Saturday, October 15, 2011


...back at the farm-
Had the day off from work yesterday so after I dropped Austin off at school, I headed back to the Underwood Family Farms
This time to pick raspberries, blackberries & green tomatoes.  I got there good & early before the bus loads of school kids started arriving. Sadly-I ran into the farmer who JUST tilled the last of the tomatoes under & said I might still find some berries-I didn't let that deter me-I had camera in hand & I was happy as a clam to just be out in the fresh air.

I got lost in a corn maze-
I'm directionally challenged-
I sent out an SOS text to my hubby & my friend Amber-
-both were 1000's of miles away!
I found my way back to the entrance!

oh-and bird pooped on me-
That's suppose to mean good luck-
Haven't test THAT theory yet!

Yup...that farmer was berries left-But I ended up getting something worth more than my admission ticket into the farm-More experience shooting in Full Sun-one of those things I like least about photography. And I got this...
What's NOT to love about this?
Happy Snapping


  1. Oh! Sista friend....I don't know whether to laugh or feel bad!!!!
    I can just picture you!
    ;-/ ..... ya didn't call me!!??!!??!!

  2. will have good luck! Love these photos and the last one especially!


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