Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Little Things...


It was a whirlwind weekend with my daughter, Jamie and my grandson, Erik.

Erik is a little bundle of energy and just a kick in the pants to be around. 
Being a grandma is nothing short of pure joy. I never wanted to be the traveling Grandma, but here I the role I didn't want to be in.  I think grandparents are an intricate part of children's upbringing and growing up in the military, I was never around my grandparents until we were state side and on summer breaks. Needless to say, visits were few and far between. 
I cling to every moment spent with these two.

I took them to the Huntington so Erik could explore the children's garden.

Little man could have played here at the blue door all day!

I wish I had Erik's energy. I'd be unstoppable! 

Erik sorta loved my spaghetti and meatballs...and Papa's smoked salmon! 

We discovered a bonsai garden on the grounds.

On another note, is anyone else having issues with e-blogger? My photos are uploading blurred and dulled and I can see them on my desk top clear as a bell. Just curious. 

Anyway, hope you are having a great week.
Happy Snapping!
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  1. He is so sweet! So glad you had some time together!
    Blogger is working ok for me, hope it resolves itself for you!

    1. Thanks Tamar-last week along with hundreds of other bloggers, everything on our entire blog shifted to the left.E-blogger never acknowledged me and I had to learn to re-code to shift everything back to the middle from another helpful blogger to fix the issue-it was scary.

  2. Time with family is such a special time. So glad you had some time together. Such a handsome little man!

  3. Who doesn't like lotsa pasta, so cute and funny. Moments to keep you warm and smiling forever. Wish I cud help but not familiar with e-blogger. Photos sometimes come out blurred cuz of Internet traffic, connection, what have you. It usually clears up. Maybe there's a limit on file size?

  4. Hi Jeanna,
    Thanks for the input. I always resize my photos for the web-so im hoping it does clear itself up. Happy you stopped by!

  5. So nice you had a wonderful time with your daughter and grandson, Kelly !
    Love the photos at the blew door ... so cute !
    Sorry you're having issues ... your photos look clear to me.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  6. Replies
    1. I totally got what you meant! Thank you Sylvia for stopping by!

  7. Grandparents are so important...and he is precious!

    P.S. To answer your question on my post...we are just outside of Atlanta. We LOVE the Gulf, tho, and try to drive down a couple times a year. Pensacola is definitely one of our favorite beaches!

    1. Florida beaches are awesome. CA beaches are highly over rated...Mainly because the water is way to cold!

  8. Where is the baby? I mean, seriously, where is the baby?! It feels like you were just announcing his arrival and now he's a toddler. But, oh my word, is he a cutie.

    I know what you mean about the grandparenting thing. I didn't grow up with either set of grandparents and now I'm a grandma and I don't get to see our babies nearly as much as I'd like to. I never wanted to be grandma in name only, but life... I just hope and pray they know that we do love them so very much.

    1. That baby is GONE Daenel! I hope he knows that you can be the far away Grandma and love you just as much as the one that lives closer!

  9. When I think of all the energy it takes to keep up with a toddler I wonder what are these women thinking having children in their upper 40s and 50s - oy! He is growing so fast and getting cuter every day- glad you got to spend time with Eric and your daughter.

    1. Thank you Nicki...I was totally pooped at the end of the day!


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