Tuesday, August 6, 2013



Some days are just easier to wake up to than others.

I'm not talking about the physical part of waking up and getting out of bed. It's what comes after the quiet of the morning disappears with the darkness, finishing the paper & nursing the last of your coffee that I'm talking about. Thank goodness I don't have to ask myself the above question very often, but when I do, I'm already prepared for a day of constant struggles with my emotions, deep contemplation and with a bit of timely and very conscience choices, victory over the day. 
I can not fathom letting an unknown entity dictate what my day will be like, just like that (snaps fingers) Oh, there's wrenches thrown in-that's to be expected. But I want to be the one that will make the difference in the outcome of my day.
Now, hormones may have a little something to do with all of this...
more than I lead on...
...but the fact remains that I'm still the one that will set my course.
I won't lie, this is a day that I'm thankful not to be in the early child-rearing stage because everything will be better after a nap! 
There use to be a time when I would feel guilty about being a tad selfish...I don't feel that way any more.
 Hey, 27 years of child rearing has a few bennies...one of them is napping~I hear it adds time to your life span. I'm all for that!

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On a completely different subject, I'm not a politco, but my son, Austin, who has deep military aspirations, and never asks for too much, wanted me to make mention of something near and dear to him.
It's the 2nd anniversary of Extortion17

You may remember it, you may not, but we are here, defining our day because of fallen heroes.

Thank you


  1. Hate to admit it but, sometimes I define the day...and sometimes the day defines me. But I feel BEST when the former happens :). And yes, there are def bennies to motherhood even when the kids aren't home anymore. I can feel free to take a nap whenever and wherever I want. Well...I mean within the confines of my home. If I did it out in the street...the neighbors might talk :)

  2. lately my days have defined me, but i am starting to see the light. and what a sight for sore eyes. a beautiful image kelly! thanks for sharing your insights.

  3. Bokeh heaven! And a deep question ... I've never really pondered it but I'll have to think about it. And the nap thing ... oh, yeah! I get it. :-D

  4. I never thought of a day in those terms before, but it's a pertinent question. It's a shame that true heroes don't make the news any more.

  5. Some days are just a challenge but we can always learn from it something and then be thankful for the new day..Lovely photo!

  6. What a lovely, soft photo! You're right -- it's our attitude that determines so much. And thank you for the tribute and the reminder to honor our fallen heroes.

  7. Beautiful post Kelly... it's an important question to ask, one we could all benefit from (to set us on course for more positive productive days!) and I love that you wrote about it. And thank you for the tribute...

  8. What a powerful post - your first picture and quote is worth printing and looking at as a reminder every.single.day. Wow or more 'aha! moment worthy'. Your son's passion is admirable and your image is amazing.

  9. What a gorgeous image! So light and bright. Just perfect!

  10. Oh Kelly! that is beatiful. the most dreamy image I've ever seen. love LOVE love...

  11. That is such a beautiful photo and quote, Kelly. I need to remember that, too, when I feel like the day is getting away from me.

  12. Lost of good thoughts Kelly -- I start out the day with a plan in mind and try my best to stick to it -- but if I vear off on another tangent, it's all good. :)

  13. Beautiful thoughts.....and napping is a wonderful perk of having older kids! :)


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