Friday, January 17, 2014

Random 5...

...on Friday

It's been a great birthday week! Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes. 

I'm playing over at Nancy's today! Come, join in

1. While in France, Frankie and I were looking at our map figuring out how to get to Notre Dame and some guy totally groped my entire arse! I mean from one end to the other. I was shocked and then I just had to laugh it off cause the only guy that could have done it was quickly walking off and I couldn't have identified him anyhow.

2. We went out to eat tonight and as we were leaving the restaurant, we passed two elderly gentlemen having dinner. I decided that they were the ones I was going to anonymously treat to a desert as part as my 50 Acts of Random Kindness. You can read about that HERE
It was awesome! I felt so giddy inside, then I cried a few tears of happiness cause it just felt so good. Geez I'm such a nerd!

3. I'm already planning our next trip to Europe! Rome and Hungary are next-

4. Still no grand baby yet. Jamie is SO done, she's trying all the old wives tales-eating pineapple & spicy foods, walking. All to try and induce labor. None are helping!

5. It's been SO hot and windy here. I actually wore capris to work. It's gross and I would give anything for some rain. Fire season scares me. 

Happy (3 day weekend) snapping!


  1. Those moments of kindness like that are awesome. I know you will enjoy this project greatly. Too funny about the behind grabbing.

  2. planning new traveling adventures is always too fun. wish there was more time to travel. enjoy! ( :

  3. I've heard of arse grabbing Romans, but didn't know the French were into it as well. I can't stop laughing thinking that it wasn't a little pinch but the whole thing! Such gusto! Love the images! I dream of seeing Europe one day!

  4. I may be politically incorrect ... but I just love it that someone grabbed your arse!!!!! LOL
    Awww ... that random act of kindness. Wish I could have seen the looks on their faces!
    Okay .... what's up with Erik???? He's just too dang comfortable!!!
    Mwah! ♥ **hugs**

  5. oh gosh, number 1 makes me lol and number 2...awwww how wonderful!

  6. #2: What a sweetheart you are!
    #4: Car ride on a bumpy road. My mom and grandma swore by it, and it worked for me when I was 2 weeks overdue and ready to "hurt" anyone in my path! :-)
    Have a great weekend, Kelly!

  7. I remember the arse thing about Paris - they are not shy about it either. I love your act of kindness - so sweet. No baby - seriously! With Ryan we were not so sure about the "due date" since I had the whole pregnancy thing confused with the flu (everyone had a 3 week flu at that time - not just me!!!) - any way, the "due date" was anywhere from the beginning of August till the end. Hottest.Damn.August.Ever. and he came the 31st. Little stinker. Keeping my fingers crossed and prayers a going that your grandbaby gets here safe and sound real soon.

  8. Oh no baby yet...?? I bet everyone is on pins and needles. And how sweet you are with your random act of kindness...I do that ever once in awhile, pay for the people behind me in the McDonald's drive up. And then try to scurry out before they have a chance to see me. Someone grabbing me like that would have, well I don't know what it would have, it just would.

  9. Ha! After reading #1, I was sure #2 was going to be a repeat of same. But, the real story was soooo much better. Good for you and you're a very nice nerd. Maybe by the next time I visit, you'll have that grandbaby.

  10. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you got violated! Haha. That is too funny! I don't know how I would have reacted to that. I guess the French are a little more open than we are. And apparently he liked what he saw, so you must have some nice assets! ;)

    And how sweet that you paid for their dessert. That makes me smile! I wonder how they reacted. I bet it was awesome :)

  11. If I get 20 miles over the other side of the Missouri River in the next 12 months, that will be an adventure! :)

  12. I would have loved to see the faces of the gentlemen whom you treated for a desert….what a lovely idea! Hope the baby will come soon …a lll the best . My daughter was groped in New York the other day…I guess it is not just a French/Roman thing to do.Not nice anyways.

  13. Nice post Kelly! My travels will begin to Kauai to meet my mama's island natives. Gees, hope nobody gropes me in my hula skirt;) wouldn't want to react and zonk them with my new ukulele... Aloha! Love your can read about mine here.

  14. I bet those men were quite happy with the sweet gesture... and the sweets! I love your kindness. I hope your birthday MONTH is a fantastic one!

  15. You got groped in Paris…while gazing at a church??? That is freaking hilarious!!! Sorry…but come on…that's good stuff. And I love that you treated that couple to dessert! God bless you!

  16. #1 would be a little unnerving--to say the least! How sweet to surprise them with dessert.


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