Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday's letter's...

...facts, &

Dear Friday,
Today, you are my FAVORITE day. 
I don't know what's worse, springing forward for DST or waking up to the alarm clock after summer vacation for the first day of school! 
But it was a good 1st week & am really happy to be back. 
I think in part because this year won't be as volatile as last year. 
I'm hoping that's the case anyhow.

Dear Frankie,

Thanks again for fixing my typewriter. It was so cool to hear the keys strike the paper! I'm so excited to be celebrating our 20th anniversary on the Queen Mary tonight. It's suppose to be haunted you know! 
Oh, and it's going to be a blast watching people swoon over your helicopter at the air show on Sunday.

What a great way to start another fabulous 20+ years with you!

Dear Austin,
Thank you for holding down the fort so your dad and I can celebrate. You're the best.

Dear Jamie,
CONGRATS on quite possibly passing the CBEST and I KNOW you'll pass the Special Ed test. You are so smart and you'll be a wonderful addition to any school that will hire you. I could not have been blessed with a more extraordinary daughter. 

Dear Justin,
 Korea is so far away.  I don't like to think about how long it's going to be before we get to see you again. But I LOVE those times where we text for hours. We do what we gotta do huh?
  Hang in there ok?

Dear Critters,
I can't believe how many of you there are. I'm running out of milkweed at the rate ya'll are pigging out.
It's a labor of love and quite the full time job with the 40+ plus of you at all different stages. You never cease to amaze me at the complete metamorphosis that takes place and the beauty that emerges from that chrysalis. {happy sigh}

Dear cookie cutter,
You seemed like a perfectly good idea at the time. SO much so that I found another one just like it as I was putting the new one away! 
Hmmmm- I swear I don't remember buying the first one...
...anyway, it didn't dawn on me until AFTER making, baking and in the process of frosting all those cookies that they will look awfully cute sitting on the side of a cup...
...but only after the drink is 1/2 way drunk and maybe if you get a phone call, you have a convenient place to hang your cookie.
...what do you do with it after you take a bite?

Dear Friends that come visit and post here,
Thank you!
 I try very hard to leave a reply for you or come visit your blog. I might not get there right away, but I WILL get there!

Happy (cookie dunking) snapping!


  1. Dear Kelly (& Frankie).....♫ Happy Anniversary ♪. How cool will it be to spend it on the (haunted) Queen Mary!!! Lovin' your Friday letters and anytime you blog.
    Miss ya!
    Mwah ♥

    1. Hey sis!!! Thank you! I feel all giddy inside!! In so glad when u come visit. Love ya.

  2. Your posts are always such fun and a light morning read with my coffee and cookie, although my cookie is badly behave and refuses to hang from my cup.

    Happy Anniversary and enjoy the ride!

    1. LOL-thank you so much for coming and sittin' for awhile with your morning coffee! That makes ME smile.

  3. Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary, Kelly!

  4. Your cookie on a cup is sweet! Happy anniversary! I know you'll enjoy your night on the Queen Mary. Maybe a nice ghost will stop by for a chat. Good luck to all your kiddos, too. Aren't we lucky to have all of the instant communication tools? I'll be face timing Hannah every few minutes when she goes off to college I bet.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I was a little disappointed I didn't see or hear a ghost!! Thank goodness for modern technology Roban!

  5. You absolutely take the best photos ever...such beautiful talent you have

    1. You make my heart sing Deana!! Xo thank you.

  6. A very " Happy Anniversary" ...wonderful pictures and wonderful words! Love the picture with the cookie cutter!

    1. Thank you so much. We had a wonderful little get away.

  7. Happy Anniversary to you! I love your little critter photo. I keep thinking that I should plant some milkweed. I saw on the news that there wouldn't be many butterflies because there wasn't anything for them to eat.

    1. Hi Tricia!
      Thank you for popping in! Isn't it sad that Monarchs are having such a hard time just surviving. I'm trying to do my part. I have seeds if you want! Just email me!

  8. dear kelly, you have such a big heart. love, michelle

    1. Dear Michele,
      I hope one day we can meet!

  9. p.s. happy {belated} anniversary xo


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