Friday, August 2, 2013


...letters, finds
and randomness!

Dear August,
HELLO! You kinda came out of left field, but you hold lots of good starts in 10 days (yikes), Austin turns 18, Jamie turns 27 (double yikes on them two!) and Frankie and I celebrate 20 years of bliss!
I made reservations for a nights stay aboard the QE2
20 years deserves a little pampering....that's like 140 dog years...but I mean that in a good way!
I'm so happy to be spending an eternity with w/my honey...and then some!

Dear Topanga Vintage Fair,
You rocked my world this week!
My other goodies are HERE

I've been searching for you...Every 4th Sunday for almost a year...

Ohhhhh but you were so worth the wait.

Do you hear that? It's me swooning (hee hee) You're not actually working...yet
But my beloved will see to that!

Dear Evil Ovary,
you suck

Dear Mom, 
I love that you are so happy in your new home. I mean bocci ball? Wii Bowling? Jewelry making? Playing in a kitchen band? 
Yeah you!

Dear Dad,
I'm REALLY sorry you and mom aren't spending your golden years together. That REALLY sucks

Dear heart,
I bet YOU were surprised when I walked this morning...and up that big ole hill too? Well how can I face 50 and fabulous if I'm not healthy from the inside out? Get use to it cause I'm hitting 50 with a *BOO YAH!
*according the Urban Dictionary..."Bam", "in your face" and "hell yeah" 50!

5 random facts:
I hate the yellow aphids on my milkweed-how can my critters eat with ya'll moving in?
I need a night vision camera to see what wild animal is leaving me "presents" on my front lawn
I've been stalling all morning to do something unpleasant...but I HAVE to do it...again
I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee...before noon 
I love posting on IG

Happy (enjoy the last of summer) snapping!

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  1. Pampering on the QE2 is a definite...congrats. Am so happy to hear that your Mom is doing really well, sounds like. Love that vintage type-writer, reminds me to dig mine out and take a few pics...mine is blue and not working, can I borrow your Frankie to fix it??

  2. What a great post, Kelly !
    Congrats to you and your husband on being 20 years together :-)
    Love that old typewriter ... can you believe, years ago I had a similar one and I gave it away :-(
    Have a nice weekend,

  3. loving your post - and your typewriter...I too found one a number of years ago and love using it in my art...stopping in from Friday Finds...

  4. Fifty IS fabulous! I turned it yesterday. :)

    I love that old typewriter. Love, love, love it!

    And a happy, wonderful 20th anniversary to you and your beloved! :)

    1. Well happy birthday!! Thanks for stopping in!

  5. Two nights on the QE2 sounds so fabulous! Hope you have a wonderful time.

  6. Congratulations on your 20 years together!

  7. I loved every word of this post, oh, and every picture, too! So when's your birthday? I'll have to remember to celebrate it with you. The QE2 sounds like the perfect place for a 20th anniversary. (I won't be celebrating that one with you. Seems like three would be a crowd.) But do have fun!

  8. Congratulations are in order - Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, happy time on the Queen, Happy Health and Happy Hello!

  9. LOVE the letters! Fun reading. Congratulations on 20 happy blissful years - enjoy the QE2!! Awesome idea. Love the typewriter photo series - fantastic. Hello from Friday Finds Kelly.

  10. Wonderful post Kelly. I do enjoy coming in and visiting this way.
    Congrats on your anniversary.
    And DANG!!! That typewriter is so dang photogenic.
    I have my eye on one .... I go back & forth about the $$$ LOL
    Mwah!!! Miss ya ♥

  11. I love your infectious, upbeat attitude Kelly! An overnite on the QE2 would be awesome. What a great idea to celebrate.

    I have 3 old typewrites -- why? -- because I love them!
    And I also have those yellow aphids on the milkweed. Yuck.

    Thanks for joining in at R5F this week. Fun to learn about you.

  12. very cool old typewriter - I think I need to find one of those!

  13. Great photos of your fabulous vintage finds!


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