghetti and meatballs...and Papa's smoked salmon! 

We discovered a bonsai garden on the grounds.

On another note, is anyone else having issues with e-blogger? My photos are uploading blurred and dulled and I can see them on my desk top clear as a bell. Just curious. 

Anyway, hope you are having a great week.
Happy Snapping!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Little Things...


Everyday is Saturday... 
...or so it seems when I'm on summer vacation. I've been taking full advantage of my time off. Reading, swimming, getting together with friends, napping when needed, and taking day-cations... a promise to myself.
Last week, I had the pleasure of discovering the Huntington Library with Vicki, Austin's girlfriend's mom. Knowing how long I could spend in this place, and Vicki not a photographer, I enjoyed the day with her but went back the next day. 
There are 120 acres of Botanical Gardens to explore not to mention a Subtropical and Jungle Garden to roam through. So many luscious paths to discover and benches everywhere to just sit and take in the surroundings. You're literally transformed to foreign and exotic locations with every step.

Every turn, every path led to something...

The arbor area leading to the Shakespeare Garden.

Roaming through the Jungle Garden seemed surreal living in So. Cal. So many interesting trees and plants not native here.

I never realized a cactus garden could be so lush. 

I fell in love with these Old Man of the Andes cacti. 

The Huntington also boasts one of the largest research libraries in the country. There is an extensive collection of rare books and art. I never even made it the Children's Garden-but I'm going to leave that to explore with Erik.
 Have you made any surprised discoveries someplace not far from where you live?
Do tell I'd love to hear.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Good, Random...


The Good...
My Daughter Jamie, knowing how crazy I am for all things France, bought me this adorable Eiffel Tower cookie cutter some time ago. I had left over dough from making star cookies on the 4th. I've yet to use it and decided it was time I did.

I have to keep them hidden from Austin until Thursday when Jamie and my grandson, Erik, come down for a weekend visit...which is also good!

The Random
 As I was roaming Joanne's a few days ago, I happened upon some puzzles. I enjoy putting  them together  but haven't done one in years. After much deliberation, I brought this one home. Puzzles are very cathartic and I love how it can bring the family together.

The Fun...

On my most recent day-cation to The Huntington Library, I came across this hummer. On my quest for the perfect in-flight hummingbird shot, I quickly switched my camera to sports mode and fired off as many shots as I could. 
It's not the perfect one, but it is always fun trying.

Any good, random, and/or fun things going on with you? 
Please share.
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**On a side note...E-blogger is being all dumb and has somehow shifted everything on ALL my pages even though I've refigured it...and to no avail. It irks me as it effects the ascetics. I'll be contacting e-blogger today to find out what the deal is. Please bare with me**

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Little Things...

A few great things about day-cations are no long security lines at the airport, no delays or missed connections. They can be planned or totally spontaneous...such as the little jaunt The Mr. and I took last week. He loves all things science so when he suggested a trip down town to the see the Space Shuttle Endeavour...on the train...I was all over that idea!

I don't mind that trains take you along the graffiti infused backsides of cities...that's real life. It doesn't get anymore real than what you see along paint stained surfaces. And it doesn't matter what city or country you are in, real people, with real issues make their marks in this world. I'm not saying it's right, and some of it is actually really good, it's just sad that it's on someones property and not someplace appropriate to be seen by others.

Seeing this magnifecent flying machine up close and personal took my breath away. The enormity of not only the ship, but the entire space program and the people it took to get this beast into space made me proud to be a spectator to it all.

The docent we chatted with had actual samples of different materials that covered the shuttle and the external tank...which is as tall as a 15-story building and burned a half million gallons of liquid propellant in like 8 1/2 minutes!

The Endeavour flew 25 missions with 12 ISS dockings. 

There's just something about space...probably because it's a place you or I will never get to visit and can only wonder about.

I wandered around the rose garden at the Science Center while The Mr. looked at train schedules. 

We had a little time to kill so we grabbed a quick bite to eat and decided to walk back to Union Station to catch our train. We always knew we lived in a bubble world out in the valley and coming into the "real" city just made us realize all the more of safe bubble.

Real life...right here. 

We passed through the oldest part of downtown, Olivera St. It was once the heart of Mexican farming and community life. It's a must if you visit LA. Great authentic food is served here along with vendors and shops that sell all things Latino.

Aztec dancer in the plaza

Have you been on a recent day-cation? I'd love to hear.

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Happy (day-cation) snapping!