Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy TT-Free & Easy x2 eDition!

Even though Kim is with the other Shutter Sisters in Northern CA, I chose to keep on the TT track-
While what I wrote above is true, this weekend with swim meets both days threw me for a loop & I didn't get to play & edit another photo for this week, So i'm cheating (just a little!) and reposting this...I think it's worth it!
 I love this wheat I bought at the farm a few weeks ago. The little corner where I have it sitting in a vase smells a little like the country-I like that-especially living in urban L.A.
                                                           Happy Snapping-xo Kelly
Florabella Modern color-normal @ 30%
Florabella soft warmth-normal@ 10%
Scripted Autumn-soft light @63%
Serious Magic-screen @ 90%
Flattened image
added Florabella Richer/Deeper-pass thru @ 30%


  1. Gorgeous photo and texture work, love the natural tones and texture, a vase of something so beautiful would make me happy too.

  2. A "sheaf" of wheat....just glorious! Beautiful POV, as well.

  3. Hello Kelly,
    Not cheating one little bit.
    The thumbnail looked so inviting. The colours are subtle and that many textures must be difficult to handle. Well done.

  4. Incredible!!!!

    Hope you have a blessed day!

  5. Very nice! Serious Magic is one of my fav textures, it looks wonderful on ur photo.


  6. Love this. Sooo pretty and wholesome. And your use of textures, lovely.

  7. wow, this is pretty! thanks for sharing the texture recipe!

  8. I can almost smell it! Very nice shot and edit!

  9. The wheat is great subject matter - love how you put this together. I forgot Kim was away last week and did a TT post too.

  10. Gorgeous! Love the subtle texture.

  11. It's beautiful Kelly! There's something about the wheat that I just love.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog too!


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