Friday, March 14, 2014

Random 5...


I adore the WATERLOGUE app

Good morning! It's 5:36 and I didn't think I was even going to post today. But I really do love playing over at Nancy's and I can't sleep anyhow so I'm throwing total randomness at you. 

My big girl camera needs a good dusting off. I didn't take any new photos week-& only 2 photos for IG-that's just how my week rolled-so busy. 

...I'm leaving at 1:35 to go see Jamie and Erik today! By 2:30 I'll be breathing in that fountain of youth! I am BEYOND excited to wrap my arms around my babies!

I got a haircut...I mean a PIXIE short! I took the issue to my peeps on IG, they spoke, I listened! I liked the "IDEA" of having longer hair but it had become so unhealthy. I'm guessing a combo of my ever changing hormones, blowdrying with a brush, then being out in the hot dry winds was just too much. I don't even have a picture to share. 
The gross hair did get me thinking that maybe I wasn't getting enough out of my vitamins so I bought HAIR, SKIN & NAILS vitamins w/loads of Biotin. I'm curious if it'll help.
P.S. I'm happy to have short hair again!

I'm slowly getting used to the time change. Mornings are a bit rough around the edges, powering through wanting to take a little doze in the afternoons (no time anyhow) & then finally loving that extra time in the evening. I just feel so much more productive.

 Last Friday I posted a photo that never made it my blog for one reason or another. I like that idea so much that I just might make it a regular thing.
So this week:

Palace Versailles

Taken in France on my surprise 50th birthday back in Jan. 
I can't imagine being a young Marie Antoinette living in such opulence while the rest of her countrymen were starving and living in such bleak conditions. Wandering through this fairy tale palace, you couldn't help wonder about the secrets held within all the nooks and crannies.
 THAT'S when I wished walls could talk!

Alrighty then, I need to go start my day. 
I WILL be by to visit and get caught up with you all.
Happy (longer days) snapping!


  1. iPhone users get all the cool apps! I love that water color!!! Have a wonderful weekend! I want to see you hair!!! xoxo

  2. I love the time change. More daylight means more opportunities to get out and take pictures. I haven't got the nerve to go very short with the haircut but when it gets too long I can't blow dry it very good. Love the waterlogue effect.

  3. Did you walk down to her private quarters with the small farm... dreamy, and one word started to flow through my head, spoiled. I told my hubby "well ,after seeing this, I can see why they killed them :(" Versailles was one of my absolute favorites!! Visiting from Kim's

  4. LOL not Kim's... visiting from R5F

  5. That sounds like a cool app! The photo really is pretty. I will have to get an iPhone one of these days. It's awesome that you got a pixie cut! I don't think I've ever gone shorter than hair at my shoulders. It's sort of a safety blanket for me haha.

    Have fun playing and cuddling with little Erik! I know you will :)

  6. i love watercolor, so i love seeing all the wonderful images from waterlogue. enjoy the new haircut. i don't like the dark mornings of DST, but that will change as the days get longer. enjoy the weekend.

  7. 'nother Waterlogue convert. Puh! You taunt me. :) Seriously, really lovely edit. I'm jealous!
    Have a wonderful visit with your kidlets. xo

  8. I gotta start using my iphone more and using the Waterlogue app. That shot/edit is awesome!
    I'm so glad you went to visit the babies ....
    Woot-woot on the pixie cut! :-D
    love ya ... mwah .... xoxo

  9. Kelly this is beautiful! Love what you're doing with Waterlogue. Now you have to try Brushstroke!


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