Friday, March 7, 2014

Random 5...

Playing over at
 Nancy's today
I'm gonna just jump right in!

I suppose when you feed a wild, stray cat that there will be times when they just won't show up. Which is strange to me because I'm pretty sure we're Ms Kitty's only food source-unless she's honed her hunting skills. A few weeks ago she didn't show up for breakfast & we thought the worst. (coyotes & all) Well today, Ms Kitty showed up after being AWOL for 3 days. Frankie and I were sick and quite sad & thought she was done for.
We contacted a local, non profit/no kill shelter and a sweet couple came out with a trap for our girl so we can get her to the vet and hopefully into a good home.

Welcome home Ms. Kitty 
(insert happy heart)

Eight more sleeps till I fly up to see Jamie, Brian and Erik.
I hope next week flies by as fast as this week.

Speaking of Erik...
Look what my gal Diane over HERE knitted for that little man!

How ridiculously adorable is this Fedora?

Her husband, Tom, suggested the feather...Good man! I can not wait to see that little one in this hat. Oh...and maybe go visit D and encourage her to make these and sell them!
Momma's LOVE adornments for baby photo shoots!

THIS never gets old!
Woke up Thursday morning to another sale from Karen, an IG friend.
Thank you Karen!

You can find more goodies

I decided to post a random photo that never made it to my blog for one reason or another. I took this on my little field trip to Leonis Adobe and it's for

 Nancy and Tammy

Now, I don't know too much about roosters, but I'm thinking he's pretty handsome. He must have thought so too because he saw me with my camera and he strutted over to me like nobody's business! Not only was he strutting, he didn't want me to have anything to do with the hens in his coop! It was really quite comical.

That's it for me today-why not hop on over to a rural journal and see what other fun and randomness there is!

Happy (good for your soul) snapping!


  1. I can't wait to see a photo of Erik with that hat on it is so adorable! Love that you threw in a totally random photo, those roosters, just like men and in my case Golden Retriever boys.

  2. Oh my goodness...that little hat is adorable! She NEEDS to open an Etsy shop and sell these!

  3. That cat is just beautiful...hard not be attached. We have an ally cat we named's been a harsh winter but we do still see her now and then. That hat is amazing!!! Congrats on the sales!!! Wooo-hooo!

  4. Glad the kit kat is alive and well! Love that fedora! It's adorable!

  5. She's a beautiful cat. I hope she finds a forever home!

  6. Oh that hat, and the darn cute. Yes Diane you should sell these! And so glad you found a home for Ms. Kitty, she has the most gorgeous eyes!

    Can't wait for you to see Erik for more adorable pictures!

  7. Ms. Kitty is so pretty. I'm so happy she came back and you were able to catch her and hopefully she finds a great "forever" home without coyotes around to worry about. That little hat is super cute, can't wait to see Erik wearing it.

  8. Oops I forgot to mention that I liked the Rooster shot, he is quite handsome. - Also thanks for commenting on my blog. I have to tell you though that it was NOT me who recommended (Call the Midwife) to you. I've never heard of that show. I'm so glad though you are enjoying it.

  9. What a handsome rooster! Thanks for the shout out :) Roosters definitely will protect their hens! Especially if someone strange is around he will keep you away from the girls. I've found that roosters like to strut up to me and get their photos taken. They are very inquisitive!

    Erik's fedora is sooooo cute! I bet you can't wait to give it to him :) Congrats on the sales! And so happy to hear Ms. Kitty returned. It is scary when you have an outdoor cat because sometimes they do go away for days on end. One time our Baby was gone for 2 weeks and I was a mess!

  10. Glad Ms Kitty made a re-appearance and hopefully makes her way into a safe and loving home. Congrats on your sales on Etsy...that must be so exciting. And what can I say about that adorable!!

  11. Sounds like a good plan for Ms. Killy - coyotes and all. I am not surprised at all that your images are selling - they are quite beautiful. Speaking of which - the rooster is very handsome - check out that design work with the feathers - and the baby hat with the feather - too cute (imagine many pictures in that one).

  12. Thank you for the rooster photo -- he is a handsome feller and look at those spurs!
    Congrats on your etsy success -- well deserved. xo

  13. Looks like that chicken is giving you the evil eye! And, yes, that little hat is tooo cute!

  14. Woot-woot on your ETSY sales!!!!
    So happy to hear that Miss Kitty is okay.
    And you've got me blushing ... thanks for the shout out! I cannot wait to see how the hat looks on Erik's adorable little head!!!!
    Mwah! **hugs** ♥


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