Friday, September 1, 2017

The skinny...

...on gluten

homemade gluten free cookies

It's more than a buzz word now. It is a real thing. It's not a fad or a craze and it's here to stay. I'm not even really sure how we as a society got to this point that has changed millions of people's dietary habits to live a gluten free life...although I have my theory. 
In any case, a gluten free diet is a committed life style change and it's very different for every person that decides to at the very least try it. 
Now, there is huge difference between Celiac disease, wheat allergies & gluten sensitivity and you can read all about those here at
 The site is a wealth of information from getting started, tips to recipes.
 **Disclaimer**A visit with your Dr. is always a good idea if you're planning on making big dietary changes. 

homemade gf peach crisp
Truth be told, I am by no means an expert in this field & my reasons for a gf lifestyle will be very different from yours. I get asked a lot of questions about why I'm gf and friends shudder at the thought of not eating bread-But here's a question for you...if you eat something that causes pain and makes you feel miserable, why would you still want to eat it? (insert curious thinking emoji)

It was after eating at an Israeli restaurant, where all I ate were their salads and laffa bread. Within an hour I was miserable in my own skin & in quite some discomfort. I kept thinking I didn't eat that much & couldn't understand why I hurt. The next morning, still feeling uncomfortable, ate a bowl of Total cereal. Completely healthy right? But 100% whole grain wheat. Almost immediately, the symptoms I felt from the night before made themselves apparent. For me, that was a light bulb moment some 4+ years ago. In hind site, I had been gluten sensitive years before it was a household word.

 I decided to stop eating anything wheat related for three days to see what would change-if anything. 
By the 3rd day, my belly bloat disappeared and the nagging headache that plagued me morning till night disappeared. It was a no brainer at that point and decided that matter what bread, cookies and brownies weren't worth it. In time, other symptoms faded. The hypoglycemia that I was diagnosed with some 25 yrs ago...gone. I started having more energy and I've just never looked back.
That brings me to present day.
 I'm constantly trying new products, I scour Pinterest looking for recipes and I've been tossing the idea around of adding gluten free posts for some time now. A comment that my blogging friend Nicki made on my last post lit a fire under me to just jump in and do it.
Thank you Nicki!
I'm still feeling my way but it's like any other dietary's for life so yeah, I'm constantly looking for more dishes to add into my world.  I can certainly take some guess work out for you to boot.
So, that's my story-
I've got some things on the back burner that I'm excited to be sharing soon.
Of course,
questions and comments are always welcomed. If I don't know, we'll find out together!

Happy (September) shooting!


  1. My doc first thought I had a wheat allergy now 15 years ago. In the boonies of South Jersey there was next to nothing wheat-free - we ordered a bread mix from Australia (it was NASTY). Then we figured out it was celiac when my sister was in med school and has a lecture on an up and coming autoimmune disease, that was 10 years ago! Still well before there was the wealth of options now - needless to say, fad or not I welcome the options!

    1. I will be sprinkling stories about my first attempts at gluten free baking! You have to be so careful at places where gluten is hidden. I'm glad you stopped by Tamar. :-)

    2. Oh yes -- I read labels EVERY time I shop even if it was always safe it can change. Plus my other allergies (:

  2. I simply adore you !! ❤️
    I am not gluten sensitive but love experimenting with alternate ingredients...I would love to come into your kitchen and play ( insert Melissa Etheridge )

    1. awwww Deb! I'll try and make it fun and delicious!

  3. We have gone gluten free on part of a vacation before, it is amazing once you start looking how many restaurants have gluten free items or even menus. I went mostly gluten free for a month this spring, I definitely felt better and lost a little weight. I don't have any obvious issues, but it does point to dietary changes that can be made. But then I am Italian and love bread and food in general...

    1. Sarah, did you know Children are routinely screened for celiac disease in Italy? celiacs receive a state subsidy to compensate them for the higher cost of gluten-free foods? I was so worried about what to eat when we were in Rome. But Italian law requires gluten free foods be available at schools, hospitals etc. I'm sure to be Italian and have Celiac is devastating.

  4. You are most welcome and I am excited to see where you go with this.

  5. I'm not gluten sensitive, I visited the site and those dishes and desserts look delicious !
    Besides that I'm always interested in eating healthy food !
    Hope you're having a nice weekend, Kelly !

    1. I'd love to hear if you tried something Sylvia. GF can taste good!

  6. I don't have a gluten sensitivity, but I do know that my body feels better (more energetic) when I limit my carbs.
    Strangely enough, even more so on the days that I run, which is almost every day (when one would think a body would need carbs!).
    Great post, Kelly.
    Thank you!

    1. My body has a hard time processing carbs Lisa but As a runner carbs are essential. I'm sure some are better than others. A runner? Good on you!

  7. Well, it sure does look yummy! I can almost taste it! I'm just now starting a low carb diet...and honestly, I feel like I am starving. But, I also started working out more. Not for weight loss, but it seems I have a sugar problem...ha, and I don't even use sugar! Can't wait to see what yummy thing you have up next! Aloha Friend!


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