Monday, August 15, 2016

The final slice...

...of summer

I wanted to post this earlier, like yesterday earlier...really I did. However, it was my last day of summer vacation and with that, my feelings were all over the place. Instead of blogging, I kinda did everything else I could think of to reflect avoid facing what was going on inside my head. I know me and I wouldn't have been able to articulate or make sense out of the jumbled mess in my head.
Today was a pupil free day and it was so wonderful seeing everyone again and
being back at our home school after the relocation.
I had such an enjoyable summer. It was the perfect amount of travel and relaxation. I finished up with a quick trip up to Monterey to visit my aunt, Ms. M.  
San Francisco is as far north as I've ever been and
what a little slice of heaven the Central Coast is.

California has been in a drought for many years now-I lost count how many times my mouth fell open and uttered how amazing this place was. We sat and had a mini breakfast at 
Deetjen's Big Sur Inn. Every cabin is built with milled redwood and named to match its unique personality. The ambiance hasn't changed much in the 70 years the inn has been opened. 
The Library

It's no wonder artists and writers come to Big Sur for inspiration.

Wednesday morning, the Mr and I took a short drive out to the coast to visit the Getty Villa.
The villa is home to some 44,000 antiquities that belong to the J.Paul GettyMuseum.
It was a beautiful day spent with my honey.
I just love this little peek-a-boo shot of the ocean.

I didn't get to check everything off my summer list-but I'm ok with that. I'm ready for another school year and plan on ticking off some of those day-cations through out the year.

What's your favorite part of summer? I'd love to know.

Happy (summer) snapping!

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