Friday, July 19, 2013



Dear week,
Thank you.
For once, in a very long time, I was able to fully embrace,  soak everything in and sigh...
a HUGE sigh of relief...dumping burdens.

Dear University Pines,
YOU are the reason I was able to fly home and NOT have to worry about my mom. Your community is the answer to our prayers. When my mom told me she didn't want to be alone and never wanted to leave, I couldn't help but open the flood gates & let our burdens drown with every tear drop (even now I get teary eyed). You opened your arms and embraced our hardships. I feel like I've left family when I said goodbye. From the moment I walked through your doors, it felt like home & knew my mom would thrive for the rest of her years. My heart is full.
Thank you

Dear Mom,
What I witnessed in you this past week was nothing short of a miracle. I know it's been such a long time since you've enjoyed the simplest things but your new home is going to allow you to wake up and LOVE every single minute of your day. Little by little, you'll grow stronger & more confident that we've got your back & the hardest decision you'll have to make is what to have for lunch...or dinner... or what to wear!

Dear Florida thunderstorms,
You scare the hell out of me when I drive. I mean seriously, pull over and want to cry scary.

Dear Mother Nature,
I've released another batch of beauties for you.

Dear i-phone,
You help me tell my stories in the coolest ways...

Thank you for choosing THIS i-photo among 1500 to be in your book! I'm giddy with excitement!

Dear Dad,
It was very hard leaving & saying good by to you. Your tears didn't help. 
Sometimes you are so far out in la-la land...

...and then you say something like..."What you do for mom, you do for me." (heavy sigh)
Well, THAT is the dad who gave me my moral compass. I'm glad that dad comes out every now and again cause I know he's in there but will be lost forever in the not so distant future.
This is last photo taken of you. It is one I'll always remember.

Happy ( no tears) snapping!


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  1. What an amazing post ..... I am so happy that you can finally exhale. You are an inspiration :-D ♥

  2. You nearly made me cry with what your dad said to you. I miss my dad so much.

    1. I can only imagine Diane. Thank u for stopping by

  3. Ahh, sweetie. I am so glad you have found a place for your Mother that you are happy important for your well-being as well as hers. Big hugs. Congrats on your sweet photo for being chosen...that's terrific. Always some joy among our sorrows, isn't there??

  4. Kelly, you've gone through so much with your parents recently. I'm so glad your mom is in a place that has caring people to watch over her. I know it makes you feel so much better just knowing that. And your dad.... That just breaks my heart. Alzheimer's is such a sad disease.

    Your recent crop of beauties are absolutely that (beautiful)! Congratulations on having your photo chosen. I can see why... It's superfantastical!

  5. What an amazing post. I am so glad you have some peace as it concerns your parents. Growing up is hard to do - harder than we could ever imagine because it includes dealing with our heros as they fade. How wonderful your picture was selected - I can totally see why.

    Gorgeous butterfly. I am contemplating putting out some fruit or something to entice butterflies in close enough (and long enough) to get some pictures.

    1. Nicki-you have such a way with words that just take my breath away-I have milkweed seed that I'd LOVE to send you if you are interested!! Thank u for always stopping by. Xo

    2. Kelly - I am so pleased that my words can lend you a sense of comfort or encouragement. You, in turn, inspire the rest of us with your honesty and strength as well as your art/photography/butterflies. I would so enjoy receiving some milkweed but am not sure how exactly to share my address privately. Perhaps what I'll do is venture to the nursery and look for some locally. Milkweed - duh! why didn't I think of that.


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