Friday, March 21, 2014

Random 5...

is here! As always, I'm playing over at Nancy's 
Can I say...
...if the weeks come & go as fast as this week flew by, then summer vacation will be here before I blink!
Speaking of summer vacation-
I really did go back to my pixie cut. I couldn't be happier. As much winter as some of you have had and it wore thin on your nerves? Well, believe me, I'll be doing my fair share of bitchin' and moanin' from the heat soon enough~blah least I don't have a lot of hair to deal with!

I did NOT want to love this French series on Netflix. No I did not. It intrigued me from the get go. I had NO idea what it was about. But OMG-if you like subtitles, and creepy stuff, this just might be up your alley. It surprised me how much I liked this as I don't do scary or creepy!
 Sadly season 2 doesn't start till later this year.

Oh...and if you want to fall MADLY & DEEPLY in love with a series from Britain...

Call the Midwife
Also available on Netflix. 
It is an amazing & brilliant story about midwifery in the late 1950's. Conditions where the midwives worked to deliver babies & help the decrepit were deplorable. You will cry, you will laugh you will be glued to your seat. Each episode is better than the last.

One thing I LOVE about this blogging world, is the vast amounts of fun, interesting, inspirational and useful tidbits of information you read about. This week I tried something new that my girl D mentioned on her blog a few days ago.

Chia seeds!

I seriously LOVE them. 
These little seeds pack a wallop of health benefits including healthy omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, a host of antioxidants plus so much more to your diet. I add them to anything and everything. I even dip cheese sticks in them!

Go crazy!

Earthquakes are scary...
I was home alone.

that's 5! I could go on...but I release you! (snort)

Happy (try something new) snapping!


  1. LOVE "Call the Midwives"!!!! Long live Chummy :)

  2. I have got to start Call the Midwife! Well, actually I did try once but it was really late at night and I fell asleep. I'm sure it was the fault of the time of starting. I need to give it a try when I'm coherent.

  3. I will keep these in mind when I'm looking for that little distraction from doing what I "need" to do - the kind of distraction that only getting sucked into a series can provide. Flax seed - seems to be the rage. I have to admit - I love when these things are listed as fighting "free radicals" - honestly, one of my vitamins my sister got me to start taking, does just that. I freaking didn't even know about 'free radicals'.

  4. Oh that quake must have been scary. Glad you are OK. I LOVE Chia seeds. Call the Midwife is a good show. B

  5. I may try the french series, sounds like its worth watching. Hooked on Call the Midwife!

  6. Love your new do...looks so refreshing . I absolutely love the midwives, one of my favs on PBS. And maybe that's why I don't live in CA because of those ground shaking things.

  7. I just love your pixie cut ....
    Dang! I don't ever want to go through an earthquake .... I'd probably cry through the whole episode!!!
    I'm going to have to check out those two shows on Netflix ... especially the French one. I love scary and creepy!!! LOL
    Woot-woot! Good for you on the trying the chia seeds. Enjoy the benefits!
    Mwah! xoxoxo ♥

  8. Cutest hair cut. I will have to give the Chia seeds a try, they look interesting. That Midwife series looks really good. I will have to check if it is on Amazon Prime.

  9. love the haircut. I wish I was daring enough to get one like yours. perhaps when summer comes, I might just go for it.

    have a great day.

  10. I love chia seeds as well! I like to put them in my oatmeal and granola and on my peanut butter toast. Your photos are so pretty!

  11. Hmmm, I have never heard of the midwives - I shall look into that...and, those little seed are so darn cute. Are they crunchy, do they have a taste? And where do you get them...inquiring minds need to know. lol

  12. It definitely bears repeating....
    I LOVE your haircut!
    Heard of chia seeds, but never tried them.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kelly!

  13. Such a cute haircut which looks great on you! On me, I'd likely be called "sir" alot more often. Lol.

    I do flax seeds which I think may offer some of the same benefits.

    Have a great weekend Kelly!

  14. Heard about the Midwives but forgot about watching it. Love that short hair on you! It is a great look.

  15. Well, for me spring and summer cannot come soon enough. And if it gets hot? Then it gets hot. And it does get hot in NJ, too ;) Earthquakes give me the shakes. I experienced a couple of 4 + or so, but hubby is from SFO and just laughs about those - go figure.
    I will have to check out Les Revenants - sounds intriguing. Thanks.

  16. Earthquakes are scary indeed. I lived in Northridge, CA., just a mere three miles from the epicenter during the '94' quake. I have never in all my life been so afraid. I remember thinking to myself, "We're being bombed, Oh NO!" A thrust fault feels like someone has picked up your house and started shaking it UP and DOWN instead of the typical slider earthquake. I really was at a loss when it hit. Only after it stopped - it lasted 45 seconds - did I come to understand it was in fact an earthquake. The aftershocks were horrible and as frightening - if not more frightening than the first quake was - and, again, I have never been so frightened in all my life. Terrible memories of it still to this day. That aside, I love the photos of the avocados and chia seeds! :) xo


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