Sunday, February 19, 2017

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There are colorful signs of spring everywhere.
 Visible in-between the massive amounts of rainy days we've been having are these sweet Grape Hyacinth that bloom every year in my front yard. California isn't out of the drought woods yet, particularly the Central and Southern parts. Hopefully this weather is not an anomaly and will return next winter with even more snow for the Sierras. (The snow pack that is California's biggest and most important water reservoir.)

Random & Fun

I treated the Mr. and I to an ancestry DNA kit.
Growing up, there was a sketchy story my dad could barely remember. Something about the westward expansion and an attack on the party by a Native American tribe who's name he couldn't recall. Many died but miraculously a Native American baby girl survived in a papoose and a party member raised the child and eventually married a male member of my family on my grandmother's side. Like I said, it's sketchy but that's what has survived-Sadly, my grandmother was embarrassed about that part of our family history & would never talk about it. In this topsy-turvy world, I would welcome this information and it is something to be celebrated. I think it's intriguing and I'm hoping to find out if there really is Native American blood coursing through my viens. When I was much younger, I did trace my roots to the late 1700's on my grandfather's side to Ireland and proof of that will be gratifying. My Mr.'s sir name is Kardos, and his dad was 100% Hungarian. Not much is known about his birth mother. I'm curious if there will be any Greek in the breakdown. People ask all the time about the origin of our sir name.

The procedure is really easy.  Register the 15-digit activation code from the collection tube, no eating or drinking for 30 minutes, spit in a tube, release a stabilizing fluid, shake, cap, place in a collection bag and mail it off. Our's goes out in the Tuesday mail and then wait...6-8weeks. We'll get an email when an email when the results are in. Hope you'll stay tuned to find the results!

Do you know your heritage? Have you ever thought about testing your DNA? 
Please share...I'd love to hear.

Happy (DNA) snapping!

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Pssst...did you miss my last post and the big SECRET I revealed?
*disclaimer-I am not being paid by Ancestry to review or promote this product.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

I love a good...


If you tell me something in confidence and need me to keep it a secret, I am you woman!
But...when it comes to secrets about myself all bets are off! I'm honestly worse than a child. I've been sitting on this one since December 2nd, so needless to say I'm bursting at the seams.

Artful Blogging is a dream publication that I eagerly read from cover to cover. Then, I re-read it 2 or 3 more times in case I've missed something. I swoon over the photos and find the blogger's stories uplifting and inspirational. When January rolled around, I had it in my mind that this was the year I was going to submit photos and shoot for a feature in AB. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. So...imagine how completely caught off guard I was when I opened my e-mail to find an invitation to pursue this dream of mine?  I got tingly all over and actually felt lightheaded. I sat myself down and just shook my head in moving disbelief as I re-read the letter. 
 I must have said I can't believe it 50, 75, 100 times!

 I submitted my photos and waited...There are not enough words in the English language to explain how I felt when I received the congratualtory e-mail stating that I had actually been selected for the summer edition.


My feet haven't touched the ground since! I waved this spring edition to my husband and said, "Do you realize the next issue I'll be in it and on it?" I'm so humbled by my life. I often ask myself what have I done to deserve such goodness? What ever it is, I am eternally grateful for it and for this incredible experience. 
Sarah, over at Paisley Rain Boots
 I can't thank you enough-you lit a creative fire under me with your thoughts and guidance. 
Writing has new meaning and I want to do more of it! 

Wise Peking Noodle Co!

What's your latest secret?
I'd love to hear &
shhhh...I won't tell a soul!

Happy (secret telling) snapping!

Thursday, February 2, 2017



Oh my, February has big shoes to fill! January was chalked full of goodness. Some I've shared publicly, some I'll be sharing soon, and one event I've had to let go quietly. Sometimes you just have to let your heart heal in private. What I will share about this certain event is I flew to Florida last Thursday to sign escrow papers on my parents home. It belongs to a new family now and I hope they will make many happy memories...enough to fill a lifetime.
I flew home Saturday.
I'm coming to terms that my mom was a very private person. Certain things more than others definitely had special meaning to her. This tea cup and saucer is part of a set that she displayed in her kitchen long after I'd grown up and moved away. Surely some pieces would not have survived packing up a household every couple of years with the Navy. My best guess is that the set belonged to my dad's grandmother. I'm hoping a few family members can help with this.

Dainty. Fragile. Beautiful.

Do you have a treasured heirloom passed down to you? Please share,
I'd love to hear about it.

Happy (keepsake) snapping

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