Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's letters

...and randomness

Dear Mother Nature,
Thank you again for letting me experience the magic of Monarch rearing!

Dear Monarch Butterflies,
I know you're doing your thing, but can you wait till like noon, so I can see you, even for a few minutes when get home from work...
 ...and THEN you can fly away? 
It would be ever so kind of you!

Dear week,
Today I find myself a bit worn out. It's starts around Wednesday and I bottom out!
You were a good week though, for that I am grateful. We celebrated 2 of our kiddos birthday's and Frankie & I happily celebrated 20 out of this world years together. 
We done good.

Dear Jennifer at the Medicaid office,
tsk tsk
shame on you...

Dear Universe,
Why do you give kids ADHD and Social Anxiety? 
Just curious.

with Nancy
1. I'm ready to leave So. Cal and be free of the oppressive summer heat-I think that's what wears me out. 
2. I love a good challenge and this year one of the teacher's I work with has a student that is a selective-mute. I'm reading up on it so I don't blow it.
3. I eat dark chocolate every single day-I'd like to live to be 100!
4. I hope I win a seat in Christina Greve's
new on line photography workshop.
Her enthusiasm and photography blow me away
5. I wanted to live on a farm growing up so last night I told Frankie when we leave CA I want to live in a small farm house with an east facing window for my photography office, a potbellied pig, a few egg laying chickens, baby goats and a green house for my monarchs!
Yup...I got dreams...
...and he didn't say no!

Happy (weekend) snapping


  1. I love your photos and dreams are free without charge so go for it..

  2. Lovely photos! We live in a small farm house, raise chickens and have a greenhouse. It's a nice life. Now we do wish we had more butterflies where we live. We used to have a 'butterfly' bush but it died so we don't get too many butterflies anymore.

  3. Oh those shots of the caterpillar are just amazing. I bet it's exciting watching them change to a gorgeous butterfly.
    Farming life huh? I'm a city gal through and through but it's great you have a wonderful dream.

  4. What awesome photos! I eat dark chocolate every day too. I didn't know it meant I would live to 100. I just like it very much. But that's great news!

  5. Your images are breath-taking, mind-boggling, complete awesomeness. That first shot is destined for cards/canvas/poster. I like your dreams - I think they are reasonable on every level (and the heat zaps me like nothing other - so I hear ya on that one sista!).

  6. It sounds like a good week, and I bet you figure out how to reach that student before the year (or the month) is out. I love your idea about living on a farm. It sounds great to me, too, although I'm not too excited about having a pig pet. I'll just keep my dogs. But the chickens and fresh eggs and everything else sound right up my alley. Sounds like your Frankie is a real keeper by the way. I'm glad you two had a wonderful anniversary!

  7. I love how you captured the caterpillars metamorphosis.

    Nice attention to detail too!

  8. Gorgeous photos! I might start eating dark chocolate every day with my third cup of coffee. I might just live forever if I do.

  9. Ode to dark's good for you! Beautiful post of metamorphosis...Aloha!

  10. It's early yet for Monarchs here, but they should be along soon. The milkweed is ready! I had several black swallowtail chrysalises wintered over in an aquarium. What joy they brought as they emerged earlier this year. The larva are munching fennel. You had quite a week of celebrations, congratulations!

  11. Your photos are beautiful! I love your dream - the small farm sounds heavenly.

  12. Beautiful, beautiful photos of the metamorphoses.

    And be careful what you wish for -- from a farm wife in eastern Nebraska.

    Thanks so much for sharing Kelly. Happy weekend to you.


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