Saturday, July 13, 2013

The art of...


I FINALLY scored the one magazine that always seemed elusive. 
With all the local bookstores closed around us (so sad) I've never held one to even look at it. I was in Joanne's last week, poking around all the magazines...and there it was. I scooped that puppy up without a second thought.
I read it cover to cover and actually went to visit a few of the bloggers who were featured, congratulated them and perused they're sites. I have a few more to visit-but I'll save that for another day.'s such eye candy-the magazine and the blogs I visited.

The featured bloggers certainly deserve their place in the magazine~I just drooled~And not in a bad way that made me feel like my blog is any less special-oh, just the opposite. I'm already looking into ways to making my little part of the world wide web more my style that makes a statement about me & who I am as a person, as a photographer and as a blogger. I'm excited about the process.
 Hope you'll be along for the ride!

I also hope that  as you read this, I'll be jet-setting home to my boys and will be back "live" in a day or so. 

My critters will be emerging soon...
...Can't miss that.
Happy (find your bliss) snapping!


  1. artfulblogging - hummm, sounds like something to look up, we still have a Books-A-Million (man, I miss Boarders - even though they were over-priced and you could always get it cheaper on Amazon ...uha, people like me is probably why they went out - - - now I feel kinda bad!!). Anyway, I like the clean look of your blog, but look forward to your artsy(ing) it up.

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  3. Kelly....omg! If we aren't truly soul sisters then I don't know what else to call this!
    I just got my copy of Artful Blogging.....I found it on ebay! Sat down with a glass of ice coffee and man-handled it from cover to cover. After doing that, I decided that I need to change the look of my blog! Don't know how yet....but it will happen!
    Hopefully you are home now .... taking a deep breath .... breathe in ... breathe out .... ♥

  4. It is good to find inspiration and then make it your own. Can't wait to see your changes.

  5. "ARtfulblogging"???? I've never heard of this but will certainly go on a hunt now. Going to head to my local Joanne's tomorrow jUST for this magazine. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. And safe travels my friend, hoping for resolutions and solutions for you :)

  6. Artful Blogging is always on my "to buy" list when I go to B&N. If you have one near you, which I am thinking you do, you can find it there. Love your images, could very well be a featured artist in that magazine. Safe travels...& welcome home!!

  7. I picked up my copy at B&N and love it! I've poured through it a couple of times, drinking in all the great ideas. So fun!

    1. Drinking in the great ideas is exactly right. Thanks for stopping in. :-)

  8. I'm glad you finally found a copy. I should have mailed you one. I've been away and just got back on the computer today. Lovely photos here, as always! Glad you're home safe and sound and that things are settling down for you.


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